Best Apps To Remove Duplicate files in Windows 7/8/8.1/xp


Remove Duplicate Files

Have you ever find the duplicate files and got wexed up in deleting files. Those files will not be deleted and in fact they are hidden also but if we want to store any thing then the memory will be full and shows us the low disk space error message. In this case to regain back your memory you need to delete the unnecessary files and duplicate files. Some times even deleting the unnecessary files also shows the error message this is because of the duplicate files which have occupied larger amount of space in your hard disk. These duplicate files are the replica of the same files that are having in our system, they will be stored with the same name or different name or in same folder or different folder. So find these files some fast duplicate file finder tools are used that will remove and delete duplicate files in our PC. 



How To Remove Duplicate Files Using the Duplicate file remover

Here are some the best apps to remove the duplicate files in windows 8.1/8/7/xp computers or laptops. Using the duplicate file finder freeware our existing files will not be effected.

Duplicate Cleaner


Duplicate cleaner is a free tool that will assist in cleaning up the contents of our system that have the copy of the existing files. This tool is the one that organizes the files in a systematic way and realizes the unnecessary redundant files that are existing. This tool is having many search options and different buttons for the interface, it deeply searches the hard drive and shows us different files of a word document, images, audio files, video files, pdf formats, films and many more. If any of the files appears twice it will show us and then removes duplicate files. For free download duplicate cleaner click here.


—–>User interface and helps you to tell where to look and what to look.
—–>Also scans inside the zip files and finds the similar files of same name or same size.  
—–>Unique duplicate folder lets you to see entire duplicated directories. 

Anti Twin


Anti-Twin is the small software application that compares the different files and searches for the duplicate files or similar files existing on your hard disk. All the similar or identical files can be sent to the recycle bin or can be deleted with out any risk. Anti twin is an excellent application to find the duplicate MP3 files in a download folder, apart from this it will helps you to clean the unnecessary back ups. In this you have to select two folders to compare them, its fast and efficient to find the files that is why its called as the best duplicate file finder. For free download anti twin click here. 


—–>It compares byte by byte in the user files and recognizes the similar ones.    
—–>Gets the same images using the pixel size comparison techniques.
—–>Supported for all operating systems and is developed with a size of 800KB.
Hope that not you know the best duplicate file finder free for windows to remove duplicates in a system or PC also use the kaspersky key antivirus to remove the viruses from your pc. These are the easy duplicate finders for the system without any effect. If you have any queries regarding free duplicate file finder share with us, feel free to comment!!!!!…..

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