Top 5 Features of IOS-8 download and update

Best Features of iOS-8 for free download

Recently the next generation of IOS has been released by the Apple which is IOS 8 for IPhone and IPad users. Major changes of IOS 7 has been done in order to get the user to experience a new operating system which makes IOS 8 and apple has only released a comment that IOS 8 is one of the biggest release in IOS. 


The Apple devices running on IOS 7 can be upgraded to ios 8 features and no need to buy another ios 8 device. 

Features of IOS 8:

The latest version of operating system I.e. IOS 8 has a number of features and improvements than ios 7. Ios 8 update platform can be used by both the users and developers, here are some of the hidden exiciting features of ios 8 platform.

Messaging Features:

Great changes have been done while builting the messaging app. You can share the audio, video messages with your friends irrespective of the text messages. A nice exciting feature exists in this i.e. you can set a self destruct timer for the messages, after that the message cannot be visible. 
This ios 8 has some changes in the group messaging like, you can leave conversations or set Do not disturb mode to stop the incoming notifications. With this you can even share your locations with messages.

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Keyboard enhancement and extension:

With Ios 8 you can experience a new keyboard which is entirely different from ios 7. According to the Apple ios 8 keyboard is the “smartest keyboard ever“. It supports quick type and predictive type feature which gives the several words while the user types a letter.
In this we can develop or design our own keyboard apps using a third party on IPhone or IPad. This feature is same as the one existing in the android mobiles I.e. it is the Swype keyboard.



Camera of IPhone is used as a digi camera which can give the multi snapshots at a time. This apple has extended some new features to the camera app like Time lapse and three second timer which will make the user to capture different videos or pics with higher framerate. 
This camera hardware also allows the third party apps to access in depth so that the resolution can be mounted. In this camera we can even edit the photos, change the background and add graphics to the images etc.

Touch ID for apps:

Touch ID is like a password to the mobile, but this password is done using finger print. When the biometric finger print is used we can say that the security is 100% because the type password can be hacked but the finger print cannot be hacked. 
In the IPhone 5s the biometric finger print was first introduced and it was limited to only some apps and mainly used as a screen lock. But touch id in ios 8 has extended to the extent limit usage for all sorts of apps, this application can be used even for the transactions.


icloud drive:

Icloud drive is an app which is used to save the documents, files and pdf to your device. It also provides the storage service I.e. we can save many files like Google drive, dropbox etc. For more information watch this video…

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