Tricks to charge a phone without a charger


Charge a phone without charger

Are you vexedup by charging your phone, have you ever found that your battery is dead. All the smartphones have wonderful features and annoying applications but these features consume the battery power. The battery consumes much of the power.

There are many ways to charge your mobile even if the charger is broken or when you have missed your charger. This article gives you some tips to charge your mobile without the charger.

USB Charging:

Simplest way to charge your phone is to connect your mobile with a USB cable. 
Most of the smartphones are using a standard micro USB connection for charging, which has brought down the value of chargers in the market which are now expensive and easily available. Micro USB cable charges your phone using a source which is a computer or a laptop. The cable charging takes more time to charge your phone battery and while charging it eats up the battery of your laptop or other devices and it is also helpful during emergencies.

Battery Chargers:

Battery charging is the external charging for the phone, first you need to charge the battery before itself then after that you can connect that battery to your cellphone via a micro USB cable. It is the high capacity battery which can charge your mobile with in 30 minutes. Many companies make this type of charger batteries such as Innergie pocket cell which charges a phone without charger and lets for 5 days in its one time full charge. isound battery powered chargers are more powerful and they are used for multi devices charging at a time. These products are available in market with a cost of 100$.


Charging Mats:

Many companies have developed the products to charge a mobile, one of it is charging mat which can charge battery of a device even a cellphone. These charging mats uses the electro magnetic energy to charge the battery, the charging mats have different sizes, you need to choose the mat which is of same size as your mobile so that it can be charged perfectly. The traditional way of charging the phone is to use the sleeve which is having the electrical contact, this is made by Duracell’s My Grid System. This mat has introduced the wireless charging of mobile called Qi by this technology.
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