Why I'm not using Facebook's messenger app

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 When a serious company do one thing it will be a customers hate thing and persists, despite their anger there should be a heavy business reason for it. Facebook's reasons for breaking out messages from its main app and creating it obligatory for users United Nations agency need to exchange messages area unit largely solid, although that does not build ME any less reluctant to travel at the side of the move. Along with different Facebook users, www.facebook.com login I recently started receiving notifications that i might got to transfer the company's separate traveller app to stay commercialism messages with friends. It is a gradual roll out, therefore I had the advantage of different users' expertise. 
Facebook is gambling the protests can subside. Daily routine disruptions don't build folks angry for long: they have a tendency to adapt to new routines quickly. And tens of thousands of actively sad users -- mad enough to send those one-star ratings -- area unit nothing to the social network with its user base approaching in size the population of China.
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Why, though, did Facebook feel it had to interrupt out Messenger? "Because it could" is Associate in Nursing inadequate answer.

The time users pay with the Facebook app is stagnating or slowly decreasing. in step with the analysis firm Flurry Analytics, in 2013, Smartphone users spent eighteen p.c of their total usage time on Facebook. This year, it's seven teen p.c. Facebook must fight for its time share: Its slice of the ad revenue pie is proportionate with it. At constant time, Facebook is aware that the younger audience perceives it as their parents' network. a method to fight that perception is to offer young users a separate electronic communication app, which does not force them into contact with the older generation however lets them simply confine bit.

Facebook, wherever he can run the electronic communication arm of the corporate. The problem with extraordinary electronic communication is that, compared to old-style text electronic communication via wireless, that it's quickly replacement, it barely makes any cash. in step with Deloitte, traveller apps carry fifty billion messages every day this year, whereas mobile operators solely deliver twenty one billion text messages every day, however the operators' SMS revenue can quantity to $100 billion, compared with $2 billion for all the apps combined. Facebook still has got to total however it's progressing to use its growing market share advantage.
  As for me, I sidestepped the app split by obtaining eliminate all Facebook apps and victimisation the social network's mobile browser version. it's constant practicality and is simpler on the battery
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BlackBerry passport mobile features and specifications

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BlackBerry has once again proved its self showcase in the mobiles. The term BlackBerry refers to a line of wireless services, it has first released a  in 1999 and was outstanding at that time and now in order to prove its performance once again, it has launched a new BlackBerry mobile which looks like a passport. This BlackBerry was referred as the "crackberry" in the United states, because the users have attracted to them like a crack cocaine, it is a very popular kind of attractiveness.


BlackBerry passport models is having the highest performance than the other mobiles and its features, design has made to prove itself as the top one mobile.

Features of Blackberry Passport:


  • It is compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G networks with LTE (850-2100).
  • Having a single nano sim and a micro USB v2.0 (slimport).
  • Built in FM radio with RDS high sound facility.
  • Non removable battery of 345mAh is there which is compatible like IPhone.
  • It gives a new and different look for users.

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  • Latest BlackBerry bold 9780  dimensions are 128x90.3x9.3mm (5.04x3.56x0.37)in
  • Its weight is approximately 194gms.
  • Main addition of BlackBerry arises with its keyboard which is a QWERTY keyboard.
  • Body is available with black and white colours. 


  • It is having a LCD touch screen display with different colours.
  • The display size is 4.5 inches and 1440x1440 pixels.
  • Its having a multi touch upto 10 fingers of touch capability and it is protected with a corning glass.
  • Display is having the highest screen resolution so that the videos or movies can be viewed greatly. 
  • On the display only 3 lines of keyboard is emerged on it so that the display looks awesome.

Sound and memory:

  • Having a 3.5mm jack and loudspeaker availability also exists with the alert types of vibration and MP3 tones.
  • Memory capacity is upto 64GB for the card slot I.e. micro SD
  • Internal memory of 32GB and 3GB RAM.

