Best Android Apps for Reading Magazines


     Best Magazine Apps

Android is one of the top platform where its smartphones have been designed with the new apps for the users among them the android has now releasing its app to read magazines. Now there are many apps for reading magazines, mainly the tablet users will have lot of fun with these apps because they can conveniently read the magazines for a long time. Among several magazine reading app we are here to give you some best app for reading magazines in your smartphones and tablets.



Many users have a question of how to download android apps for free and how to get android apps best cost, dont worry we will give you the top rated apps for free cost. These top rated android apps for reading magazines are given here, they are available for paid versions as well as for free versions, you can use them in free internet on airtel app. These are also considered as the best android apps for book reading for that you need to login to ebooks. 
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Google Play Newsstand


Google play Newsstand is a news aggreator and newsstand application developed by the google for he android and iOS devices. Google play newsstand offers many features like magazines, current activities, web feeds, general topics etc. This also acts as the news app for your smartphone which cares about the breaking news, in depth articles with audio and video. You can access any of news edition even when you are in offline. For google play newsstand download click here.


—–>Supported for Android, iOS devices with a size of 8.23 MB for Android and 6.3 MB for iOS.
—–>Its a one tap app with all in one features of news, blogs, magazine and many more.
—–>No page missing error, you can read with a home screen highlights according to your interest.



Zinio is a multi service for the digital magazines with more than 5500 magazines in a app from wide range of publishers. Many apps are used for the multipurpose like news, magazines, blogs etc but if you want only magazines then you can have the zinio app for magazine reading. It delivers the best magazine experience for the readers on showing the topics from news, politics, technology, art, style, travel and many more. Here’s a best to download the magazine and read when you are in offline. For free download zinio click here.


—–>Supports for Apple iOS, Android, Windows 8 smartphones and tablets.
—–>On-the go read magazines when offline and rich media issues.
—–>Free library updates via notifications and you can share what you read with the social networking sites like facebook.



issuu is a free digital publishing platform for magazines, catalogs, news papers etc. This is one of the good android apps because of its features which shows the leading titles in different platforms like fashion, culture, arts etc all these are accessible for one device. This product has developed a software which is now used by many of the top online publications. It gives the users a best experience with its beautiful crafted app. It simply provides millions of pages with a finger swipe. With a simple touch readers can select any of the content they like and can also download. For issuu free download click here.


—–>Supported for android smartphones.
—–>Unlimited access to the magazines, catalogs without any cost.
—–>Provides you with huge collection of magazines and also an option to share in the social networking sites.
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These are the top magazine apps which can give you a new experience. These android reading apps are also available for windows and iOS platforms. Based on the platform android apps for reading are given for no cost. 

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