Freedom Apk v1.7.2 Download

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Freedom Apk Download

Freedom Apk v1.7.2 is an android app which can be panacea for all your games related problems. This is an android app which enables the premium features of games installed in your device. Freedom app actually convinces Play Store that it has already paid money from a fake credit card. But the irony is that the credit card don’t contain any funds. After convincing the app store the premium features gets enabled in your games. The app is not officially announced on play store but you can download the apk filed from our site which will directly install the app on your phone. But there is a condition for the app to work. One and only one condition is that your device should be rooted.  

Now you got to know that what exactly are features of Freedom Apk v1.7.2. The features are really spanking and stupendous. Let us look at features of the app.
  • With the help of Freedom App you can download the premium features. The best thing about this app is that the payment is not from your own credit or debit card. The credit card id dummy which don’t have any funds.
  • The upgrades of the app which generally ask you for money. The problem is solved with the help of Freedom app when you pay money with the help of dummy credit card.
  • You will be able to buy extra coins. Usually when you need to pay coins you need to pay bucks but that is not the case with the ones who have Freedom Apk in their phones.
  • With the help of Freedom Apk you will be able to buy games for which money needs to be paid. This Freedom App pays by bypassing the credit check done by Google Play Store. 
  • You must be thinking that Freedom Apk must cost you something. But the irony is that it is absolutely free. This thing is unbelievable but it is absolutely true.

How to install Freedom Apk v1.7.2

You must be excited to install this app on your system. I know the features of the app have roused you a lot. Now one and only question which is running in your brain is that how to install Freedom Apk in your mobile. You don’t need to burn your grey matter in order to know how to install this wonderful app on your phone. So, let us know the steps in order to install the apk on your device.
  • The first step to install this apk in your device is to root your device. For rooting one needs to perform severall procedures which you will find on Internet. Just look at those procedures and root your device. When you have successfully rooted your device then you are ready to install Freedom apn in your device.
  • You must know that the Freedom apk is compatible with Android Marshmallow and Lollipop. Now there are two ways of downloading the apk file. One is either you download the apk file directly on your device or on your system. The latter way needs transferring your apk filed from the system to your device. 
  • The apk file is now downloaded and now the next step is to install the apk on your device. But before doing that you need to do one step i.e. you need to go to settings. In settings you have to select “Installation from unknown sources”.
  • Last step is to open the file . There might be a pop up where it will ask you for some access options. You have to select Ok for them.
  • After everything is done Freedom App is successfully installed on your device.

How to get Freedom Apk

After you have downloaded Freedom Apk on your phone. You need to verify whether it is properly working or not. For that first open the app you can select the installed games on your device. Now let us see whether the app is working well for buying premium features of the games available on Google Play Store. Very important step is that while buying anything on Google Play Store you will be able to see dummy card from which payment will be done. Assure that you have not added any other card on Google Play Store. If you have added any such card remember to delete the card.

So , now you have downloaded Freedom Apk on your device you have got splendid features available on Google Play store without paying any money. What can be better than that? So just install the app on your phone and play the games with premium features. This is just cherry over cake and please test the waters before leveraging the app. All the Best!!
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Best Software for Animation Video Creation

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Make Web Video review: Good Software for Animation Video Creation

When I came upon difficulty in marketing my small business, one of my friends suggested me to make a video, short and simple to explain my products and said that it will make life easier as I wouldn't have to talk or keep explaining many times. But I did not have any knowledge on making a video. So I used the easiest way. I looked for some ideas and video creating services on the internet. The fact that a common man views about 150 videos a month but reads only two or three site explanations about them and their services surprised me. 
I did not want to make a video with someone who will only see my business from third person point of view. I wanted to do give it my personal I searched for software with which I could do that. Make web video software is one such randomly chosen site. But the moment I took a peek at their site, I loved the idea of creating my own video.

Their promises:

  • The make web video site offered many things that I couldn't find easily anywhere else on the internet.
  • Their videos are full HD made with adobe after effects templates, and music is Adobe based too.
  • Their costs start from $29 for HD videos, but when I compared them to other sites it is actually very less.
  • It's like a DIY kit for kids, everything you need is available and all you have to do is to just add your personal innovative touch.
  • Maximum time they take to create is like an hour per video, so u create one, they get it ready on the same day and you can download it.
  • The video can be embedded on any computer and OS.
  • We can download the files we created without watermark.
  • They give 100% guarantee, and if we are not satisfied, we get our money back.
  • Their templates include from whiteboard videos, logo animation, mobile app marketing etc.
  • You have options to include pictures and music of your choice by just uploading them while creating the video
There are many more exciting things like the free registration, error-free automation and so on.

