Easy Tricks to Get The Most Out of Your Home Entertainment

4 Easy Tricks to Get The Most Out of Your Home Entertainment

If there’s one thing that we as a species have mastered, it’s wasting time. We all love a good binge session with Netflix now and then. Nothing is more relaxing to me than wasting a few hours playing a PS4. Human beings love entertainment, and we’ve made giant strides in developing technology to keep us engaged for hours on end.

Even if you think you’ve mastered all of your entertainment technology, don’t get ahead of yourself. There may still be some secrets you have yet to uncover. Read ahead to discover four easy-to-do tricks that you can use to get the most out of your home entertainment technology.

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1.   Overclock Your Gaming PC

If you’ve bought the latest and greatest graphics card and CPU, you may think your game machine has reached its full potential. But if you haven’t tried overclocking your PC, then you have no idea how far it can really go.

What is Overclocking?

Overclocking is the process of adjusting your CPU so that it performs faster than the factory setting, thereby speeding up your computer. Using your BIOS, you manually set the CPU clock rate or multiplier to a higher level. It allows you to improve your computer’s performance without having to buy new components. The University of Massachusets Amherst reported that overclocking can boost your CPU performance by as much as 20%.

What Do I Need?

You’ll need a CPU and motherboard that allows you to adjust values in BIOS. Some models have locked settings to prevent tampering. You’ll also need either fans or a liquid-cooling system to regulate your CPU’s increased temperature.

Are There Any Risks?

Your CPU will start to generate a lot of heat when you overclock. This could damage your CPU or even destroy it. Choosing to overclock will also void your CPU warranty if it’s still in effect. Practice overclocking on a desktop you don’t use anymore before you try it on your gaming machine.

2.   Turn Your PlayStation 4 Into a Music Player

Your PS4 can be much more than just a great gaming machine. If you’d like to crank out some jams without buying another speaker, you can use a PS4 as an in-home music player! Here’s how:

  1. Save your MP3 music files to a USB Flash drive
  2. Plug the drive into the USB port on your PS4
  3. Download the MP3s into your PS4 music folder
  4. Bring up the PS4’s native audio player, or download one of your choosing
  5. Click on the file you want to play

That’s it! Your PS4 is now a convenient music player, at no extra charge to you!


3.   Turn Your Streaming Device into An All-In-One Media Player

Streaming devices allow us to access content on channels like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and others, all from one location. The only real drawback is that if certain media types aren’t supported by your streamer’s software, you can’t access them. Fortunately, there’s a way to overcome this setback.

How is it Done?

There is free open source software on the web that allows you to play any kind of media format with one device. Kodi is one example, and it’s by far the best. You can install these universal media players directly on your streaming device.

Is it Hard to Do?

Not at all! With a free guide and a few easy steps, you can enjoy videos, music, and photos in any format from one device.

4.   Use Your In-Ear Earbuds as a Noise Muffler

If you live in a house full of kids or travel by air a lot, you know how hard it can be to enjoy some peace and quiet. If you have a pair of in-ear headphones, no matter the brand, you can create some easy DIY noise mufflers. All you’ll need are your earbuds, a toothpick, a foam earplug, and some scissors. Here’s how:

  1. Pull off the plastic protector on your earbuds. This will expose the small metal cylinder that projects audio.
  2. Flatten your earplug using your fingers. Using your scissors, cut your earplug to a size that will be comfortable in your ears. Wait for it to expand back to its full size.
  3. Using your toothpick, poke a vertical hole through the center of your earplug. Make sure the hole is small enough that it will fit snuggly over the metal cylinder on your earbuds.
  4. Press the earbud firmly over the metal cylinder, all the way to the base. The entire cylinder should be covered.
  5. Test the earbud for comfort.
  6. Repeat the process for your second earbud.

That’s all there is to it! You now have a pair of comfortable, convenient noise dampening headphones. Just be aware – your buds will get coated with wax and dirt over time. You’ll need to repeat the above steps with new earplugs every so often.

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