Is Kodi Legal and Safe to Use in 2021?

Is Kodi legal? Based on the type of Kodi addons that you opt to implement, the legality of the Kodi depends. The Kodi is compatible with different services and hardware and the Kodi is legal and open-source. Through various devices like Firestick and many more, it is used to stream the content. To help the user to enjoy more content, some of the companies use Kodi as the preinstalled app.

By introducing the third apps like addons and the builds, Kodi’s legal terms are comprised. Some addon may have the malware and also on the streamed content they tamper with the privacy settings. Moreover, your Kodi software might be exposed to the ISP, hackers, and the government by the addons and also encounters the problem like Slow connections and even closure to some accounts. Therefore, for a better experience, the internet has some of the best Kodi addons where the users can install them on their devices.

is kodi legal

The Kodi is available on various devices like macOS, Xbox, iOS, Android, and many more. To hide your identity and location, it is better to implement a good Kodi VPN.  When it comes to whether the Kodi is legal or not? then the answer is determined by various factors. Therefore in this, we will learn the several factors regarding is Kodi legal or not.


What is Kodi and Is Kodi Legal?

Kodi is one of the free open source media software that allows you to stream and store the media. Kodi is available on multiple operating systems as well as for the hardware platform. It also with the software 10-foot user interface for use with the television and the remote controls.

what is kodi and is it legal

Know whether is Kodi Legal. Kodi is legal and used by many devices. Moreover, the addons that added to the Kodi will compromise its safety. It will also contain the addons that won’t work and force the users to install the third-party add-ons. Because of its open-source nature, Kodi is always tending to be subjected to abuse by the third-party distributors who distribute the pirated content, which is sometimes against the copyrights and which might keep your device at risk and may obtain your personal data.

However, popular streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, HBO, and many streaming services are working with Kodi. Through the Kodi app, reduces piracy and helps the users to enjoy streaming the content online you can know Is Kodi Legal or not.

Third-Party Kodi Addons

To provide Kodi with the media content, there is various available software. Users can enjoy live sports. music, movies, and TV shows, using the Kodi add-ons. Using the Kodiaddons users can stream the content for free from different websites. Through the internet, From the torrent sites and the various sites, the users can get the content.

Moreover, you will be provided with free premium content if you try the third-party addons. Therefore, Kodi is legal as well as illegal. It is illegal if the users use unofficial third-party add-ons. To keep our data safe you have to use the VPN, which hides the access of the Kodi to the internet providers. Note that the addon helps the users to access high-quality content for free.

The European union’s high court has banned some of the Kodi boxes, that come with the third-party add-ons. For your security be ensure to use the Kodi VPN to stream the content on Kodi.

Legal and the Illegal add-ons

If you have to bother how to find the illegal’s addons, then there is no need to worry, the software of Kodi has implemented the ways the tables to distinguish the illegal and the legal add-ons. The user should check the Kodi repositories to access the legal Kodi addons. Therefore, from the various online providers here are the losses of the various Kodi add-ons.

First, we will go through the list of the kodi addons and then we will head to the official add-ons on the Kodi.

Legal or official Kodi add-ons

There are legal as well as illegal Kodi add-ons on the internet, while some will work and others won’t. Therefore it is your choice to select the best from your choice. Go through the list of the legal add-ons that are provided below.

  • Com
  • Fox Sports Go
  • PBS Kids
  • Nasa
  • Plex
  • iPlayer WWW
  • NBC live extra

Illegal or unofficial Kodi add-ons

On the Kodi platform, there is the popular official Kodi add-os that offer you to stream the content for free. To hide your identity and the location of these addons requires a VPN. Then go through the list of the unofficial add-ons that are listed below.

  • Covenant Kodi
  • Gurzil Kodi
  • Poseidon Kodi
  • Placenta Kodi
  • Oculus Kodi
  • Mobdro Kodi
  • Fantastic Kodi
  • cCloud Kodi
  • Genesis Reborn Kodi
  • Exodus Kodi

There are only a few and free third-party add-ons that are available on the internet.

The Kodi addons and the Kodi legality

The illegality issue is determined by the installation of the Kodi addons. The users should be aware without the addons the Kodi doesn’t work. Keep note that Kodi is just an open-source media that only functions with the help of add-ons. To help the stream online, it allows the users to add the addons or the apps. moreover, for easy access, the users should invest in the VPN to achieve free streaming.

From the official repository, you can get the legal and the official Kodi addons to offer and the installation package. There are the default apps and the Kodi addons are available on the repositories and the Kodi is also one of the unofficial Kodi addons. The user can watch the copy-right content once that is enabled. If the VPN is not enabled then the user might get into trouble.


Basically, the Kodi is safe and legal, but the legality of the Kodi depends on the user’s choice of installation that determines if the Kodi is legal or not(is Kodi legal). If the addons are installed through the wrong websites or if they are the unofficial ones then it might be illegal. If you have any doubts on Is Kodi Legal feel free to text us at GudTechTricks and stay tuned for more updates.

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