Tricks to Make a best pic in your smart phone

Tricks to make a best pic

In this article i will let you know about some tips and tricks that should be applied to your photo or picture as photography tricks. All of these can be obtained with the Android smartphones which are presently available on the market and they does not require any extra financial investment at all. For most of the people, it is relatively a simple thing, but it also requires the attention of a photographer to have a good eye contact to capture a picture. Even though many of the applications are also available that can edit the photos.

With this you can know whether it is easy or not to get some spectacular photos from your mobile, see here are some of the best examples. I am not an expert in the photography but I love to see different shots that are blooming around me. If you are passionate in taking pics, then hopefully these tips will help you as it is a photography for beginners.
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Lenses Of Camera

If you are having a reflective coating sunglasses or ski googles then you can observe how nature looks, if the same is applied to a mobile camera then there will be a drastic capture of images. If a image is provided with a reflective surface then obviously a lot of people will be attracted towards it.

A good tip for this is you should always have the light source being reflected off the lens so that you can have a better capture of a image it is a photo tricks.


Multiple Identical Subject Panorama

Atmost in April, Google camera app has been released in the Google play store and the mobile having Android 4.4 Kitkat version or higher could get this app for their device. In the Google camera application, you can be able to use the PANORAMA function across an image while capturing. For this tip, you can make a special effect by using the same model in multiple shots of the image. To do this, you should make sure that you capture a portion on the panorama, and hold the camera steady, and then get to move on the capturing object, in fact its a landscape photography.


 When doing this work, you hold the camera steadily when moving to capture a particular object, don’t get the blurred images by shaking camera. And moreover most of the softwares allows to take a snap shot of the panorama image but the trick in it is, in order to have a object or person moving from one place to another place use the Run Couter panorama and when you want to end it use the tag ‘#panodash’.    



 google camera app

Under Water Camera Pictures 

This is for those who are very exicited to do the experiments with their devices or for those who have a water proof  device, such as a Sony Xperia mobile. 

While doing this just be careful with your smart phone around water. Based on your interest if you want to get the under water pictures then I can give a trick that place your mobile in a large glass and submerge that into some position of water, under beneath or under water then you can get the image as a split image which can show above and below the water. you can further use a freezer bag for a quick solution that can go under water for a few seconds or else you can use the larger devices like Tablets or iPhones. More over you can also opt for the water proof case for your device that can rotate your images. 

For more information watch this photography tutorials video.

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