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How to upgrade Android Lollipop to Marshmallow 6.0

Posted by Sujitha Reddy

Update to Android 6.0 marshmallow

Android 6.0 marshmallow is the fast operating system in the versions of android. So far in comparison with android lollipop versions, this marshmallow is receiving the big brand opens with its features and its options. Is your device having the 6.0 update available and are you particular to shift to marshmallow then we are here to show you how to upgrade to marshmallow os. The new devices of samsung,  HTC,  LG,  Nexus, Sony are preferring to this latest version of android 6.0 marshmallow.  But accordingly the users are reporting that problem of losing contacts,  photos,  messages and other multimedia files when upgraded from lollipop to marshmallow. So to prevent these issues its better to back up android before going to update. In this article we are going to describe the detailed steps on how to update a lollipop to marshmallow operating system. Follow the procedure completely and get the newer version of android on your device.


Backup Android Device

Rather than losing the data its better to have a backup of any files. For 100% protection of your android device or any other device irrespective of the operating system you are using or the brand mobile you are using, its better to say that the backup is the best process, this is best for the samsung, nexus, htc, windows etc. So from being lose the data you can backup android to pc. For this backup its not a time taking process if you use the recovery tool. There are many tools to recovery. Select any one of recovery tool and download it. Here we are providing the simple steps to backup data.
  • Download the tool on your device.
  • Connect android mobile to your windows PC.
  • Run the tool and scan all the data
  • After scan, save the data to computer.
  • Once the data is saved on your pc, check all the folders and its files, check the apk files because if a file is not moved then because of virus or memory then the remaining files sharing will be stopped, in most of the cases it is showed in the dialogue box, but in any case if it is not showing then its better to check again, and move the file another time.

Upgrade android lollipop to 6.0 Marshmallow

After the backup,  you can simply start your upgrade process from lollipop to marshmallow without any issue. Here we are providing effective ways to upgrade to latest operating system. First download this version of marshmallow update 6.0 and move to your device. Complete the survey and download the link to protect from being spammy.  Dont share this file.

Android marshmallow upgrading from lollipop via OTA

OTA over the air update is the highly suggested way for updating android os, as it is fast and easy to use. There are many other preferable methods to update to the newer os of android, but the best suggested way is to use the OTA method, as this method does not violate the rules of android and is not going to hack the device. So the best chosen method is this process to update to marshmallow. Here are the simple steps for how to update to marshmallow.
  • Open the "settings" on android.
  • Search for "About phone" and tap on "software update" to check the latest version of android.
  • Now the version should be atleast 5.0 or 5.1 lollipop to update.
  • Download the software update and install it, reset the device for better use.
  • That's it the marshmallow will launch on your device.

Android Marshmallow Update Via Factory Image

This is for the nexus devices and other high advanced smartphones. This process includes the android factory image. Here are the steps to install 6.0 on android mobiles.
  • Download and install the Android SDK on your PC.
  • Now Add the SDK folder to path
My Computer >> Properties >> Advanced System settings >> System properties >> Advanced >> Environment variables.
  • Now here Enable the USB debugging. Download the factory image of your device and connect to pc.
  • Boot the device to fastboot by holding Up and Down volume buttons and use power button when turning device on.
  • Open command terminal on pc and execute "flash-all.bat" to install the files and OS to your phone.
  • Once done, lock your phone's bootloader for security which can be done by rebooting into fastboot mode which is done while connected via USB and then execute "fastboot oem lock" from command.
Hope that you have got how to upgrade android lollipop to android 6.0 marshmallow, check each step by step process carefully and start the installation, complete the process if it supports, you can even abort the process if there's any wrong  in that situation, the previous version of android remains on your device, before going into process first check whether your device supports 6.0 or not, if your device is not supported to this newer operating system then your device previous os remains same. If you have any queries regarding this article feel free to comment.
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Sudy App: A Dating App with a Difference!

Posted by Sujitha Reddy
Are you a rich sugar daddy looking for a great hookup? Are you a sugar baby who what’s the right guy pampering you with everything you desire? It’s easy to get bored of the existing dating apps – even those that claim to bring together the sugar daddies and sugar babies. The Sudy App takes things a little further by providing a Tinder-like experience plus good amount of privacy. After all you don't want your acquaintances to know that you are on an exotic dating app!
So What Makes Sudy App Special?

