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Locate My Android

Find my android phone is the frequent question that arises for the android users. Many of them wants to track android phone, but to locate android phone is the big deal here. To find android phone is not made public because rather than using it many of the people misuses this android find phone. For the users who lost android and are in search of find my phone android we are providing the article on how to find my android. There are various apps regarding this lost android mobile, it is applicable to 4.4 and kitkat, but many of the apps shows the area but not the exact location, now the methods we are providing shows the exact location and also track android phone becomes easy.  Check how to find android phone.


Android is one of the most popular operating system in the mobiles, this os is infact flexible and easy to use, a user can easily customize their device according to their choice. Some of the apps are existing in the android that can detect the android location but main issue is whether the device is switched off or else whether its in silent mode. If your device is in silent mode then there’s a chance of ringing the device which is explained clearly in this article.

Track My Android:

Track my android phone is the big deal which can be done by using the android device manager, this android device manager is the inbuilt android tracking app which is used to track the device location, with the help of this app its easy to located android and ring the device even if its in silent mode. Follow all the steps to enable android device manager on your mobile and locate my android phone. 

  • First open the settings of your android phone.
  • Now check for the privacy option and look for the device administration.
  • See for the device administrators option and click on it.



  • You will see a dialogue box with options like erase all the data and some more now click on the bottom activate button.



  • That’s it your android device manager will be enabled.
  • Now login in your gmail account to sign up android device manager.
  • Visit the below official page of android device manager.
Android Device Manager
  • Now signup using your gmail account. Finally you can track your android device 

Follow the below steps to ring android in silent mode.
Sign in to android device manager, now you will see the home page with a google map. On the side of it is a dialogue box with ring and enable lock options now click on the ring button, that’s it your android device will ring even if it’s in silent mode.

Requirements to Install Android Device Manager:
Here are some of the requirements to install the ADM i.e android device manager. Check all these and install the app.

  • Smartphone should be connected to your google account.
  • Device has to access internet.
  • Allow android device manager to locate your phone. [Turn ON your app by default].
  • Make ADM to lock your device and erase all data. [Turn OFF]

Track Android Phone Using CM Security

CM security is one of the popular android tracking app that is designed with a package of the antivirus, android tracker, app locker etc. For android find my phone follow the below steps:

  • First step is to download the CM security app on your mobile, for that click here.
  • Now tap on the right menu of the screen, you will see a dialogue box of find phone option.
  • Now login into it by sign in using the gmail or facebook account.
  • Once the activation is done, find the feature easily where your device is located, ring and lock phone.



  • You can also find your device by visiting the webpage of cm security. For that click here.


How to Find Your Phone From Your Computer

If your device is missing and you if it is near to you then you can get the device with in a short span. Go to google and type where is my phone. 


Your device will be synchronized with the android lost and it simply locates your phone in the google maps. Later it shows the options like ring and recover. Click on ring button thats it your device will ring for 5 min and if you want to stop ringing then you need to press the power button of your mobile. The device location can be seen clearly in the map.

Thats it, hope you have got the way to track your android device, there are many other apps but all of them are not perfect, they show the area name or else place but the exact location to trace update android phone is possible only with these methods. If you have any other just share with us. 

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