Easy to create steps for a video:

  • Choose a template from the large collection offered. Change colors, pictures, and characters inside it as per your wish
  • Add any pics and text information where ever needed
  • Include music from their collections or upload the one you like
  • Preview without any payment
  • If you like what you have created, download it and share. It takes few minutes to one hour according to the size and things included in the video
  • As they promised it was very easy and fun to create our own videos.
It was also within what I could spend and I liked it when all my thoughts about my business could be put on screen. Step by step guidance and no cost test video helped a lot to get an overall idea before I could go for the perfect choice. Short videos are very helpful to make a quick explanation about the products and I could create a cute animated video swiftly. I got my video delivered in about thirty minutes. Whatever I paid for was really worthy. So If you have an idea to create a video for your business, event or any kind of ad videos you can try this easy DIY make web video and pay them only if you like the product. A video is not going to make us a billionaire in a day but it is a really good addition to our marketing and it's certainly an eye catcher to gain more attention from the public.
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Download Freedom Apk {Freedom App} - GudTechTricks

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Freedom Apk Download

Freedom Apk is an app for the smartphones of android and ios devices which gives the free in app purchases for the paid apps, some of the apps like temple run and candy crush are paid and to get them for free this freedom download is the best choice. You can download freedom app and get all the paid apps for free on your device. This is the latest version to download freedom apk which does not requires any rooting also. Bascially the older version of apk freedom asks for the root but the newer version of freedom does not asks for freedom root.  
Freedom download apk is for the android, windows, ios devices. Basically it is more suitable for the android lovers as they can install any app for free. But this freedom app does not charge any penny as it is available for free. There is no any official site to get the freedom android and for ios devices. Here we are providing the guide of latest version of freedom apk free download for android and ios devices.

Features of Freedom Apk:

Freedom app comes with many of the features with all the bugs fixed in it. This app is improved alot more now a days, there are many other apps to get the free paid apps but among all of them this freedom app gives the perfect way to get all in app purchases for free. Check the best features of apk freedom that has made it more popular.
  • You can get unlimited coins and gems for free like for temple run.
  • Unlock any levels in a game. So that you can skip the hard levels
  • Get all the full versions of apps for free.
  • Working with all the apps.
  • Suitable for in app purchases.
  • Fixed for the marshmallow devices. 
  • Designed with good speed.
  • Has a great stability to work with all other apps.

Requirements to Use Freedom App:
Freedom apk android requires minimum android 4.2 version and higher. Applicable for android 4.4, android 5.0, android 6 and android 7 operating systems.
Freedom pc requires windows operating system 7, but is well suited fro windows 8 and 8.1 higher versions.

Download Freedom Apk

Freedom apk android: Freedom apk download for android, windows, pc is given here, to get the apk of freedom app click here. When you download the apk file you need to install it and follow some steps to fix without errors. Check below for complete description.


You will get the free download of freedom apk from here and once you download the file install it on your devices. You can check this article completely to get the steps for installation.

Freedom Android {Freedom Apk Android}:

Freedom for android gives you many of the paid apps for free, your freedom apk for android is given below, check the step by step process to install freedom apk for android devices.

  • First step is to download the freedom apk app from here. Get the freedom apk download. 
  • Now go to settings and enable the unknown source option for that Settings>>Security>>Unknown source.

  • After downloading, now open the folder and double click on the apk file. You will get the image like this.
  • It will ask for root permission in privacy, click on Allow Button. 
  • Now all the applications installed will be shown on the page. You can check any apps in the main page.
  • Check all the apps and select the app which you want to buy.  Now go to app level and click buy. 
  • Finally freedom Apk will be on your device. You can get any apps for free from here.

Freedom PC

Freedom for pc can be installed on it using the app called as bluestacks. Bluestacks is an android emulator app called as bluestacks. So to get the freedom on pc you need to download bluestacks. 
  • First step is to download the bluestacks on PC.
  • Now install the app on pc.
  • Check for the search box in pc and type freedom in it.
  • Now you will get the freedom app there, click on the download button to get the freedom apk file.
  • Now install the apk file in pc.
  • Finally freedom app will be on your device.

Freedom Error Fix:

If any errors like play store showing no connection after installing and you want to fix it, then follow the steps to fix any errors in the freedom app installation.
  • First open the app, click on the menu button and select stop option.
  • Clear the data of play store and close the app.
  • Open it and your problem will be solved.
Even if your error issue is not solved then follow the steps.
  • Open File Explorer, where you can edit files.
  • Now go to /system/etc folder.
  • Here you will see all the host files.
  • Now edit that file, delete every thing and paste local host.
  • Save the file and clear the data. 
  • Reboot your device.
Hope you got the freedom apk on your device. You can now install any app from it for free. This can be done without the freedom apk root. It is applicable for freedom apk lollipop and nougat, if you have any other issues while downloading freedom apk app, then you can contact us using comment box below.  
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Download Android SDK Free - GudTechTricks

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Android SDK Manager:

Android SDK is the operating system by the google the smartphones and tablets. You can create an application using the android sdk. Its been quite for some time when google was developing other applications in the search engines of android 4.4 kitkat. Its good for the mobile phones that an update capable of listing all the netbook, mobile phones are having a good revolution. This is with the fact that each day more users download Android SDK free for mobile. Android sdk manager gives the complete tools that are supported to launch a app. All these tools available in this are for free download.