Camera and data:

  • Having a primary camera of 13 MP which is autofocus with the LED flash.
  • Primary camera is having face detection and HDR with a video of 1080P.
  • Secondary camera is of 2MP with 720p.
  • GPRS and EDGE facilities are available with HSDPA speed and WLAN of 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac exists.
  • Bluetooth version is v4.0 with the availability of NFC. 
  • The picture clarity is very good and the picture in this does not break even when it is zoomed. 

According to the BlackBerry Matt the phone was inspired from the passport as it is the symbol of mobility and the passport display is very ideal for reading e-books, browsing the web and viewing the documents, it can show more number of words on a single line.

Cut price of BlackBerry is 599$.
To buy BlackBerry curve mobile in online visit online services BlackBerry....
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Download Fruit Ninja for pc(windows 7/8/8.1/xp/vista and mac)

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       Fruit Ninja for pc

Fruit Ninja is a video game which was developed by the Halfbrick studios from Australia. One of the top most game for the Android users is the Fruit Ninja. In this game you can see all the fruits lying on the screen with an awesome background along with sounds. Its a worthful game to play, many people play this game on their mobiles, but now its the time to play on the desktop Windows or MAC PCs.
The most common platforms used are IOS, Android, Windows phone, Bada etc.

Features of the game:

  • This game is having many features with colourful fruits flying and cut the fruits into slices.
  • In this two people can play the game continuously that is we can play with friends by challenging them with a time limit.
  • This game is having free version and paid version, first you can have the free version, enjoy with it, if you are more interested then prefer for the paid version.
  • Game is made up of colourful fruits along with a wall on the back side and the wall is coloured with the different fruits juices when ever a particular fruit is cut.
  • The sound of these fruits changes when we cut the Fruit with a sword and different types of sounds arises while playing the game.
  • So many features also exists in this such as weapons and in each level you can experience a different version of this fruit Ninja game.

How to play the game:


To play the game, open the Fruit Ninja file then you can see new Dojo, new game and quit options, from these select new game and choose the option whether to play bananna or Apple game. It is very easy to play, where you can see the fruits thrown from down to up in the screen, in which you need to cut them with a sword. With an Android phone, you can play it by slashing your finger across the fruits and on a PC you need to move the cursor/mouse over the fruits. At starting there will be less number of fruits coming and slowly the fruits number will increase to make the game more thrilling.

In between these fruits a bomb also exists and if you slice this bomb then your score will be deducted. In order to increase your score you need to leave the bomb behind the fruits.

Steps to download Fruit Ninja for PC:

Its very simple to download Fruit ninja on an mobile, for Android users you need to visit the Google play store, one market and if you need to download for PC follow the below steps, Fruit Ninja free download for mac: 
  • First download and install the bluestacks emulator app from here.
  • If you already have the apk file for the game fruit ninja then the app will be automatically installed through bluestack other wise you need to download that file.
  • For downloading the apk file, open the bluestack, go to the search option, type the name Fruit ninja there you will find the Fruit ninja app, install that application.
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the settings of your game then the game will be installed on your PC.
Enjoy the game and have fun....
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Top 5 Features of IOS-8 download and update

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Best Features of iOS-8 for free download

Recently the next generation of IOS has been released by the Apple which is IOS 8 for IPhone and IPad users. Major changes of IOS 7 has been done in order to get the user to experience a new operating system which makes IOS 8 and apple has only released a comment that IOS 8 is one of the biggest release in IOS. 


The Apple devices running on IOS 7 can be upgraded to ios 8 features and no need to buy another ios 8 device. 

Features of IOS 8:

The latest version of operating system I.e. IOS 8 has a number of features and improvements than ios 7. Ios 8 update platform can be used by both the users and developers, here are some of the hidden exiciting features of ios 8 platform.

