IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking Trick 2015

      Online IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Booking

IRCTC is the Indian railway catering and tourism corporation, is the online ticket booking official site that is under the control of the Indian railways. With this irctc we can simply login or register and book the tickets on the official irctc website by using a net banking, credit card or debit card. In this railway ticket booking if we want to book the tickets prior from 1 month to the date of journey we can simply sit and easily book the tickets but if we prefer to the irctc tatkal booking then there will be a lot of competition to get the tickets. So now am here to share with you some tricks of how to book irctc  tatkal tickets quickly. 


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As well all know that the online train ticket booking for the irctc tatkal time is from 10am to 12pm thats only of 2 hours of time, so within this time the person who books the ticket first will be alloted the seat. More over with in this time many of the people will be trying to get the tickets, then there is a chance of site being hanged. So simply follow these tricks for train ticket booking.

Tricks for IRCTC ticket booking

Here are some of the tricks for the online rail ticket booking, simply follow the step by step process for the booking and get the success in irctc tatkal.

Install ad blocker to your browser

During the e ticket booking of tatkal, the official website IRCTC loading time will be less, this is because the website contains the ads in it for the publicity, so before booking the tickets first we need to block the ads which can be done by using the ad blocker. Hope the browsers which you are using are Google chrome or Mozilla, the ads on this are should be blocked. Follow the below links for ad blocker installer.
 Google chrome: 


 Mozilla Firefox: 


Now the ads will not come, the page gets load faster. 

Installing Auto-Refresh

While booking the tickets in IRCTC if we failed to book the tickets with in 3min then automatically your account will be logged out it says session expired. To over come this install the Auto refresh plug in to the browser.This plug in automatically refreshes the page and clears the session expired problem. Now Open your browser and install the auto refresh plug in by clicking on the below links. Install the plug in and click on the add button, it will directly add to the browser. Now open the IRCTC website you will see the refresh button on the address bar.
Google chrome: 


Mozilla Firefox: 


Now the Auto refresh plug in will be installed and for the irctc online ticket booking, be alert to quickly type your details as soon as it shows irctc tickets available, and during this tatkal ticket booking, it will ask for the personal details of your government issued id card like driving license or aadhar card or voter card, so better to keep all  the details with you before only. 
Hope that now you got the online railway ticket booking in a simple way. If you follow these steps you will quickly get the irctc train ticket booking. If you have any queries regarding this post feel free to comment!!!!!…..


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