Safety Apps For Women For Android, Windows and iOS devices

   Safety App For Women

Apps for women security are really required at most because of the outside world consequences. With the day by day news we can surely say that there is no security for the women even when they go to college or when they stay even in home. Many of us are using the smartphones but now we can completely use the same smartphones for our security purpose. With the operating system of Android, Windows and iOS devices an app has been introduced as the security app for women. You can download android os.


The personal safety app or the SOS app is an mobile application which is considered for the best safety applications mainly for the women. In case of any emergency there’s a way to notify your friends or family and inform them about your current location and send them the location address through GPS. This is best safety apps which was introduced for Android and iOS devices.

Features of Safety App – SOS 



  • It sends the messages, emails, IMs, tweets to your friends or family about your current location.
  • It gives a whistle in case of ultimate urgency when you are in peak level danger.
  • A single shake activates the SOS alerts and a quick voice recording will be sent.
  • Exact location and battery level condition will be issued in the alerts.
  • Messages will be sent at regular intervals to identify where the user is moving.

Step By Step Process to Download and Install SOS


—–>First download the top safety apps on your smartphone for free. 
Android Users 


iOS Users 


—–>Once you download the stay safe app on your smartphone open the app follow these steps for installation.
—–>It shows a dialogue box with security pin, select a security pin of 4 digits to confirm and click on Next.
—–>Now set the shake limit by setting a timer for that tap on any one of the digits which are displayed. check the below image for installation.


—–>With these steps your registration will gets completed and you need to enable the app every time. 


—–>When your are in danger you need to shake the mobile so that your current location will be trapped using GPS and will e forwarded to friends and family.
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Hope you have got the top safety apps to protect yourself, this app will help in case any type of situations like kidnap or accidents or any kind of abuse on women. If you have any queries regarding this article feel free to comment, dont forget to share this article it your share may save a life!!!!!…..

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