Messaging Features:

Great changes have been done while builting the messaging app. You can share the audio, video messages with your friends irrespective of the text messages. A nice exciting feature exists in this i.e. you can set a self destruct timer for the messages, after that the message cannot be visible. 

This ios 8 has some changes in the group messaging like, you can leave conversations or set Do not disturb mode to stop the incoming notifications. With this you can even share your locations with messages.
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Keyboard enhancement and extension:

With Ios 8 you can experience a new keyboard which is entirely different from ios 7. According to the Apple ios 8 keyboard is the "smartest keyboard ever". It supports quick type and predictive type feature which gives the several words while the user types a letter.

In this we can develop or design our own keyboard apps using a third party on IPhone or IPad. This feature is same as the one existing in the android mobiles I.e. it is the Swype keyboard.


Camera of IPhone is used as a digi camera which can give the multi snapshots at a time. This apple has extended some new features to the camera app like Time lapse and three second timer which will make the user to capture different videos or pics with higher framerate. 

This camera hardware also allows the third party apps to access in depth so that the resolution can be mounted. In this camera we can even edit the photos, change the background and add graphics to the images etc.

Touch ID for apps:

Touch ID is like a password to the mobile, but this password is done using finger print. When the biometric finger print is used we can say that the security is 100% because the type password can be hacked but the finger print cannot be hacked. 

In the IPhone 5s the biometric finger print was first introduced and it was limited to only some apps and mainly used as a screen lock. But touch id in ios 8 has extended to the extent limit usage for all sorts of apps, this application can be used even for the transactions.

icloud drive:


Icloud drive is an app which is used to save the documents, files and pdf to your device. It also provides the storage service I.e. we can save many files like Google drive, dropbox etc. For more information watch this video...

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Accessing windows PC using Iphone and ipad

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    Access Windows PC using iPhone and iPad

Accessing windows PC or Computer through a Iphone or Ipad is a quite different thing to do it so, dont think of doing jailbreak to device it is not in that way, just follow the simple steps guided to you in this article on how to access the computer or pc through iphone or ipad.  There are many applications available to do this. These apps connects your PC and IPhone remotely from anywhere using internet so you must have the internet connection in both the PC and iphone
 we can even use the Microsoft's remote desktop client but that app is typical to use and it supports only windows 7/8 pro, rather than go for the other app that best suits to your system like icloud on ipad or icloud for ipad.
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Windows PC Remotely Operated Through IPhone/IPad:

To operate the system its better to use the Team Viewer app which is available for free download in the App Store, download it in mobile. To arise a connection to PC we need to install the same app i.e. Team Viewer in the computer, then make a connection between these using the Remote Connection feature. Below are the in detailed steps to guide you for installation. 

  • To install Team Viewer in mobile go to the App store, search for the Team Viewer and install it. If not you can click on the below link for free download. 
  • If you have downloaded this app in PC then use the itunes and send to your mobile and install.
  • After your installation on IOS device, you need the install the same in PC. You can download from here. Team Viewer in PC.
  • While installation is going on the system will ask you for what purpose you are installing it. Select “Installation to access computer remotely(unattended)” and below that you will be asked How do you want to use Teamviewer? in that select “Personal / Non-commercial use” and click on  “Accept – finish” button.
  • Now the installation will start and after the installation a dialogue opens, in that it will ask you to enter your name and a password, enter the password and confirm it once again for security purpose. After this click on the NEXT button.
  • A new dialogue box opens showing completing the wizard, it also shows a 9 digit ID, you have to type this ID in the Iphone so that the PC and IPhone gets in contact to each other. 
  • Click on Finish button. Now the team viewer will start running on your computer, it will show the ID and password by this you can connect your IOS device to PC. 
  • Now the remaining thing is to install the same app in mobile, while installation it will ask for the partners ID, its the device ID which you got before, type that ID and click on the Remote Control.
  • It will take some time and later on it will ask you for the password, type the password in the IPhone, if your password characters are correct then with in no time, your system screen will be appeared on the IPhone display.  
  • Now you can access the whole system in your mobile phone, further if you want to disconnect it close the tab X button on the screen which exists on the top corner.
Now you can enjoy surfing PC in phone. Also you can do the Remote desktop ipad and backup icloud. 
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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 specifications

