Tips and Tricks to Write an Article

How to write an Article

Article or post is an official representation of the content which you represent about a particular topic. Article or a post will be the key for a website or a blog, the way you present will attract more number of users to your blog. Many if them writes the interesting articles which are informative but they doesn’t know how to present those articles. So here we are with you to give some tips to write an article. 


Search for a Topic

Many of us will be able to write articles but we dont get the topics, be innovative to get a topic, for that you can check the other blogger sites but be careful of not writing the same topic, just take a idea of that and before you conform any topic check whether that topic has searches or not. Use google adwords to check the searches. More over for any topic you can search in the google by asking it as 2015 trending topics, it shows a list of topics from that you can select any one any present on your blog. 

For beginners to check for topic searches, go to google adwords, login with your gmail account and you will see a new window in that go to tools from that select keyword planner. Now click on what you would want to search, say a word now search for group ideas, if you can see the search results more as per you then choose that topic. Google shows interest on new topics. 

Content Presentation

Write the content in a simple way in which readers can understand. Dont copy the content from others blog, if want to learn about that topic you can check the wikipedia for information more over dont copy from wiki also because it becomes a copied content article. For more important thing you can have some 10 percent copied content, for new bloggers check for unique articles and unique content. 

While writing content keep the related images for more understanding but keep the exact images and give the tag line for the images. Use the headings, sub headings and minor headings in the article so that it will be easily understood by the users. In the content if you have any step by step points then give the bullets or arrows for seperate presentation, so that the content will not become clumsy. 

Publishing Article

So you wrote an article and inserted the images and completed all the processings, now check out these instructions or tricks before you present any article.
—–>Give perfect heading and highlight it with different font or colour.
—–>Mention a name to your images or give tag line for an image.
—–>Give 2 or 3 links to the top PR sites and also some internal links to your blog.
—–>Keep a video about your article for better understanding.
—–>Don’t forget to conclude about your article, you may give conclusion as a seperate paragraph or with a different heading.
—–>Give labels and a short permalink about your post, better to give the keywords to the permalink, and also describe your article in the search description.
Hope that now you got an idea of how to write an article if you have any queries, please share with us!!!!!…..

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