How to Fix Touch Screen Problems in Chrome Windows 10


Fix Touch Screen Doesn’t Work in Chrome Windows 10:

As we all known that windows as recently released windows 10 as their operating system. As many users of windows 7, windows 8/8.1 has migrated to windows 10 for some better experience. But when their migrated to windows 10 they are facing some issues and error. Now a days many people are using touch screen laptops for their ease interface and windows 10 is the best optimized for touch screen. Some users are appreciating windows 10 and some users are facing so many problems with touch screen in chrome windows 10. If you people are facing problem as above then you are at the right place to solve your problem with the below process. So today i’m going to explain the tutorial on “How to Fix the touch Screen problems in chrome windows 10“.  

Windows 10 is the best optimized for touch screen users. But Google Chrome is not that much touch screen optimized browser. To solve this issue we have to change the settings and the google chrome will work the better for us with this small settings. With this small setting you can solve the problem. So the simple steps will be explained and with these steps you can do it.
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Simple Steps to Fix the Touch Screen Issue in Chrome Windows:

Simply follow the steps to solve the touch screen issue with this simple settings. Below are the steps to follow.
  • First you need to search for about:flags or chrome://flags and hit for search. 
  • It will show several flags. You will see the below figure.
  • Here you find “Enable Touch Events” Flags or directly visit the chrome://flags#touch-events in the search bar.



  • Then change the settings “Automatic to Enabled” and finally re-launch your browser to apply all the changes.
  • By doing this your touch screen issue will be solved. Now Google chrome will be fixed that touch screen issue.

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