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Features and specifications

Samsung is a multi national company which is having a number of business in that mobiles are the most popular ones. Samsung has released a display mate to prove its evaluation, and released the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which has been declared as the  "the best performing smartphone display that we have ever tested", this phone is having the best performance and its a Android mobile which is a successor of Samsung Galaxy Note 3. 


  • Its a Smart Phone  which is using Android 4.4 operating system. 
  • Note 4 dimensions are of 153.5x78.6x8.5 mm and its weight is of almost 180 grams.
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  • It is having a high resolution of 1440x2560 pixels with a high pixel density of 515. Galaxy Note 4 display is of 5.7 inches and it is having Multi  Touch Screen 
  • Display features includes the proximity sensor and light sensor, and the display is covered with a scratch-resistant glass. 
  • High camera resolution of 16 megapixels with a LED flash.
  • This cam is also having a smile detection system and face detection with ISO control.
  • Camera features includes the Brust mode, High Dynamic Range mode, macro mode, panorama, Night mode.
  • Having a front camera of 3.7 mega pixels and a cam recorder of 1920x1080 HD. 
Hard Ware:
  • Fast Processor with 8 core, 1900MHz using dual core and quad core processors. 
  • Using the system RAM memory of 3072 MB and a built-in-storage of 32 GB 
  • Storage expansion upto 64 GB 
  • Battery of 3220 mAh 
Other Features:
  • Bluetooth 4.1 EDR
  • Using mobile hotspot Wifi 802.11 and a micro USB of 2.0
  • Having sensors of Accelerometer, Finger print ID, voice commands, polyphonic ringtones, speaker phone.
  • Micro SIM, and fast speed GPRS with EDGE. Its having a built-in online youtube, google. 

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To check who is online when we are offline in Facebook

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       Check who is online when we are offline in FB

Facebook is a Social Networking Site which was founded before 10 years and is headquatered in California. You are probably familiar with most of features of facebook like uploading a picture, sharing a post, updating status, browsing profiles etc, and now we are here to provide you facebook chat tricks which includes many more options while chatting with a friend.

To check who is online being offline:

Actually its very typical to find who is online when we are offline. But there's an application to check who are online even when are in offline.
You can even get your facebook chat list on your desktop for that Download Gabtastik. This app is not connected to any one of the browser. In the the facebook chat room we can send the personal messages to any one of your friends. 
In the facebook online chat you can even send the stickers to the friends. More over instead of using the normal test default in the facebook you can also use the different styles and impress your online friends. To get this simply go to name and select any one of the  style from there and type the text in the top box and then simply copy that content and paste in your chat box.
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How to check who kept you offline in FB: 

Facebook is the best site for many people to chat, watch the videos and so on.. Many of the people keep chat offline and do their work. Facebook friends chat will be kept offline for some people if your friends have kept you offline then follow the steps and find out them. 
  • Just login into your facebook account first. www.fb com
  • check the number of users who are online now. 
  • Turn off your facebook chat by clicking on 'TURN OFF CHAT' button which is existing in the bottom right corner. 
  • The next process to do is to click on below button that will direct you to FB. 
  • This app will allow you to your account and it asks whether to allow or access your account. Then click on the access button.
  • With in 10 seconds it will show who are the friends who kept you offline.
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Best iPhone apps for free

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    Top iPhone Apps

Iphone is a fantasy phone in which most of the people are attracted towards it. There are a range of features in the IPhone its just a pocket phone with a inbuilt computer hardware in it. Iphone is having awesome standards than other mobile phones which are having a resolution of 1920x1080 (for IPhone 6) and a camera of 8 megapixel. Iphones are very famous because of their battery life as its charging lasts for more than one week and when operated on standby mode it can last for 10 days with the audio being played for 60 hours.
Apple iPhone are using IOS operating system and 1.4GHz dual core CPU, most of the IPhones are using a finger print resistant app in which it can be used for safe purpose and it is a multi touch screen which is including a virtual keyboard and it can shoot the video, take the multi snapshots and can send and receive email. Some of the cool apps for IPhone are available for free.

