How To Secure Your Home Internet

Secure Your Home Internet

Are you worried about cyber crimes and are you looking for a way to secure your home Internet from virus and ransomware attacks? Then you have landed on the right page as in this post we are going to share different ways through which you can secure your home internet connections and all connected devices from intruder attacks. In this post, we will share some free and paid ways through which you can easily protect your home network.


Different Ways to Protect your Home Internet

Free But Important Steps to Protect your Home Network. We will first tell you how you can make your home internet connection safer than before without spending a single penny.

1. Protect Your Identity: This is the best way to secure your home Wifi router. Keep a unique name of your router so that it gets tough for a hacker to trace down your identity and to identify the manufacturer of the router. This will also make it less likely that an intruder will hack your password.

2. Strong Password: Probably the most common way to protect Wi-Fi routers from intruders is to have a strong password with a mix of special characters, lower and uppercase alphabets, for your Wi-Fi router. And always try to avoid giving away your Wi-Fi password to any friends or visitors.

3. Wi-Fi Encryption: Wi-Fi router encryption is also a very good way to secure home networks, and it will make hacking a tough thing for hackers. It is very difficult to crack WAP2 AES encryption and hence make sure you use this type of encryption.


4. Use Your Wifi Router Wisely: Place your router in the center of your house so that you get maximum signal reach inside and outside. And when you are not using your router, shut it down so that it intruders have a harder time accessing your network. And by disabling the Remote Admission settings, you can make your router even more secure, as by doing this only connected devices can access the router configuration.

5. Updates: There are thousands of ransomware and viruses which are launched daily on the internet and to deal with these threats, the software and firewalls of devices need to be updated frequently. Hence it is very important to keep our devices up to date.

6. Use an all-around Antivirus: A good antivirus for your home network can help you to prevent unauthorized access and can guarantee the long term security of your smart devices. Although we’ve noticed some interesting advances in the last couple of years, IoT security gadgers still have a lot of room for improvement as more and more of our household devices become “smart”.

Some Affordable Ways to Keep your Home Network Secure

In this section, we are going to share more ways through which users can secure their home network.

1) Exchange your routers with advanced and secure routers: As mentioned above there are many types of encryption methods available through which you can encrypt your data, choose a router which comes with the latest encryption technology.

2) Use VPN: Using VPN on your device can help you to hide your identity from intruders and can help you access geographically blocked content. VPN creates a secure network over the typically insecure network as the data is exchanged in an encrypted way. VPN services also work with supported Wifi routers which make all connected devices more secure.

3) Advanced Tools: There are some advanced IoT security gadgets which can help you in securing your house network.

On such device can offer the following advantages:

1) It keeps all your Wifi router connected devices secure from any threat. It will secure all connected device like your smartphone or smart washing machine which works with your home internet connection.

2) It continuously scans networks and provides full security from intruder activities. It ensures safe browsing experience and eliminates any type of threats like phishing fraud, insecure links, etc. It gives full protection from viruses, ransomware, etc. just like you would expect from regular antivirus software.

We hope you will follow the above mentioned tips and will make your home internet connection more secure than ever. Please contact us if you need any help as we are also here to assist you.

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