Best Software for Animation Video Creation


Make Web Video review: Good Software for Animation Video Creation

When I came upon difficulty in marketing my small business, one of my friends suggested me to make a video, short and simple to explain my products and said that it will make life easier as I wouldn’t have to talk or keep explaining many times. But I did not have any knowledge on making a video. So I used the easiest way. I looked for some ideas and video creating services on the internet. The fact that a common man views about 150 videos a month but reads only two or three site explanations about them and their services surprised me. 


I did not want to make a video with someone who will only see my business from third person point of view. I wanted to do give it my personal I searched for software with which I could do that. Make web video software is one such randomly chosen site. But the moment I took a peek at their site, I loved the idea of creating my own video.

Their promises:

  • The make web video site offered many things that I couldn’t find easily anywhere else on the internet.
  • Their videos are full HD made with adobe after effects templates, and music is Adobe based too.
  • Their costs start from $29 for HD videos, but when I compared them to other sites it is actually very less.
  • It’s like a DIY kit for kids, everything you need is available and all you have to do is to just add your personal innovative touch.
  • Maximum time they take to create is like an hour per video, so u create one, they get it ready on the same day and you can download it.
  • The video can be embedded on any computer and OS.
  • We can download the files we created without watermark.
  • They give 100% guarantee, and if we are not satisfied, we get our money back.
  • Their templates include from whiteboard videos, logo animation, mobile app marketing etc.
  • You have options to include pictures and music of your choice by just uploading them while creating the video

There are many more exciting things like the free registration, error-free automation and so on.


Easy to create steps for a video:


  • Choose a template from the large collection offered. Change colors, pictures, and characters inside it as per your wish
  • Add any pics and text information where ever needed
  • Include music from their collections or upload the one you like
  • Preview without any payment
  • If you like what you have created, download it and share. It takes few minutes to one hour according to the size and things included in the video
  • As they promised it was very easy and fun to create our own videos.

It was also within what I could spend and I liked it when all my thoughts about my business could be put on screen. Step by step guidance and no cost test video helped a lot to get an overall idea before I could go for the perfect choice. Short videos are very helpful to make a quick explanation about the products and I could create a cute animated video swiftly. I got my video delivered in about thirty minutes. Whatever I paid for was really worthy. So If you have an idea to create a video for your business, event or any kind of ad videos you can try this easy DIY make web video and pay them only if you like the product. A video is not going to make us a billionaire in a day but it is a really good addition to our marketing and it’s certainly an eye catcher to gain more attention from the public.

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