How to make money online with youtube


     Make money with YouTube

Is it possible to make money online? 

Many people are having such type of questions but the fact is that yes dam surely we can earn money online. If you observe any video in a search engine, before the video starts, there comes a ads, we will simply skip the ads or we will close it, but actually that video ads earns the money to the user (Blogger) and to the search engines. There’s a huge amount of money transfer over this. This platform is related to the highness of creative ideas that are to performed in a video or a post.  In this process, You Tube is the best way to earn money because, You Tube videos are very popular and the sharing of a video is also easy, rather than this the adsense approval from youtube will be getting easier. The thing you need to do is to upload different videos.  

YouTube videos are very fasinating that evey one will be interested to watch. There are many tips to make money online, even a blog make money online. But to build a blog it takes lot of time, in fact you should know how to make money blogging. The creative ways to make money online through the youtube videos is you need to upload different youtube funny videos, youtube music videos, top youtube videos, youtube video songs, youtube videos music etc along with this when the users watch youtube videos then also the earnings starts. Simply upload the best youtube videos.

Step by Step process for “How to make money on youtube videos”

—–>Create a youtube account with the short keyword names so that people can easily remember. If you already have an existing account then simply change the name.  
—–>After creating the account, start uploading the content. Download the high quality videos and upload, dont worry if your videos are not going good, because it will improve and takes some time. Simply donot download the video and upload it, better to do some editing work. 
—–>Spread your videos using the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit. Better to keep the starting image in a attractive way so that by seeing the video users will click on it.

—–>Upload the content more frequently and keep on uploading only the new videos. If your page is going well then remove the copyrighted content from your design. Atleast Subscribe minimum of 500 users to your site.   

—–>Its essential to work with youtube and become a youtube partner. After that apply for the google adsense account for free. Follow the instructions and create a account, some times it wont access the account quickly but dont wexed up, keep on continuing to do so.
—–>Provide a validatory email address in the account and fill with perfect address of you. Ensure that your identity is correct. Once your account is activated you will be redirected to get the money. 
—–>For each and every ads that users view and click will be paid to you. Dont click on your own ads, for that the account may be disapproved. You can earn money online us.
Hope that now you know how to make money online without any investment. In this you can update most viewed youtube videos and also you can unblock youtube videos. Upload funny youtube videos and earn money. Have a nice time in earning money. If you have any queries feel free to comment!!!!!…..
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