In its simplest from, the Sudy App is a community of sugar daddies and sugar babies looking for the perfect arrangement. It’s a high-class community where typical users are high-net-worth individuals and professionals. So sugar babies can expect to be pampered well!
If you are attractive and know how to present your photographs and profile, you could start dating for free. This is where this app becomes interesting. It has a vote-in system, and you are not an all-access member until the existing members vote and approve your membership.

So once you are voted-in, you can start your private chats with beautiful people from the opposite gender.

Subscription Options:

There are many who wouldn't want to go through the process of getting voted-in. Why be visitors until your account is approved? There are 3 subscription options to choose from. You could spend a few bucks and get full access and start chatting and dating. The VIP membership plans for sugar daddies are as following:
1-month: $59.99/mo.
3 months: $39.99/mo.
6 months: $29.99/mo.

The options for sugar babies are quite favorable:
1-month: $9.99/mo.
3 months: $7.99/mo.
6 months: $4.99/mo.

The Sudy App’s developer description tells a lot about what user-base it has. Thus, it makes all the sense for such sugar daddies and sugar babes to join it.

Who’s there on Sudy App?
Most of its members include the rich and the beautiful. And this list also includes celebrities. So if you are a businessperson, CEO, entrepreneur, doctor, investor or attorney, you know where you can find the perfect arrangement for yourself. Then there are the supermodels, beauty queens, gorgeous college students, and even Hollywood celebrities.
The sugar daddies can include anyone from the young and successful to the rich and mature men who are here to pamper gorgeous and interested young women who seek their attention. In other words, everyone gets what they desire for.

Other Dating Sites:

As the dating-app marketplace gets overcrowded, dating and finding great sugar daddies and babies is no longer and easy or thrilling engagement. The Sudy App keeps things still exclusive by allowing those with great class and value to go dating on it.
If you are still struggling with finding a sugar daddy or sugar babe, the
Sudy App is for you. It works similar to Tinder, making dating much easier and exciting. You could meet the rich, beautiful and generous singles from the US, Canada, UK, EU, Australia and other nations. 

Addressing Your Privacy Concerns:

Whether as a sugar daddy or sugar babe, you don't want your peers to learn about your profile on Sudy App or any dating app. This is where this app makes and exception.
You pay them for the company of the rich and the beautiful. And the app protects your identity. As a sugar daddy, no member can view another sugar daddy’s profile. So that keeps out jealous peepers out of your member card. They can’t even know that you are there. It could be a colleague, a friend, someone from the family or anyone else.

But how do you know that a sugar daddy is actually a male and a sugar baby is a Venus in this app? It’s an assurance from the app itself. It claims that all its members are verified. Anyone who’s a member here cannot be the one having fake profile info.

The Sudy App has a ranking system. It’s called the “Sudy Ranking” and there are many advantages of a higher rank. Sugar daddies and sugar babies can rank each other on the basis of a number of factors they like about the opposite gender, such as:

Weekly Star

So you want to rank as high as possible to get more eyeballs and start dating. However, there are some special privileges for VIP members! The app can be used by both iOS and Android users. You can download it from here: Sudy App .
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How to update Android Smartphone or Tablet

Posted by Sujitha Reddy

Update Android Smartphone or Tablet

Updates for android smartphones are keep on releasing in order to update android kitkat version with new features and new apps,  games to the users.  Android upgrade is the one common thing which every one searches and tries to get the latest version of android to their mobiles. The best performance and features from your android mobile should have the latest software available for it,  not simply in terms of an app but also the operating system of android should be updated. If android latest version is available and you need to do the android version update, you must require a guide,  so here we are providing the guide on how to update your android smartphone/tablet. 

