Different Gift Cards You Can Avail Online

Different kind of Gift Cards You Can Avail Online

Are you in a conundrum situation and not able to decide that what to gift to your relatives and friends on their birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and on various festive occasions like Diwali or Christmas?


As this is a technical era then why don’t use technology for gifts also. How about if they choose their own gift? Yes, it is possible with e-gift cards. E-gift card is a card that can store money and can be used in place of cash. With e-gift card, one can purchase any good whose amount is equivalent to the gift card amount.

In this article, we are telling you what the various e-gift card options are and how you get them easily.

1. Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon, one of the most trusted sites for online shopping. Here you get everything whether it is a music, book, movies, electronic items or housewares products.

Amazon retailers has simplified the process of giving gifts. As now you don’t have to select an item for your loved ones. You can easily purchase and print personalized gift cards from their website.


These gift cards bear no expiration date and can be used to buy anything from the amazon store.

How to redeem Amazon Gift Card?

1. First sign-in to your account.
2. Then click on Gift cards.
3. Now you can see two options. One is to reload your balance and other is to redeem a Gift Card.
4. Click on redeem a gift card.
5. Now you have to enter the claim code which you can easily locate on the back of your card. You may have to scratch off the coating to get the claim code.
6. After that, click on Apply to your balance.
7. With these simple steps, amazon gift card balance get added into your account and you can use this amount for your next purchase. 

The best part of amazon gift card is- Its balance will never expire.

How to get an Amazon Gift Card?

To purchase a gift card, first go to Amazon.com and then click on “Gift Cards”. There you can choose your delivery method, gift card design and can create a personalized message for your loved ones. Once you pay for the gift card by using your credit or debit card then you can print gift card from your computer system.

You can also use online Amazon Gift Card generator tool to get free amazon gift cards.

2. Google Play Gift Cards

As you are very aware that from google play store you get number of apps. Apart from apps, google play store can also be used to buy books, videos and music subscription service.


Google play gift cards can also be used to purchase any of these things from google play store.

How to redeem google play gift cards?

1. First, you must open Google Play on your phone or computer.
2. Then at the top left corner of the screen, you can see a three-line menu button. Tap on that.
3. There you can see Redeem option at the bottom-left corner. Tap on that.
4. There you should enter the 16-digit code. Which you can easily find on the back of the card after scratching off.
5. Now again tap on Redeem.
6. And then tap on Confirm.
7. After you have successfully followed all the above steps, then you can see that card’s amount get added into your balance as Google Play credit.

How to get a google play gift card?

You can easily purchase a google play gift card from various online stores like Amazon.
Or you can also use free google play credit generator tool to get free google play gift cards.

3. Redbox Gift Cards

Redbox gift card is a digital gift card which you can use for yourself or can send to others as a gift. So that they can use it for online Redbox rentals like to pay for the movies which are rented at Redbox.


How to use Redbox Cards?

1. First of all, you have to add a DVD or Blu-ray Disc in your cart.
2. Now when prompted, you should swipe your card if you have a physical card.
3. In case if you don’t have a physical one, only a digital card. Then you can use it only when you reserve a rental at redbox.com.

How to get a Redbox Card?

You can easily purchase Redbox card from various e-commerce websites like Amazon, Walmart or from IGN website etc.

Or if you want to save your pocket-money then you can use several Online Free Redbox Codes Generator tool.

4. Facebook Gift Card

With the help of Facebook gift card, you can easily buy your favorite games and apps which are available on Facebook like Candy Crush Saga, FarmVille2 and many more. Not only for you but you can also give them as a gift to your friends or family members.

How can one use these Facebook gift cards?

1. First click on the following link https://www.facebook.com/gamecards?sw_fnr_id=450696061&fnr_t=0
2. Then click on Redeem Code, there you have to enter the pin code which you can found on the back of your gift card.
3. Now click on Redeem.
4. Now select the currency that you would like to use for your card. After that click on Continue.
5. That’s it, you have successfully added the entire card value to your account balance. With this you can now purchase games and apps of your choice. 

How to get a Facebook Gift Card?

You can purchase a Facebook gift card from various online stores like Amazon, PayPal, Walmart etc.
Or if you want to save your money then you can use Facebook gift card generator tool.

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