How to download youtube videos without any software


Download Youtube videos free

YouTube is the largest video sharing network where each person is interested to watch the videos, now a days youtube has became a addictive social networking site like facebook, but in this network the user can watch the video online or else they can download the video. Many people are very passionate in watching the videos, irrespective of their watching some needs to own a video. In such case we need to go through the paid version to the people who uploads that particular video. We can buy the video if its with low price, but in other case all the users are preferring the youtube downloader software. 

So if you are having the habbit of uploading and watching the videos on youtube, and if you need to free download youtube videos then follow this post, it will simply guide you to the easy tricks of how to download youtube videos. For this you need to have the java software on your device. For free download of java click here. 

Download video from youtube 

  • First go to the site
  • Check for the video you are interested to download. 
  • Go to the address bar and copy the video address link.
  • Go to enter the url you want to download and then click on download button there. Then your video starts downloading.

If you are using the youtube video downloader then the video starts downloading with the download manager. If you don’t have any downloader software then you need to convert the link into FLV,MP4,3GP,AUDIO MP4 by selecting the required format link. 

Another Method to download youtube videos free online

This is another shortcut method to download youtube videos free mp4. Simply follow the below steps.
  • Go to 
  • Search for the video you want, select any videos you like.
  • To download that video simply add “ss” or “kiss” before the word youtube in the address bar.
Then you will be redirected to or websites just click on required formats like MP4 or 3 GP and download youtube video.
Hope now you got how to download youtube videos and save youtube video, but remember these online tools are against the youtube policies, so better to watch the videos online. If necessary you can go for opting these tools. If you have any queries regarding this post share with me using comment box!!!!!…..

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