Top 6 Best Gaming Gifts Ideas

If you have a gamer friend or lover, then you must know the struggle of finding the right gift for him/her. Or if you’re a gamer yourself, then you surely know how hard it is to receive the perfect gift, or to want something and not getting it from your friends. Which is why we put together a short list of gaming gifts so that you will get some inspiration whenever you need to buy one!


The best 6 gaming ideas are as follows
1. Gift Cards:

Gift cards are always a good idea since it gives the birthday boy/girl the chance to choose whatever they want to play, but you are also offering them the gift. For example, if your friend is an Xbox fan, you can get them a $10 Xbox Gift Card. They also work in the Windows stores, and it lets them buy games, movies, apps or TV shows. Moreover, you can get a digital card from Amazon, if you want it to be easier.

2. Mouse Pads:

Most likely gamers already have a mouse pad, but a new one can’t hurt. They are useful because they protect both the mouse and the desk, especially since many gamers use the mouse a lot. If you’re feeling creative, you can always customize one with a funny message or something that is meaningful for your friend, but if not, you can just buy a high-quality one on Amazon. There’s plenty of them!

3. A T-Shirt:

In case they don’t have one, a good idea is to get them a T-shirt with their favorite game. It can be a character, a quote or something defining for the particular game. Moreover, if you customize the T-shirt, you can add a personal touch as well, so the limit is simply your imagination.

4. A New Controller:

Hardcore gamers know that controllers may not last that long, especially if you’re playing challenging games. From the classic USB one to Steam controllers that replace the traditional joysticks for some modern circular haptic pads, there is a large array to choose from.

5. New Game:

If your friend’s birthday happens to be on the release of a new installment from a popular series, and you know they’ll like it, then you can simply buy a new game for them. Whether it’s a new GTA or Sims installment, they will most certainly enjoy it!

6. A Hard Drive:

Xbox One gamers know that the 500 GB storage that comes with the console don’t seem to be that many anymore when you play lots of games. Thankfully, this particular console comes together with a compatibility for external hard drives. As such, a great idea is to get a 1 TB external HDD for them to play even more than they did!

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