Accessing windows PC using Iphone and ipad

    Access Windows PC using iPhone and iPad

Accessing windows PC or Computer through a Iphone or Ipad is a quite different thing to do it so, dont think of doing jailbreak to device it is not in that way, just follow the simple steps guided to you in this article on how to access the computer or pc through iphone or ipad.  There are many applications available to do this. These apps connects your PC and IPhone remotely from anywhere using internet so you must have the internet connection in both the PC and iphone


 we can even use the Microsoft’s remote desktop client but that app is typical to use and it supports only windows 7/8 pro, rather than go for the other app that best suits to your system like icloud on ipad or icloud for ipad.
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Windows PC Remotely Operated Through IPhone/IPad:

To operate the system its better to use the Team Viewer app which is available for free download in the App Store, download it in mobile. To arise a connection to PC we need to install the same app i.e. Team Viewer in the computer, then make a connection between these using the Remote Connection feature. Below are the in detailed steps to guide you for installation. 

  • To install Team Viewer in mobile go to the App store, search for the Team Viewer and install it. If not you can click on the below link for free download.



  • If you have downloaded this app in PC then use the itunes and send to your mobile and install.
  • After your installation on IOS device, you need the install the same in PC. You can download from here. Team Viewer in PC.
  • While installation is going on the system will ask you for what purpose you are installing it. Select “Installation to access computer remotely(unattended)” and below that you will be asked How do you want to use Teamviewer? in that select “Personal / Non-commercial use” and click on  “Accept – finish” button.
  • Now the installation will start and after the installation a dialogue opens, in that it will ask you to enter your name and a password, enter the password and confirm it once again for security purpose. After this click on the NEXT button.



  • A new dialogue box opens showing completing the wizard, it also shows a 9 digit ID, you have to type this ID in the Iphone so that the PC and IPhone gets in contact to each other.



  • Click on Finish button. Now the team viewer will start running on your computer, it will show the ID and password by this you can connect your IOS device to PC.



  • Now the remaining thing is to install the same app in mobile, while installation it will ask for the partners ID, its the device ID which you got before, type that ID and click on the Remote Control.
  • It will take some time and later on it will ask you for the password, type the password in the IPhone, if your password characters are correct then with in no time, your system screen will be appeared on the IPhone display. 



  • Now you can access the whole system in your mobile phone, further if you want to disconnect it close the tab X button on the screen which exists on the top corner.

Now you can enjoy surfing PC in phone. Also you can do the Remote desktop ipad and backup icloud. 

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