Hard Soft Reset Galaxy S6: Simple Methods

Posted by Sujitha Reddy

Galaxy S6 Soft Reset And Hard Reset

There may be time when you want to reset galaxy s6. You can soft reset galaxy s6 or hard reset. Here is a guide for how to reset samsung s6 in simple methods. We have provided a detailed guide of samsung galaxy s6 hard reset and soft reset.

Methods to Factory Reset Galaxy s6

You can hard reset or soft reset samsung devices. For both the process we have a different methods, they are explained below.

How to soft reset galaxy s6

In case if your samsung s6 is not responding to anything then you need to perform a soft reset galaxy s6. This galaxy s6 soft reset will not erase any data and it will simply restart your device.
  • First Press and Hold Power and Volume Down Button For 10 seconds.
  • Release the button and check for display.
  • Your samsung s6 will restart.

How to Hard Reset Galaxy S6

If you are having a technical issues with your galaxy s6 like device not starting or freezing continuously or malfunctions then you need to hard reset the device. But this hard reset galaxy s6 will wipe all the data in your device. For Galaxy S6 hard reset we have two methods: 
Method 1:  Using Start Up
  • Press Volume Up + Home + Power button simultaneously.
  • As the logo appears then release Power button, but continue to press Volume and Home.
  • Check as the Android System Recovery screen appears and then release all buttons.
  • Now use the Volume Down button to select the option Wipe data/Factory reset, then press the Power button to select it.
  • Use the Volume Down button to select Yes -- Delete All User Data. Click power button to select that.
  • Wait till the reset finishes and you will now get a display of Reboot system now. Press Power button to choose it. 

Method 2: Using Settings Menu
  • Go to Applications and check for Settings.
  • Check for Backup and Reset and then Click on Reset Device.
  •  You will see a option of Erase Every thing. Click on it.
  • Thats it your data will be wiped out.
Applicable Models:

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How to Fix iPhone 7 Not Charging Properly After Update

Posted by Sujitha Reddy

iPhone 7 Not Charging Properly

Plugged the iphone 7 but its not charging, is my iphone 7 damaged or broken. Why is iphone 7 not charging properly. Many of the apple users have a query of why isn't my iphone charging. Even i also faced this issue. After 5 months of its usage now my new iphone 7 not charging, i did several researches and found the solution for how to fix iphone 7 wont charge without any disturbance to the device os.

My iphone 7 won't charge issue will occur because of the os defect or else if there is any issue with the battery. In case if we hurrily go to the apple technicians, with in a minute they will solve the issue but they pays much for the apple devices, basically iphones are not built with errors or bugs so we can also fix the issues simply.
iPhone 7 Not Charging properly
Some of the most causes for this issue are listed below. You can manually check the battery problems that are arising. Some of the issues are:
  • Is my iphone 7 defective.
  • Whether iphone 7 battery is damaged.
  • Are the connectors bent or broken.
  • Is there any defect in the charging port.

Fix the issue iPhone 7 not charging Troubleshoot Guide

If your iphone 7 won't charge or turn on then there will a lot of issues that needs to be considered, but if we solve each and every issue by checking then obviously we can retrieve our device back. Follow the below steps in step by step guide so that you can solve the issue of iphone 7 will not charge.

Hard Reset iPhone 7

Most of the iphone's 7 charging problem arises because of the software issues. Like the software crashes if you update any third party application or games. So in this case you need to soft reset the iphone 7. Follow the steps here to resolve it.
  • Press and hold the power and home button for 10 seconds.
  • Release the button when the apple logo appears.
  • You can check that your device will restart.
  • Now your iphone will turn on and will charge

Clean USB Port

In some cases your charging port may be full of dust and some unwanted particles which will affect the lighting and connector connecting to the cable. In this case if the ports are not fixed then obviously there will not be any current flow in the device. Then the gunk should be removed. You need to brush it out to clear the particles then clean the usb port then your iphone 7 will get charged.  

Charge Using different adapters

If your iphone is not charging then try to plug it to a new adapter that is wall adapter or else use different cables. You can charge iphone 7 by plugging to a pc. You can even try this. If you charge through the pc or using wall adapter you will notice some changes. So use different methods to charge iphone 7.

Restore iPhone 7

After trying all the easy fixes even then if your iphone 7 not charging properly then you need to restore the device. For this you need to restore factory settings. To do this follow the below steps:

  • Connect iphone to pc.
  • Run itunes in the computer.
  • Recognize the device connected and then click on restore iphone.
  • itunes will restore your device. 
  • update to new os. This will fix the charging error.

