How to Use Chromecast Without Wifi On Android and PC

Chromecast without wifi: Usually the Chromecast helps the users accessing various needful online content. This is all possible when you are connected to the Internet. But yes, these days, without WiFi, you have a chance to use Chromecast. How? I am going to explain here in easy or simple terminology.

But before moving to the process, it is important to learn a few interesting facts about the Chromecast. This is initially introduced to the market by Google. Streaming various videos, other online content, other media that are available in other devices is transformed into the TV large screen. People go crazy to access Chromecast in all these days.

chromecast without wifi

As I said all this job can be done when there is WiFi. But what in the case when there is no WiFi. Can you access the WiFi wherever you go?? What if at the public place, can you use chromecast without wifi? For all these questions let me tell you today the Chromecast wonderfully can be accessed without WiFi.


What is Chromecast?

Yes, let me tell you in previous days, when exactly the Chromecast comes into existence, allowed the people watching movies, photo galleries, games, and much more on-screen TV equivalent to the Smart TVs. Yes, exactly in those days we all know there are no smart TVs. But the availability of tiny USB has turned up the regular TV into Smart tv connecting to show the content on TV grabbing all the user’s intention. While coming to the present scenario, technology got improvised a lot.

how to use chromecast without wifi

Chromecast today became very much faster and come up with high-quality streaming content along with the support of 4k resolutions respectively. That means one can access the same through any device like Android mobiles, Mac and others too without facing any kind of disturbances.  And this going to be possible without undergoing any kind of internet connection. Feeling surprised?? You have listened to the right thing. There is a possibility to get access to chromecast without wifi. But how? It is explained right below.

How to Use Chromecast Without Wifi

Logically if you think over there are various ways that help to access Chromecast from different devices like it might be the Android Smartphones or PC or even can make use of travel router. Deciding the way of accessing Chromecast is however left to you. So, let’s go and learn the process. So that you can also start streaming all the favorite content from your own device itself.

  • How to use chromecast without wifi on Android devices.
  • Use chromecast without wifi on PC

So, are you ready to go through the instructions provided below? If your answer is yes, start now and follow accordingly to avoid the happening of issues in the middle.

How to use Chromecast without wifi on Android Devices

Are you using a Smartphone with Android OS? Then there is good news. Now you can make use of Chromecast without WiFi from your mobile itself. Isn’t shocking??? Well, don’t feel surprised too!!! This is why because the technology is now that improvised. Well, keeping this aside, let us come to the point.

Now in these days, using Chromecast without Wifi very much possible on your one and only Android devices. How and what exactly the process is mentioned below in simple terminology.

Go through and make yourselves all set to implement the below steps so that you will be able to access Chromecast wonderfully with zero disturbances. So, let’s go!!!

  • The very first you need to check the Chromecast available on your mobile is an updated version. This is why because as we are undergoing Chromecast without WiFi, possible only in the new firmware.
  • If not updated, try to update so that you can see the addition of new functionality in terms of guest mode right over there.  And then follow the below instructions as it is.
  • Open the play store and search for the app called Google Home. [In all these days, the chromecast app is called Google Home].
  • Wait till the installation process gets completed and once done, you can click on start for opening the app.
  • Once you start, the app automatically detects and searches for the nearby casting or connecting devices perfectly.
  • Once you find the Chromecast, you are requested to select it.
  • You will identify the four-digit passcode on the screen.
  • The same is requested to enter your google home app establishing the connection between the two successfully.

Finally, in this, you got a chance to stream full online content without undergoing any wifi connectivity. So, therefore, now you are all set to enjoy watching the favorite shows, movies and everything on the big screen itself rather than streaming via Smartphone.

Use Chromecast without wifi on PC

This is another method that helps you to stream all the content on a PC without undergoing the Wifi connectivity. How? This is what exactly going to be learned right below.

Generally for MAC OS, you need one particular software or app that has the capability of connecting devices without WiFi. None other than called the Connectify App. This is what held responsible to establish a strong and amazing Wireless connection.

Remembering these points, let’s learn the instructions to establish a connection and enjoy streaming all our favorite content.

  • The very first, download the Connectify and follow the online-process to complete the installation perfectly.
  • Once the whole installation process gets complete, you are requested to open and create the WiFi hotspot. And to create pick the username as well its password at the same time.

use chromecast without wifi

  • Now do connect the device to the network which you have connected in previous.
  • If the network fails to appear, enter the hotspot username and password manually.
  • Once the device gets connected, use the Google Home app for streaming the actual place or destination held responsible to stream or cast respectively.
  • And do select it as a destination point through the Chromecast app. That’s all.
  • And now you are all set to access the favorite content more perfectly right on the big screen itself without undergoing Wifi connection.

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In my opinion, I am very clear and provided useful content. So anybody now can relax and begin using the Chromecast without undergoing WiFi connectivity. Still any doubts or would you like to share your experience or if you like to learn more interesting things about it?

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