Locate Android Phone Even on Silent Mode


        Find Android Smartphone Even on Silent Mode

Android smartphones are most probably using by the millions of people because of its emerging popularity. Many of us use the smartphones and analyzes the settings inbuilt in it. The most common thing which each and every one of us using is the Silent Mode. Generally when we go for a movie or when we attend a seminar we keep the mobile in the silent mode and keep that else where in the surroundings and forgets about the device. In that situation we just gets frustrated while searching for the mobile and when we dial the number it rings but no sound will be heard to us. In this case we cant afford to trace a smartphone, so a simple app is discovered for the android smartphone users to locate the device in silent mode.


Here is the amazing app called as Ring My Droid which fixes our problem. This is one of the best app for an Android Phone which you can get the device on silent mode. This Ring My Droid app has an SMS triggered alarm function, which gives a full volume of alarm when a particular key message is sent to the device. So lets see the in detail guide to find my android phone in silent mode.

Step by Step Process to Find Android Phone

This process ultimately gives the trick to locate android phone on silent option. Follow the simple procedure for how to find my android phone.
—–>First step is to download the Ring my Droid app on your smartphone. For free download click here.


—–>Install the app on your smartphone, this app is of 402k size so ensure to have the minimum space on your device for installation.


—–>Once the installation is completed open your app and you will see the screen like this.


—–>Now set your key phrase, this key is sensitive so when your lost device you need to enter this key. Type the key phrase and click on Set button.
—–>You can give any kind of the key phrase as ur wish, now check for the settings of the app. Go to app settings and enable Ring when lost and Vibrate when lost.


—–>To check this app keep the device in silent mode and send message to mobile from another smartphone with the entered key phrase, then see whether your mobile will give an alarm with full volume.
—–>Once your device is found, then to stop the alarm click on the button Found Phone, then only the alarm will stop.


—–>Thats it your Ring My Droid app is successfully installed and is working.  
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Hope that you have got how to find my android phone when on silent mode, you can even trace mobile using android phone locator but its a bit difficult to do rather than going for tracing a device when in silent mode you can simply use this app. If you have any queries regarding installation of Ring My Droid app, feel free to comment!!!!!…..  

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