Reinstall the operating System

If you have updated your os and even the device is not charged then there may be some update errors, so try to fix it by reinstalling the software on your device. You can even use iCareFone to repair the os. If you have updated the os using itunes there will be any errors.

Contact Authorized Technician

If none of the above methods works to fix the iphone 7 wont charge problem, then you need to contact the apple technician. If your device has warranty then they will clear the issue and hand over the device.


Hope you have solved the issues of iphone 7 with this guide. If your iphone 7 not charging then fix the bugs even if it does not respond then there is a need to apple technician. You can visit Gud Tech Tricks for more information.

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Recent advances in Delivery/Shipping Technology

Posted by Sujitha Reddy

Advances in Delivery/Shipping Technology

The world is changing rapidly. Just over a century ago, horses were still pulling buggies on city streets. In a short period of time, if we consider the entire time that humans have lived on this planet, humans have made tremendous progress in science and technology. This has changed our world. It has changed the way we do business, what we eat, and even how we think. Distances are now merely numbers, closer than ever and merchandise travels from one continent to another in a blink of an eye.

It is not surprising that so many changes have led to advances in the delivery and shipping industry. Goods and products that used to take weeks to get from one place to another are now reaching their destination in only a few days. This is amazing and promotes intercultural exchanges. This has allowed people from all over the world to discover one another and to appreciate our differences. If you noticed, instructions on most products are now published in several languages as these goods are sent all over the world. Companies recognize the need to be visible globally and take the step to be ready.

Amazingly, technology and advancements are not stopping, on the contrary, discoveries continue to occur. For instance, in a few years, it will be possible to weld cargo ship parts with magnesium nano-particles that will strengthen joints. Not only will this make containers sturdier, protected from vermin and resistant to shock, according to some studies, by 2030, there might be parts made from self-repairing materials, which would come handy in the middle of the ocean of a container is exposed to salt water.

In warehouses all over the country, robots and automatons have begun and will continue to handle boxes and parcels, reading bar codes and following their programming instructions to know where to ship one item or another. In a few years, the automation will go beyond the warehouse and even reach roads and highways where transports will autonomously travel from their point of origin to their destination, anticipating traffic and making course adjustments as needed. The advancements in logistics are simply amazing.

It is not difficult to imagine that goods and products will be embedded with damage indicators, either inside the product, inside the container or on the shipping box. The manufacturer will be able to track the package from the assembly line to the front step of their customer, where it is delivered. Imagine how documented each parcel will be. There will be more control on the way products are handled and the conditions in which they travel. This will allow companies to make decisions based on the data collected.

How will this affect you as a consumer? You will get to enjoy higher quality products that have been delivered with minutia and care. You will be able to rely on the quality of a product without worrying about damages having occurred before you became the owner. These advancements represent positive stepping stones for the shipping industry.

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iPhone 7 Won't turn on Troubleshoot Guide

Posted by Sujitha Reddy

iPhone 7 not turning on 

My iphone 7 won't turn on or turn off after when i have updated my device. I really scared why isn't my iphone turning on after just 2 months. Many of the iphone 7 users are being facing this issue. These issues are most commonly reported and we have solved this iphone 7 screen wont turn on issue after our own experience.

Even i was very much worried when my iphone 7 won't turn on, i just thought of repairing it but the apple devices charges are quite high so i just want to ensure the problem of my device also this is same as the issue of iphone 6 not turning on. So literally i found the solutions for my problems.
With our own experience we are here to solve the issues of iphone 7, basically this iphones are having power issues, and with these the new devices doesn't turn on or gets strucked so when we try to turn off iphone 7 then it does not respond for some minutes. After a lot issues which we got in forums and mails we will show the problems and its solutions for the iphone 7. All the iphone devices gets the same type of issue like iphone 6s won't turn on or screen went black. All these issues are solved here.

Fix issues of iPhone 7 won't turn on

If your iphone 7 wont turn turn with out any perfect reason then dont worry it will sure be back without any issue. But check that your device is not physically damaged. You can follow the steps below and help your iphone 7 to back.

