How to Block Calls and Messages in Android


         How to Block Calls Android

Smartphones are the best gadgets which are using by the number of people to have the communication via a call or text or video etc. But rather than using the mobiles in a positive way many of the people are perfectly misusing the smartphones. If you are also the one who are being suffering from the unwanted calls or unwanted messages then obviously you want block call from that number. In some mobiles we have an option but in the Android smartphones its not possible so for the android users, many top apps have been designed to block calls android.


To stop unnecessary calls on Android smartphones call blocker for android are used. These call blockers are implemented on the applications, so by using these best apps we can block calls/messages/sms/texts etc.

Best Apps to Block Calls Android

Many apps are designed for blocking calls on android 4.4 among these we are presenting the best apps to you.

Call Blocker

Call blocker is an effective app to block unwanted calls or texts. In this app you can review all your blocking history at anytime in the log without missing any call or message. This call blocker app is available for free and paid version. For free download call blocker app click here. 
—–>Block unwanted calls using personal list.
—–>Low power and CPU consumption designed with a size of 1MB.
—–>Protects SMS, calls and back up for contact server is also available.

Call Control

Call control is an app to block calls android, this app prevents from all the useless calls. Call control is completely featured call blocker which is easy to use and blocks calls and texts without completely knowing to you. In this app to block texts is done perfectly for free download call control click here.
—–>Blocks spam callers-text, SMS, pictures etc after installing call control.
—–>Blacklists allows you to block any phone number or area code using wild cards.
—–>Available with mute ringer and intimates through voice mail.


Mr.Number is a call blocker android app designed to blocks useless calls from unknown sources. Its easy to block unwanted calls, identify and stop spam and gets the unkown phone numbers. This app stops the telemarketers and debt collectors before they waste your time. For free download Mr.Number click here.
—–>Avoids the unwanted calls from telemarketers, debt collectors etc.
—–>Reports the spam and also texts to warn other users.
—–>Automatic caller look up for the recent checklist numbers in your history so you will know who to block.

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Hope that you have got how to block incoming calls from the unknown sources in the android smartphone. Using these apps you can block calls android. If you have any queries regarding this post feel free to comment!!!!!…..

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