HR Software Tools, Mobile Apps and Compatibility

HR Software Tools: As an Android user, you know that not all apps are created equal, at least not when it comes to compatibility. The good news is that more and more app developers are recognizing the importance of making their apps compatible with both iOS and Android.

But if you’re a business owner, the type of device that you’re using isn’t all that matters—you also have to take your employees (and their devices) into account. 

HR Software Tools

When it comes to HR software tools, having a mobile app is a must: It just makes everything easier. Keep reading to find out which tools in particular you want mobile apps for, and why you should always make sure that the provider’s app works with iOs and Android. 


The HR Tools That Definitely Need Mobile Apps 

  • Scheduling Software

Scheduling software is an online tool that’s completely changing the HR game. With scheduling software, you can build, share, and edit schedules more easily than ever before, which saves time and money, and makes the whole scheduling process less of a headache—for you, your HR department (if you have one), and, of course, your employees. 


Employees can also request time off or change their availability though scheduling software. This further minimizes scheduling confusion because you can program your settings so that you won’t be able to schedule them during a time that they aren’t available. 

Why Does an App Optimize Scheduling Software?

Sharing is one of the top benefits of scheduling software: You never have to worry about whether or not employees have the latest schedule, and you can even send out notifications so that they always know when a new schedule has been published or an existing one has been edited. 

Sure, they check the schedule on a computer or by loading the portal’s URL on their smartphone, but it’s the 21st century—we live in the Age of the App. The easiest way for employees to view the schedule any time, anywhere is through an app. 

  • Time and Attendance Software

Paper time cards are outdated and inefficient. Like scheduling software, time and attendance software is a logistical lifesaver. Digitalizing the time clock means improved accuracy, faster clocking in and out, and better security against time theft

Why Does an App Optimize Time and Attendance Software?

Depending on how much space you have, you might not have room for a ton of computers in your office or work area. Likewise, if you have employees who work on the go, it can be a little difficult to take a computer along, even if it’s a laptop. Time clock apps allow employees to clock in and out on any Internet-connected device, including smartphones and tablets. 

Additionally, employees can view their timecards and timesheets through the app, whether or not they’re on the clock. But don’t worry—you can limit access to the time clock depending on location so that no one’s logging time on the clock when they’re not actually working. 

  • Payroll Software 

From tax calculations and direct deposit to paid time off and workers’ comp, payroll has a lot of moving parts. Luckily, payroll software is there to help you and your HR department streamline the process so that you can get your employees paid as quickly—and as painlessly—as possible. 

Why Does an App Optimize Payroll Software?

Run payroll in the office, on the subway, at home, or from wherever else you want to when you find a payroll software that offers a mobile app. With a payroll software app, you’ll have access to all of the same features as you would on a computer: employee contact information, pay rates, payroll deadlines, and the ability to enter earnings, deductions, and time worked. 

On the flip side, with the employee version of your payroll software app, your employees can access their pay portal on their smartphones to see their pay stubs, calculate their earnings, and maintain an updated budget. 

Bottom Line: Don’t Forget to Check Compatibility 

HR software tools can make administrative tasks much less of a hassle, especially when you find tools that can be integrated with one another. But in order to get the most out of your software, you want tools that also have mobile apps so that you can take their convenience to the next level. However, if you forget to check compatibility, you might end up limiting that convenience, if not for yourself, then for some of your employees. So, keep mobile apps in mind when you’re browsing for software tools, and double-check on compatibility to ensure that your app will work with both iOS and Android. 

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