Verify the iOS:

There are many issues when the ios has crashed and the devices gets freezed. This happens when you upgrade the os. But its nothing of time, you can simply retrieve it. Some times even if you wont update the devices also it gets crashed. Like some of the apps or games you install may change the device os, in that case it gets crashed. Follow the steps below to retrieve iphone 7 back:
  • Press Volume and power key at a time for 5 to 10 secs.
  • Press the keys till the apple logo appears.
  • Now release the keys and check any changes on the screen.
  • Your device will reboot.
  • Iphone 7 will restart.
Now your iphone 7 will be turned on and it will work same as the before. This is process the technicians do for how to fix a phone that wont turn on. Also it will soft reset the device and your iphone 7 will not effected by this process. In case if your iphone 7 wont turn on after doing soft reset then follow the next step.

Check the battery of iphone 7

In case if your iphone 7 not turning on after the soft reset then we must check the battery conditions, like that whether the battery is left or not. To check the battery issues firstly charge the device for upto 10 minutes, in case if the device turn's on then it will be fine. In case if the device wont turn on then check the sockets and battery components are damaged or working perfectly. 
  • Check the charging pin is not broken.
  • Is there any physical damage to cable.
  • Ensure the charging port of iphone 7 is clear.
  • Use a different charger and check.

Physical Damage

After this check whether the iphone 7 is not physcially damaged. In case if the device is fallen down then the mother board inside the device may shortly gets damaged in that case we need to change the circuit.
If your device is fallen in any liquids like water then don't turn it on immediately, clean the device and clear the ports and then charge the device for about 15 minutes after that turn it on.

In all these cases your problem of iphone 7 won't turn off or turn on will be solved, even if the issue is not recovered then you need to contact your nearest your apple store. You can call to the apple store and book a issue.


The troubleshoot issue of iphone 7 wont turn on is fixed with this guide, hope you will get the solutions for all the problems of iphone 7, you can share the problems with us, we will provide the solutions for all the queries. Also share this article in the social sites for more interest. Visit Gudtechtricks for more information.

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Black Screen on iPhone 6 Not Responding

Posted by Sujitha Reddy

iPhone 6 Black Screen of Death

Is your iphone 6 screen is black and is not turning on, many of the apple users are facing a issue and complaints that my iphone 6 screen is black. Usually there will some power problems with the iphones but, after some months users are getting the issue of black screen on iphone 6 and iphone 6 won't turn on or gets switched off. If your iphone 6 screen black issue has arised, then don't worry here's the guide to solve the issue.

Usually the iphone 6 black screen occurs when you update your iphone to the newer ios, or else it may happen when you update the itunes. Generally when the itunes is updating then you will get the issue of iphone 6 black screen but on. There will be some serious scenarios where the users having the trouble of booting up the iphone.
iphone 6 screen black
Main issue with the iphone 6 is itunes error or won't boot up and can't get the apple logo. This problem arises if you can't get the white apple logo or screen gets strucked suddenly. The solutions for this iphone 6 black screen of death is solved in this article. You can even fix the issue if iphone 6 touch screen not working or glitching.

Steps to fix black screen on iphone 6

If iphone 6 black screen of death fix the issue by following the steps below, you can simple solve the issue of your iphone 6.
  • Firstly upgrade to the latest version of the itunes that is available. 
  • Now reboot your computer.
  • Connect your iphone to pc using a different USB cable.  
  • Now force your iphone to restart.
  • Open the itunes and while your iphone is connected force it to restart and visit to the recovery mode.

Force Restart iphone 6 and enter Recovery Mode:

In order to force restart the issue of iphone black screen of death fix and to enter the recovery mode follow the steps below provided. These steps will also be applicable if home button not working on iphone 6 or 6s arises.
  • Press home and sleep button simultaneously until the apple logo appears.
  • Check for the Recovery mode screen to display.
  • On display the options appears as restore or update, click on update to proceed.
  • Now the itunes will reinstall without erasing the data.
  • Wait till the itunes finish downloading, now you can exit from the recovery mode. 
  • Restart the device and then restore the itunes to your iphone.

Restore iPhone to Factory Settings without iTunes

Another method of factory resetting iphone is using the reiboot, this method is easier and faster and also no itunes is required. This will restore the iphone to factory settings and your can solve your issue if my iphone 6 screen went black.  
  • First step is to run reiboot on the device. You can see the enter recovery mode and exit recovery mode. Click on enter recovery mode.
  iphone 6 black screen of death
  • Click on the setting in the top corner and choose Factory reset iphone.
  • You will see a new menu of system recovery. Click on Fix Now
  • Now you can see the repairing now box.
  • Wait for some time it will verify and decompress the issue.


Hope you have got the solution for iphone 6 black screen of death fix, you can follow all the steps provided above and fix your iphone. You can share this article of iphone 6 screen went black issue if you like it. Also visit Gudtechtricks for more updates.
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