Quantam Galaxy:

One of the best IPhone apps is the quantum galaxy which is an ios app. Its a 3D game which will be played on the space and a shooter exists to kill the opponents in this game almost 20 missions exists with stunning graphics. 
More over its a Transformable ship which moves smoothly and can increase its level of moving speed. You can face more than 25 opponents with dynamic features in each level.To avoid the enemy bullets you can tilt your ship. 

Grid Diary:
Grid Diary is a new digital diary in a unique format which is provided for the Iphone users. It is available in grid format and it acts as a library to save the data which was written, in this we can also attach the picture to the content and more over we can lock this app for security purpose with a password. 

In this it also consists of Reminders which can remind us by giving the alarm sound and while writing also we can change the numerous font sizes and the data which was written can be exported in various formats. It can takes the back up data and even if the data is lost you can recover it.
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World History Atlas App:
World history atlas is a 3D app in the iphone, it best useful for the students who wants to know more about the history of the world. With this app you can visit any of the historic places in the world by zooming facility. 
In this app it consists of a globe, to visit the place tilt the globe and zoom in that area then you see a specific country then you can select the particular place.

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Vector game for PC, windows 7/8/XP/Vista and Mac

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      Vector game for PC free

Vector PC game is an amazing running game, which is one of the best android games. This game is available on the Google play store with free of cost. Vector runner game is fantastic game like other competing games like subway surfers, temple run. If you are bored in playing such games then you can have vector on pc or computer and enjoy with it's features even in online as vector game online.


When you have played three dimension games it needs the accessibility of collecting coins but there is no such problem in the star vector game as it is a two dimension game which has grabbed the attention of most of Android users. This vector deluxe game is unique and it is really hard to play, the game features are having amazing graphics so the users experience a different running game with this as it is games pc free.
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Users probably gets attracted to this game with no time with the sound track and the graphics which are arranged on the background while playing the game. But while playing this you may feel that it will be very easy to clear the level but it is not at all possible.

Vector Game Features:

Vector the game will experience you with some features while playing. Here are some of the features of vector. This game is a hard game and it is not so much easy to play, and more over it is an endless running game for free runners.

It is associate abstract strategy game consisting of a board and one single movable piece. Players use cards to send the sport piece in several directions to land on squares of various point values, or to travel through a goal. the thing of the sport is to get the foremost points by landing on the division squares, and bluffing one's opponents into landing on less valuable squares.

Vector for PC is an endless racing which is having different actions and stunts to perform. It also makes the user to jump, dash and makes to move in between the buildings with out any slips.

Steps to Download Vector for PC or Computer:

In order to download and play Android applications and games on a PC, you first need to install the Bluestacks application on your PC. Rather than bluestack many other android emulators are there in those bluestack is preferable as it is very simple and easy to use. You can download pc games for free in this. Follow the below steps for vector game free download.
  • Download bluestack installer from here.
  • Install blue stack in your PC, then a short ion appears on the desktop.
  • click on that button and type vector game in the search box. select that vector which is a APK file and click on it.
  • Now vector for PC is completely installed on your computer. And a dialogue box appears with the options like play, profile etc. Click on play button.

  • Have a nice time by playing it on your PC.  
For more information of the vector game for PC check the below video its from pc game downloads:

Hope you enjoyed with vector game download. For any queries feel free to comment. If you like this post, share it in social networking sites!!!!!!!!...

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