Using this you can update your smartphone from jellybean to kitkat and further from android kitkat to lollipop. Even if the higher android versions exists and in case if your mobile os supports then you may upgrade your device using this process. Now a days many of the users are even upgrading android kitkat to lollipop and lollipop to 6.0 android. If you did not like the update after the installation then don't worry you can also revert your changes from the higher version of android to your original version. So check out how to update android smartphone and tablets. 
Follow all the steps and install it properly, if the installation is not done perfectly then the older android version will remain and it shows the existing version as its os. So even if the older version is not installed properly then it might not effect in mobile, simply it will not show the newer version. The older existing version will be displayed. This article has given the complete information on how to update android mobile and tablet with out any issue.

How to update android

Actually to upgrade android,  you can force your android smartphone or tablet to search for an update from the settings menu on that device,  but before that you should now whether that newer version of android exists or supports to your device.  So we are providing the tutorial for how to update your android phone. This is applicable for the android kitkat devices and other higher an lower versions of android.  You can also download the apk file and update android manually. For the apk file click here.
Once you download the file install it on your mobile and follow the instructions carefully. This apk is to update your android mobile manually, it will not effect your mobile if do this process, in fact you can also revert the changes if you dont need. 

Update my android

First step is to check which android version is running on your device. You may be on the latest version but to check goto settings and software information to find.
Actually the latest version is android 6 which will be available for the coming mobiles but now android 5.0 i.e. Android lollipop and android kitkat 4.4, android 4.4.4 are running. The other version jellybean with 4.3, 4.2 and 4.1 can be updated to higher versions.

Step 2:
Now backup all your data such as contacts,  photos,  videos,  music etc.  As the upgrade android should not effect your personal data but there is not guarantee which can ensure about the data,  so its safe to backup.
Step 3:
Now go to the settings menu and check for "About phone" or "About tablet".  This will be in the general settings or in the phone storage for some devices.

Step 4:
Im the "About phone" now click on the "software update" or "update software".  Once you click on it,  it will also show you in detail which version of android you are running.
Step 5:
Now click on the software update check button.  If a update is available it will be asked to install or not. If select yes then system will download and install the new software and reboots. If you are not interested you can simply close and leave the option.
Hope that you have got how to update android version, this is in fact makes you to update my android in the 4.4.4 android kitkat version or higher version. You need to update your android smartphone and tablet in order to get new apps and games on your phone, as the android versions should need to be updated for better performance and speed. Install the new update of android and enjoy. Once an update has been installed you can even revert it to your previous versions of android. More over some apps and games are supported only to the newer versions. So just check this procedure on how to update android tablet and mobile for free.

Forcing an Update Check

You can use your device to check the updates it rather does not install the update but forcing the device to check for the updates using dialer.
To do that dial *#*#2432546#*#*
Your device will show the update as soon as you dial last *. Now check for "checkin succeeded" message and this will appear in the notification. This indicates that connection is successful. Download the update if this is available.

This update even works for the android marshmallow that is even if you have a supportable device of android then you can update your device from android lollipop to marshmallow and for some devices this update is available for the android kitkat devices also. So you can freely update your device to the newer version of android, share this post if you like it. 
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Android 4.4.4 KitKat updates free download 2016

Posted by Sujitha Reddy 206 Comments

Android 4.4.4 KitKat updates

Android 4.4.4 or kitkat 4.4.4 is a mobile operating system for android update os smartphones which is based on the Linux. Android kitkat is actually designed for the touch screen Smartphones, tablets, IPads etc, this os of android is now trending a lot. Android has also introduced Android T.V, Android smart watches or wrist watches. It is very popular with the technology implemented by it with low cost, ready made hitech improvements. Android os introduced the games with many features in it and this had begun with the versions as Android 1.0 as Alpha to Android 4.3 as Jellybean and now the new Android version 4.4.4 kitkat is updated.
As the versions of android keep on upgrading, we need to update them as per their concern, so for the latest version of 4.4.4 here we are providing the updates for its installation. 


Here in this article we will completely describe about the process of how to update your mobile from android any version like android 4.1.2 or android 4.1.1 to android 4.4.4 updates. Its a upgrade version of android kitkat. Once you update your device it will makes changes as it appears like android 4.4.4 versions. All these are safe to use and upgrade your mobile to 4.4.4, now you can download many new apps and games which are not supported to 4.4.1 and 4.4.2 jellybean. You can upgrade to android newer version. This android version is supported to all the new games and apps. Once an update has been downloaded it has some simple steps which are needed to be done for perfect installation. Check some steps are to be necessarily done to upgrade to 4.4.4 version.

