7 Digital Marketing Tricks to Strengthen Your Brand

Digital Marketing Tricks to Strengthen Your Brand

Remember those days when you spent time and money on offline ad’s and hoped it would work somehow? Aren’t you glad those days are long gone? With digital marketing you can run an effective campaign to boost your brand, oversee the process and tweak the ads, if necessary, to control your expenses. What a relief! he holidays are fast approaching and we’ve come up with gifts.

Here are 7 ways to up your digital marketing game, to increase your brand growth online and see better results.

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Trick ONE: Stop Spreading Yourself Too Thin

This happens way too often than it should: companies, especially the new ones, try to do everything and be everywhere, often with little or no prior experience. Ten poorly maintained social media accounts, badly researched and terribly written blog posts, misguided campaigns, unnecessary ads with a non-existent audience – all of this is a recipe for disaster in an attempt to strengthen your brand. Just stop, focus and try to be consistent in your digital marketing approach.       

Trick Two: Embrace Influencer Marketing

You can be unfamiliar with the term, but you have surely come across influencer marketing a thousand times by now. Simply put, we strongly recommend that you start targeting your audience through influential people. Sometimes, one great influencer that is popular and highly valued within your niche is sometimes all you need to scale your business. 

Trick THREE: Introduce Yourself To Inbound Marketing

Inbound is a great way to market for two very important reasons. Firstly, it helps you to attract your targeted customers through the content specifically tailored and designed exactly for them. Secondly, this kind of efficiency means spending way less on your digital marketing campaigns. It has been widely reported that the inbound marketing’s cost per lead is 61 percent cheaper.  

Trick FOUR: Invest in Professional Digital Signage Software

If you don’t use screens to reach your target audience – you’re vulnerable to competitive marketing actions, and if you are using them – invest in great digital signage software. Research simple digital signage solutions like the ones offered by Kitcast TV. The company is famous for their user-friendly easy four-step approach: 1. Connect devise – 2. Download the app – 3. Link the deviсe – 4. Done! You’re ready to create unique and effective digital signage content.

Trick FIVE: Native Is the Way To Go

More and more online marketers are turning to native advertising and for a good reason. Native ads have a look and feel of editorial pieces, it’s this exact seamless blend into the website content that makes people want to share these ads and, needless to say, make all the marketing efforts worth it. Research shows that native ads receive 50% more views than any other ads. They don’t really look like ads at all, studies show, that though being fully aware they are reading promo material, with native advertisement customers somehow just don’t seem to care.

Trick SIX: Boost Your Business With Chatbots

Chatbots have been around for several years and now they are more popular than ever. This is a great way to beat your competitor in the web communication game,  save your time and money. They can recognize data, speech; bots are even equipped to recognize patterns and give very accurate results, collect and analyze information. This is just the start for the Chatbots era, let them help you market your business in 2019.

Trick SEVEN: Spend More Money on Your Video Content

Video content and digital marketing are like bread and butter – best when together. If you are on the fence about expanding your video budget, let us reassure you of its absolute necessity. More than 75 million people in the US alone watch online videos every day. Videos are extremely shareable, they are a great way to reach your customers via smartphone, Google interprets your video content as relevant information and pushes you up in the search results, e-mails are way more clickable if you mention “video” in the subject line and it is projected that videos will account for 80% of all consumer traffic by next year. To sum up: spend more money on your video content. This is one of those things when spending too much money is well worth it. 


Data analysis is one of the crucial aspects on the way to success. Modern marketing is all about gathering data and extracting insights from it.  There are various tools that manipulate data in different ways but the end goal is always the same – maximizing your ROI.

Having the ability to deeply analyze every aspect of your business is immensely empowering. For example, if your business heavily relies on location-based data you could create a google map with excel data you’ve gathered to see where your customers come from and what might be a new area to target for future growth.

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