Better Discord Themes, Designs and Templates

You might have heard that there are numerous better discord themes. Right? Are you excited to learn such better discord themes? Before learning the better discord themes, one fact that everyone has to take note of it is Discord will not support themes. But at the same time, Discord gives the option for changing the theme from dark to light or vice versa.

Hence for custom themes, we need a solution. Thus the better discord themes come in. Usually, this is considered as a moded version of the corresponding Discord app that helps and makes us in applying different themes successfully. Not just themes, but also backgrounds and plugins to discord can be applicable.

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Apart from this, make sure you will no more use the sketchy plugins and when you use better discord themes, the Discord never bothers you. The only thing you need to make sure of is learning different categories available under the better Discord themes. However, to give or enhance more ideas about the themes, we had come with the lists. Let’s go through them now.


Better Discord Themes

The following are the better Discord themes provided in detail. Go through the categories so that you can pick any and apply if you like any. Are you ready to learn? If yes, let’s go through the lists right away.

The Basic Background Theme

Among the various, the basic background theme is the best better discord theme. All this is introduced by the DevilBro. Applying this theme allows you to take the discord client to next level. Anyone can easily set this as a background theme without facing any trouble.

bandaged better discord themes

However, the opacity of the theme, theme color can be changed. Among the availability of 78 thousand downloads, people go crazy and pick this to set the discord theme all the time.

The Black Hole theme

Well, this is the theme introduced by the person called MonsterDev. It is one of the top-rated and familiar Discord themes.

better discord themes anime

When you look upon the screen, the dark background theme automatically comforts and provides a clear vision.  Hence in simple amongst the various, this is again best preferred by numerous users.

The Frosted Glass Theme

Again if you like to learn an excellent theme, thus none other the name of the theme is called the Frosted Glass theme. All it looks like a person viewing the image through a simple and perfect Frosted Glass. Also, it shrinks the entire UI down in terms of bit looks amazing.

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Also, this theme is comprised of or comes up with certain pictures by default. The only thing you need to do is open the CSS file, start using any picture as per your choice or preference. Overall it includes 78 thousand downloads and serves best than any other.

The Server Columns Theme

One of the best themes if you are searching for, then it’s none other called the server columns theme. The specialty of this theme is it never mess up with the appearance. Changes the server list into the grid-like container. Hence it means, this is going to display the server lists in terms of columns. As a result, the theme can be edited which is available in the form of a .css file.

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One more main or significant point is the discord client you are using will come up with only one column to identify the respective server. This server column however consists of 3 thousand downloads. Overall, if you are looking for a better discord theme, the server columns theme does its best than any other.

The Great Mountain site Theme

While getting back towards the great mountain site theme, considered as a most wonderful or gorgeous theme. The theme colors, objects opacity every single thing has been polished in a perfect way. Totally, it is featured with a beautiful mountain site with a moon appearance present before it.

better discord library

This is actually introduced by the person called DevilsLynAvenged. It is again comprised with a number count of around 15 thousand downloads which is quite interesting and amazing too.

The Reborn theme

The Reborn theme is again well popular and preferred by many people. Introduced by the person called MonsterDev. Overall completely focuses on customization. It is very much similar to the clear vision theme which is explained just below.

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Based on your requirement or preference you can choose any between the two. Overall it comes with around 24 thousand downloads available which are more than the clear vision theme downloads.

The Clear Vision Theme

If you like to have the perfectly polished better discord theme, thus none other the name of the theme is the Clear Vision Theme. It looks pleasing designed including the blue accents. It may not suit everyone. But yes based on the requirements or preference, will suits and 100% recommendable.

how to change discord theme latest

Also, this theme is comprised with various features. For beginners, it is completely customizable. Whatever it might be color accents, background images, blur percentage, fonts and many more can be changed or modified successfully. Hence to learn about the customization, you need to join the clear vision theme.

The Horizontal Server list Theme

Among the various and comparatively, the horizontal server list theme looks simple and great. Also, the server lists which are related to better discord themes will be placed on the top of the theme instead of the left side of the theme. Introduced by the person namely Gibbu.

red better discord theme

The cool and interesting thing about the theme is can be used easily along with the other themes. Overall it is comprised with 9 thousand downloads which is quite inspiring and amazing too.

All these are the certain best better discord themes available even today. Depending upon the requirements or preference you can choose any any set as a background anytime successfully.


I hope all these details were clear enough. If in case of any doubts, you can simply mention it in the rectangle box or space provided below. We will explain and guide you appropriately. Other than these, if you like to learn better discord themes, make sure we get to know. So that within a short time, we will upgrade the content. Stay connected with the GudTechTricks for learning more interesting and useful tutorials.

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