There will not be any problem to your smartphone even you can change to the previous version also, after updating you can also revert the changes to your previous operating system by selecting the revert option. Like if you have update your android 4.4.2 version to android 4.4.4 version and you are in case not interested then you can again regain to your previous android kitkat 4.4.2 version. Many of the users have tried it got succeeded, you will also get the update once you perform it correctly. But you need to follow each step carefully and do the installation update. Once a update has received it will simply increase the speed of your device also, so perform the installation correctly and update your mobile to 4.4.4 version.

Android Kitkat Version Features

There's a lot of change with the other versions of Android, like of the previous versions, for each and every version of android, its going to introduce many new features in it and the new update of kitkat 4.4.4 is too good, this android update has many new features, each feature of this android os makes us to feel good and more interesting. Each feature is designed to give a new update in android. So this android 4.4.4 is introduced with the best features in it. some of the features of it are listed below, you can have a glance on it and enjoy:
  • Many of the google applications are not supported to all the android versions, so this android  update increases the chance of usage of all the  apps. Upgraded to Android 4.4.4 has Updated to new versions of Google apps. Many of the new apps can be installed on it with out any issue, this kitkat 4.4.4 will support all the running apps and does good without any issues. 
  • Added Clear Image and gives new (colder) calibration for the screen, so that the appearance changes and the display look of the mobile appears good as the clarity of the phone will be best. What ever may be the phone its clarity is must, so the display is very important. In this 4.4.4 display will be good as its resolution is high.
  • Sensor prevents the activation of off-screen gestures while device is in your pocket, other wise if the screen is pressed or touched there may be a chance of outgoing call without permission. But the touch of sensor works good, and is a simple good touch, which makes the mobile nice and have a great look.  
  • Capacitive touch keys are supported in the recovery mode which are useful to update a new version. As when updating the new version the keypad does not work do the touch keys helps a lot in android update download. 
  • Increased capacitive button illumination with Improved overall stability for this android version 4.4.4. This version has the better stability to over come all those. 
  • Fixed lock screen exists so that there's no updating of the track information during music playback. This is the best to do with the android 4.4.4, as does not keep on updating any thing. 
Also See: Best Method to Root Android phone without pc/computer

  • Fixed microphone volume is there for all formats in the Voice Recorder application, which makes you easy to listen and hear all the things in this android version. In this versions of android, this kitkat 4.4.2 and 4.4.3 have this best microphone volume.
  • Fixed "OK, Google" not triggering voice search in Google Now latest updated. Its the best feature to know about a particular thing on google. 
  • Battery percent is not updating in custom lock screens so that battery discharging can be saved. So the mobile charging remains long. This is the major plus in the android kitkat versions.
  • Fixed Camera "O" gesture activating lock screen instead of triggering camera. Thats helps in improving the picture clarity. So the picture quality will be too good. Based on the camera clarity the picture or image quality is too high to be designed. This android kit kat os is designed with the best camera 'O' gesture.  

Steps to install or update Android kitkat 4.4.4:

Here is the step by step process to install or update the android operating system from android any version to android 4.4.4 versions. You can change your mobile operating system and upgrade it to the newer version of android. For that update here is the step by step process to install the android os 4.4.4 guide.
----->First you need to Download the Android kitkat v4.4.4 int0  your PC. For free download the zip file click here on the below button.

----->As the file size is long it may take several minutes to download. Check your internet connection once before you download. 
----->Connect your mobile to the PC. Please check whether you have installed the usb software to PC or not. If not install it and then proceed.
----->Place Android v4.4.4 kitkat zip file into the phone memory or SD card memory. Better to copy and paste the file into the card slot memory.
----->After copying turn off the device and disconnect the mobile from PC or computer. Wait until all the files get transferred don not  disconnect suddenly in mean while process. Now you need to do the process on your smartphone.
----->Select the RECOVERY MODE in your mobile by pressing 'volume up', 'home' and 'power' buttons. 
----->After choosing the RECOVERY MODE, clear the phone memory by selecting Data/Factory reset. As you can see in the below image.
----->Clear the memory by using volume and power buttons in recovery mode to navigate. Simply press your side volume buttons, it will navigate automatically and you can observe it on your screen.

