5 Top Online Android App Development Courses For Beginners

There are several top online Android app development courses for beginners. For instance, Google developers have recently launched an Android course to teach beginning developers how to program in Kotlin. Because this is a high level programming language, software experts are prioritizing it for Android development. Overarchingly, tech giants are pushing courses for starting engineers to get hands-on practice with tools and resources that professional developers use.

With step-by-step instructions and tips, students can learn programming fundamentals and build their application portfolio. In the face of COVID-19, many of these courses are offered through online modes of instruction to reach the most students. Read on to discover several top online Android app development courses for beginners. 

Online Android App Development Courses


User Interface Basics Courses

User interface basics is a major online Android programming course for beginners to learn key app design skills. Designed for students new to programming, user interface basics classes walk you through the foundational process of building Android apps. This course is often taught in the Java coding language. Additionally, many instructors and course providers do not require any prior experience in coding. As an added bonus, you can usually take this introductory design course online for free to learn industry-relevant content from professionals. Ideally, you will have learned how to build an app’s layout and practice those skills on a project by the end of the course. User interface basics courses are valuable free online options for developers getting started to learn Android app design.

Java Masterclasses

A Java masterclass is another top online Android application programming course for developers getting started. Commonly, coding students learn how to construct Android apps to work on older software versions. In addition, many classes offer experience using Java and learn how each process of Android Nougat development works. Fortunately, Java masterclasses are usually offered at an affordable price for students. Once purchased, you can gain access to full lifetime access to on-demand video instruction, articles, and resources to enhance your coding knowledge. Top Java masterclass providers continually update their content weekly to ensure that they are providing relevant educational material as technology evolves. Before you download Android SDK (Studio Development Kit), you should consider taking a Java masterclass. A Java masterclass is a top online Android app development course to learn fundamental programming skills.

JFrog Academy Courses

In addition, JFrog academy courses are another online course program offered online for beginners to learn Android app development. For example, JFrog offers webinars from experts on how to use advanced container registries for application development. Tiered for beginner and advanced developers, these provide valuable knowledge to utilize Artifactory containerization to manage and organize Docker images. One starter tutorial details how to manage binary repositories and CI/CD pipelines with advanced container registries. Moreover, the JFrog container registry supports Docker containers and Helm chart repositories for your Kubernetes deployments. With their online learning modules, beginning developers can learn how to take full advantage of this robust container technology to build Android apps. 

Basics In Kotlin Courses

Moreover, Android basics in Kotlin is another class designed for development students to learn foundational app-building skills. Participating in one of these courses is a tech essential for any startup specializing in Android apps. Originally created by the Google Developers Training Team, this is a new course for individuals with no prior coding experience. You can learn how to use studio tools to build applications as well as key concepts of Android development. Additionally, it is usually divided into units where you first create simple programs and then begin learning layouts. For this course, experienced developers recommend you have computer knowledge in file structure, spreadsheets, word processors, and photo editors. They also suggest that you are comfortable downloading, installing, and updating software. With a course on Android basics in Kotlin, developers can learn foundational strategies for coding apps in an emerging modern programming language.

Android App Specialization Classes

Furthermore, learners can gain knowledge and skills necessary to develop maintainable mobile computing apps with Android app specialization classes. With a specialization class, you can apply core Java programming language features and software apps for Android. Many specialization classes use knowledge and skills from studio tools, material design, and unit testing. Typically, specialization courses provide more opportunities for developers to use their creativity to customize their applications. Often, you can earn a certification at the end of your specialization course that you can then share with your professional network and prospective employers. Android app specialization classes are valuable online opportunities to go deeper with your starting coding knowledge.

There are several top online Android app development courses for beginners. Many experts have already designated powerful coding frameworks like Kotlin as an official programming language for Android development. For example, user interface basics provide a foundational introduction to app design. In addition, Java masterclasses can orient programmers with this popular programming language. Container registry learning modules offer beginners expert support for using Docker image storage technology. In addition, basics in Kotlin courses teach beginning developers to build code in an emerging programming language. Furthermore, beginners can deepen their code understanding with Android app specialization classes and certifications. Consider the points mentioned above to learn about several top online Android app development courses for beginners.

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