Recent advances in Delivery/Shipping Technology

Advances in Delivery/Shipping Technology

The world is changing rapidly. Just over a century ago, horses were still pulling buggies on city streets. In a short period of time, if we consider the entire time that humans have lived on this planet, humans have made tremendous progress in science and technology. This has changed our world. It has changed the way we do business, what we eat, and even how we think. Distances are now merely numbers, closer than ever and merchandise travels from one continent to another in a blink of an eye.

It is not surprising that so many changes have led to advances in the delivery and shipping industry. Goods and products that used to take weeks to get from one place to another are now reaching their destination in only a few days. This is amazing and promotes intercultural exchanges. This has allowed people from all over the world to discover one another and to appreciate our differences. If you noticed, instructions on most products are now published in several languages as these goods are sent all over the world. Companies recognize the need to be visible globally and take the step to be ready.


Amazingly, technology and advancements are not stopping, on the contrary, discoveries continue to occur. For instance, in a few years, it will be possible to weld cargo ship parts with magnesium nano-particles that will strengthen joints. Not only will this make containers sturdier, protected from vermin and resistant to shock, according to some studies, by 2030, there might be parts made from self-repairing materials, which would come handy in the middle of the ocean of a container is exposed to salt water.

In warehouses all over the country, robots and automatons have begun and will continue to handle boxes and parcels, reading bar codes and following their programming instructions to know where to ship one item or another. In a few years, the automation will go beyond the warehouse and even reach roads and highways where transports will autonomously travel from their point of origin to their destination, anticipating traffic and making course adjustments as needed. The advancements in logistics are simply amazing.

It is not difficult to imagine that goods and products will be embedded with damage indicators, either inside the product, inside the container or on the shipping box. The manufacturer will be able to track the package from the assembly line to the front step of their customer, where it is delivered. Imagine how documented each parcel will be. There will be more control on the way products are handled and the conditions in which they travel. This will allow companies to make decisions based on the data collected.

How will this affect you as a consumer? You will get to enjoy higher quality products that have been delivered with minutia and care. You will be able to rely on the quality of a product without worrying about damages having occurred before you became the owner. These advancements represent positive stepping stones for the shipping industry.

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