----->Then go to the screen select SD card and install the Zip file. After the installation process is completed, just restart your mobile, to complete the process. The software update will start and it upgrades well.

It takes some some to complete the update then comes your phone with android kitkat 4.4.4 or android 4.4.4. If in any case you did not like the 4.4.4 update you can even revert your changes to your previous version of android like android  4.4.2 etc. With this version you can also downgrade from android lollipop to android kitkat for that just download the file move on to your pc and then follow the same procedure. As the lollipop update of android is not too good and is not supported by many of the games. More disadvantages are arising with the android lollipop 5.0, so if you want to use this android 4.4.4 version you can downgrade from here. This is applicable for all android smartphones of kitkat 4.4 or android 4.4.
Hope that you have got this perfect android os upgrade zip file on how to update android. This file is of large MB so it takes some time to complete the download. Many of the users have already updated their smartphones using this apk kitkat file and its 100% working. So you can also try this upgrading your android kitkat mobile. If you like this post share it in social networking sites like facebook, youtube, orkut, twitter, reddit etc. Feel Free to comment on this post if you have any queries, this is the latest android 4.4.4 os update for android mobiles!!!!!.....

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How to download and install Android 4.4 kitkat on any android mobile

Posted by Sujitha Reddy 101 Comments

Android 4.4 kitkat

Android 4.4 is an operating system of "android kitkat", which is commonly used by 10 million smartphones and tablets, and it can also be an update android version 4.4 kitkat or any other. This kitkat android version is different and has many new features in it. There are many versions of the android which are named differently as Froyo, Cupcake, Honeycomb, Jellybean 4.2 and kitkat 4.4.4, kitkat 4.4.3 etc. In many Android mobile phones there exists a new version of Android games which can be downloaded from android market download. The newest android version is kitkat 4.4 which is very attractive with its new brand features in it. These android system update upgrades with each time as many brand new operating systems of android launches every time introducing new features in it. So every time we can't change for mobile rather than upgrading it. So we can free update android kitkat version. See some of the important features of kitkat android which has made this os more popular.

Kikat android is the newly running best os now a days. In that 4.4 kitkat is on top. See some of the  features of kitkat 4.4 android, with these features it has become very popular operating system. Some features like ok google, messaging, memory management are too good and are working perfectly without any issues. You can convert your android device to 4.4 kitkat with this article without any issuses. This android 4.4 download is available for free you simply need to complete the survey, thats it and download the apk file for free. Once you download the file apk you can move it to your device and start the process. Other wise you can directly download 4.4 on your mobile. Follow each step perfectly so that there will be 4.4 android on your device with out any issues.

From this you can update your jelly bean to kitkat android, if you think you are not interested to continue with android 4.4, you can change again to our oldest android version, there will not be any effect to your android device if you install properly, it will not effect anything like memory, speed etc. But rather than using the older version of android its better to use the newer android versions, because many of the apps and games in android are not supportable to older android versions. Here are some of the features of 4.4 android check out.  

Features of  Kitkat 4.4 Android:

