How to change/edit/upload blogger template easily


Blogger Template Changing/Uploading/Editing

Blogger is an interface to the blog which is an informational site regarding a particular topics. Many users have a idea of presenting a topic in the web for those people they can use a blog for free. For the new blogger who are beginners to the blogging doesn’t know how to change a blogger template, for them we are here to tell you some simple steps of changing or uploading or editing a template.  


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Actually a basic template will be existing on a blog and to improve the traffic to our blog we need to be upgraded to different template styles to which users gets attracted. For the new bloggers, change of basic template is necessary.

How to change the Blogger Template Easily

There are many simple blogger templates in the web, select the best blogger templates according to you and save it. Now lets see how to change a template.
—–>First step is to login into your blogger account with your username and password. Now select your required blog which you want to change.
—–>Now on the left side you can see the Blog lists. Scroll download to below and select Template. Click on it. 


—–>Once you click on that you can see new window, now you can also back up/restore your template. Its better to have a back up of your template because if you have any problem with the new blogger templates you can restore the older one. 


—–>New window with backup/restore will be shown, there first download the full template by clicking on download full template option. 


—–>Now your blogger template will be downloaded, further to change the template click on choose file, now upload the new template which you have downloaded and click on upload button. 
Now you have changed the template this is also for how to upload template to blogger. You can get the templates on the custom blogger templates. 

How to edit Blogger template

If you already have a new template and if you require to edit the template for small changes like changing the heading names or colours or adding widgets you need to edit the html.
—–>First login to your account and follow the same steps as the above one till the backup and restore. So once to go there dont click on backup/restore button.


—–>You can see the Live blog with two options of Customise and Edit Html in that select Edit Html, now you will see the code edit the code and click on save arrangement and you can view blog.  
Hope that now you have got how to change or edit or upload blogger template easily, if you have any queries regarding this post feel free to comment!!!!!…..

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