This operating system is used by the millions of users and all of them needed is the android sdk apk. Simply to say that this is a light weight operating system that gives a huge number of applications to the users. This is mostly used by the application developers when their work is mainly focused on the google platform to create all kinds of programs and applications that are useful for them. You can download android SDK and get all the APIs to create your products.

Features Of Android SDK Manager:

Check the best features of android sdk manager and have a glance on them before getting the android sdk free download.
  • You can test applications in the Dalvik Virtual Machine.
  • Ready to work for the 3G and GSM smartphones.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth, Wifi and GPS.
  • Database is SQLite.
  • Applicable with Youtube and Gmail.
  • Create applications for android for free.
These are the features so once you download android sdk, you can develop all the apps for android os, as it includes all the tools necessary for developing an app.

New Android SDK:
  • With an offscreen it solves a problem using emulator.
  • Enables the read Adjustments.
  • Solves the problems in 32-bit windows os.
  • Updates dependencies regularly.
Requirements For Android SDK Download
Download contains SDK tools.
Java must be installed.
If not installing change names to java.exe.
Operating Systems Windows.

Steps To Install Android SDK:

Follow the step by step process to install android sdk manager on your device. 
  • First Install Java development kit of Java 7 on your pc, in this java 8 does not allow you for perfect installation.
  • Now download the android sdk from here.
  • Launch the android DMG file now.
  • Drag and drop the android studio in the applications folder and then launch this apk.
  • Now select the android studio settings, select whether you want to import settings. Now click on OK.
  • Follow all the instructions completely and complete the set up process.
  • Now sdk download will be on your pc. You can use these tools to launch an app in android.
Hope you have got how to download android sdk and with this android sdk manager you can get all the tools required to launch an app in android store an android kit kat. Once you download android sdk check the file and proceed with its installation steps. Get the android sdk manager on your pc and start the process. 
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Top Alternative App Stores For Android

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Top Alternative App Stores

There is another world beyond the play store for downloading the application for android updater. The third -party app stores seem to be more comfortable than google play store. Because many applications do not match your android required criteria and consume a large space in your device's storage and take the time to download those heavy mbs and KBs. Yes, google play store is recommended to every android for downloading various applications for free. but some are not free even on google play store. But they may be available on 3rd party app store for android 4.4 for free. Most of them are trustable and do not provide any harm to your device. Many app stores feature a free app of the day, a discounted premium app, or some other money-saving offer, making discovering new and useful apps simple.


Alternatives For Google Play:

So let us take a look at top alternatives of google play for android.


9Apps | Download Best Android Apps for Free! is one stop destination for downloading android applications from a global market of world's best android applications. this one-stop global market allows the android phone users to browse through different categories which a user can download. One of the best things about the 9apps is it is easy and simple to use, it's interface is so user-friendly that someone new to the android can easily access the application. it even lets you download a large number of such apps that are paid on google play store absolutely free.It also enable us to download the .apk version of the file so we don’t have to download the app again and again if it is needed also recommends its users to. get some new applications which are tagged as ' hot' trending applications which will be suitable for you. the application is so lite and small that, it does not consume a large room in your phone's memory and RAM. as mentioned above, with this global market of applications and best 'hot' trending things you don't have to worry about fulfilling the android required criteria, it also works on old android versions. Best thing about this application is that it daily updated it's hot and trending application list.
You can get 9apps from

2. Amazon app store


Amazon app store is one of the best alternatives to google play offers a much smaller group of application and games than the google play but you are getting the amazon guaranteed of threat free downloading of an application. the best thing about amazon play store is that you can test drive the app before you buy it. ye you can try the app. how does it work? does it suit your requirements? you liking the interface and any more criteria filling things and much more stuff. amazon app also notifies you about the top application and app of the day and also offer of the day .
You can get this amazing experience from

3. GetJar

GetJar is another most amazing alternative for the google play store. as it comes with categories and sub-categories for an amazing and user-friendly interface. Before downloading an application from the GetJar you can read the reviews and compliments, likes and dislikes, on each and every application so that you can easily check that it completely satisfy your criteria or not. on the downside, you will be able to see recommendations of various applications according to your preferences.
You can satisfy your categories from

4.Slide Me


Slide me can be considered as user-friendly app store which is also global-friendly too. It offers free and premium apps in various categories which passes through a quality control process. with sliding me you can filter your choices and preferences. slide me supports safe payment options which also includes PayPal. and with correct descriptions, you can read about the app before buying it.

You can slide down the slideme from
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