  • Ok Google: Its the most attractive feature, in this you are having voice search, send a text, play a song, search internet easily. It will show all the results based on your voice search. Once you open this feature you need talk or say about the required search then it shows based on your voice frequency.
  • Multi tasking: Responds faster, touch is more accurate so that multiple things can also be done at a time like browsing the web, listening to music, downloading app etc. When you are doing one task you can also use multiple screens. Like if you are on the messaging app, then you can simply run another video song or music without closing the message app. Parallely you can implement multiple things on it. This is the best feature of android kitkat. This feature has made the 4.4 kitkat very popular. Among all the other version of android this has made it more popular. 
  • Messaging: All the messages can be obtained in a single stream and no message will be lost. If you use hangouts, you can share anything. This messaging feature is really awesome, all the messages of a particular person are listed out in a sequence. Android kitkat messaging feature is good. So in this the message of a particular person appears at one sequence, there's is no collision of messages and its easy to identify the user's messages easily, its the best feature of 4.4 kitkat.
  • Every where: A picture or a document can be printed anywhere from your phone or tablet using cloud print. You can download it for free from the android apps download. You can also choose many other kitkat apps.  But with this "every where" a simple click will make your work easy either for mobile or tablet. This kitkat feature has got out to be the most furious one.
  • Hangouts app Upgraded: Hangouts app on android was used to send sms, mms, and calling. Now this app has been upgraded with the new video calling and support of hd apps. This hangout app is really useful in video calling, as the best quality has been upgraded on it.
  • Memory management: KitKat has been designed to run on the android devices of 512MB of RAM. This Android operating system of kitkat 4.4 has the better memory management than the other operating systems of android. Apps and memory is perfectly designed to occupy only a small phase, so the better memory management is done in this android versions.
  • Streamlined File Management: This is a new storage access frame work, grabbing files can be done from one location. Rather than opening a single app each time for images, videos and files, you directly collect at a time in the browser-like menu, which helps you to access all at a time.
  • Advanced Photo Editor: This advanced photo editor makes the gallery to add some more tools like filters and adjustments for accurate effects of a picture or an image. This editor makes the image a perfect without destroying its quality, so every time you can simply have the effects and make your pic the best of it.
  • Process stats: Android versions include an option for checking the apps data storage and memory consumption. This option helps the users a lot to find the most memory consuming app on RAM. To enable this  Option, go to Settings >About Phone > and find Build Number.
  • Immersive Mode: Watching movies while contending with navigation bar and other panels can sometimes be distracting. Google resolves this issue with Immersive Mode, allowing for full-screen viewing. Many Apps that support Immersive Mode take over the whole screen and look in a great way.
  • Other features: This android 4.4 version includes HDR photography, Bluetooth MAP support, Downloads app redesign, email app refresh, Infrared blasting, secure app sandboxes, touch screen improvements. There are other features which are annoying and are excellent in this android kitkat version. All these new features has made this kitkat android very popular among all the versions of android. 
Android versions are more popular because each version can be upgraded using "Android update" which is possible by the XDA developers as they have extracted the kitkat launcher from Nexus google with Android and converted it to a APK file. This APK file installation is a very easy process and for the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 mobiles have an official Android kitkat 4.4 update for the mobile. For other devices update Android phone 4.4 using step by step process given below.

Step by step process to download android update:

----->The first step you have to do is download the Android kitkat 4.4 launcher here. Click on the below download button and the download starts.
----->This is the apk of 4.4 kitkat. To download it you need to complete the survey.
----->Check your device is with Android operating system Jellybean 4.1 or not. Check once just to conform, in order to proceed for further update.
----->From your phone updates, extract the download file using winrar from which you have downloaded. You can download on your pc and send it to mobile or else you may directly download on your mobile. 
----->After extraction, you can see 3 apk files Google Home.apk, velvet.apk, prebuiltGms core.apk. Move all these files to your phone memory by selecting move option. You can use either shareit or else you can move it using the USB.
----->Install these Apk files on your device. First install 
      prebuiltGms core.apk
      Google Home.apk

----->After installation of these 3 files press and hold the "Home" button then you will get Android 4.4 version as like below. This is the update of android. With this update all the new features will be applicable on your device.


Many Android applications can be downloaded it means upgrade Android mobile with the newest versions of android using "Android Software Download" and download apps for android in the market for free, this is the licensed version of 4.4 android kitkat. Even the cheap android phones can also be upgraded to this newer version of android. Simply download and follow the process. Dont miss a step it may lead to the previous os on your device, it means if the installation is not done properly then your device will accept the previous android version.
If you like this post of android 4.4 apk share it in social  networking sites like facebook, twitter, reddit, orkut and many more. You can easily share and easily download this newer operating system of android. This android apk os download is working perfectly as it has also been tested. Feel free to comment!!!!!!!!
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