Download Fruit Ninja for pc(windows 7/8/8.1/xp/vista and mac)

       Fruit Ninja for pc

Fruit Ninja is a video game which was developed by the Halfbrick studios from Australia. One of the top most game for the Android users is the Fruit Ninja. In this game you can see all the fruits lying on the screen with an awesome background along with sounds. Its a worthful game to play, many people play this game on their mobiles, but now its the time to play on the desktop Windows or MAC PCs.

The most common platforms used are IOS, Android, Windows phone, Bada etc.

Features of the game:

  • This game is having many features with colourful fruits flying and cut the fruits into slices.
  • In this two people can play the game continuously that is we can play with friends by challenging them with a time limit.
  • This game is having free version and paid version, first you can have the free version, enjoy with it, if you are more interested then prefer for the paid version.
  • Game is made up of colourful fruits along with a wall on the back side and the wall is coloured with the different fruits juices when ever a particular fruit is cut.
  • The sound of these fruits changes when we cut the Fruit with a sword and different types of sounds arises while playing the game.
  • So many features also exists in this such as weapons and in each level you can experience a different version of this fruit Ninja game.


How to play the game:

To play the game, open the Fruit Ninja file then you can see new Dojo, new game and quit options, from these select new game and choose the option whether to play bananna or Apple game. It is very easy to play, where you can see the fruits thrown from down to up in the screen, in which you need to cut them with a sword. With an Android phone, you can play it by slashing your finger across the fruits and on a PC you need to move the cursor/mouse over the fruits. At starting there will be less number of fruits coming and slowly the fruits number will increase to make the game more thrilling.
In between these fruits a bomb also exists and if you slice this bomb then your score will be deducted. In order to increase your score you need to leave the bomb behind the fruits.


Steps to download Fruit Ninja for PC:

Its very simple to download Fruit ninja on an mobile, for Android users you need to visit the Google play store, one market and if you need to download for PC follow the below steps, Fruit Ninja free download for mac: 
  • First download and install the bluestacks emulator app from here.
  • If you already have the apk file for the game fruit ninja then the app will be automatically installed through bluestack other wise you need to download that file.



  • For downloading the apk file, open the bluestack, go to the search option, type the name Fruit ninja there you will find the Fruit ninja app, install that application.



  • Accept the terms and conditions of the settings of your game then the game will be installed on your PC.

Enjoy the game and have fun….

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