What is Software Escrow and its Overview

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What is Software Escrow and its Procedure

A business without technology is something that cannot be expected in the current breed of time. As a business – whether a corporate or a startup – you need the software and purchase of the software programs is covered by several important procedures to ensure a continued use of software. Software Escrow Services ensure that your interests are protected and you would get an assured service of the software for a prolonged period of time.

What is Software Escrow?

When an establishment enters into a deal for the purchase of a software license, you would want to ensure that you would get the continued access to the service. You would also expect the service to provide you timely updates and maintenance.
A software developer too would not want to part with the source code of the application. It forms a part of their prized possessions and also included in their intellectual property rights. This is exactly what brings up Software Escrow to the fore. The service takes care of the interests of the all the stakeholders involved in the deal.

Software Escrow involves depositing the source code of the software along with the data, documentations and other related files with a third party Software Escrow agent. The agent will be in the possession of the data until a situation described in the agreement arises.

Types of Software Escrow Agreements and Who should use them?

The Software Escrow Deal is governed by a Software Escrow Agreements. There are several types of Escrow agreements that depend upon the type of deal between the corresponding parties.

The major Software Escrow Agreements can be summed up as below
Single User Agreement

A single user agreement is also referred to as SB – Single Beneficiary Agreement. It would essentially be undertaken between the three parties viz the business, the software vendor and the Escrow agent. The owner of the software deposits the source code and other material to escrow agent and the firm stores it. It will be delivered to the licensee when a mutually agreed situation occurs.

This can be useful when there is a single licensee and a single software vendor.

Multiple Users – Separate Products Agreement

This type of agreement comes into force when there are multiple software products involved and it has multiple licensees for the software. This type of escrow agreement would be suitable when there is only one software vendor is involved, but licenses different software projects.

The deal has more than one beneficiary. However, not all of the beneficiaries have licensed all the software products. Needless to say, the software material consists of different software projects/products.

Multiple Users – Separate Escrows Agreement

This is yet another special case of Software Escrow agreement. The agreement would be useful when you have multiple beneficiaries with software products customized for each of them. Only a single software vendor is involved herein, but it will have more than one licensee – each of them with their own set of customized software.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, agreements play an important role in any software escrow and that is precisely what makes understanding them in a better way. However, while choosing the Software Escrow Agent for your requirements, it would be wiser enough to take care of some points. Conduct your own research into the credentials of the escrow agents you have shortlisted.

A software escrow agreement is bound to take your business to greater heights.
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How to download and Install Android 7.0 Nougat

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Android 7.0 download Latest Version

Android 7.0 download: Android 7.0 is the latest version of android that is called as nougat, this is the newer version till now. You can download android 7.0 and update on your smartphones, this android os download requires some new updates so that we can use android 7.0 nougat on our devices. Many of the new games and apps are applicable for the newer android versions, so in order to access to those games you need to download android nougat. 

Now you have a query of how to get android nougat. Dont worry you can directly get android nougat download on your software updates or else you can manually update to android 7.0, this nougat download will not effect your device, it simple updates the software that will be eligible to access new apps thats it. Here we are going to describe the complete process of how to download and install android 7.0 nougat on your mobile.
android 7.0 download
Any of the supported devices can get the android updates, if not you can manually update the android device with the following guide.

Download and Install Android 7.0 nougat

Here are some of the few steps to download android n and how to install it on your device. With this you can get the android update downloads with out any issues. Follow the steps below and get android 7 nougat on any device.
  • First step is to take the backup of your android device. 
  • For this go to Settings >> Backup and Restore >> Enable Back up
android 7.0 download
  • Make sure that both Backup my data and Automatic restore are checked.
  • Now check for the updates, for this follow the steps.
  • Go to Settings >> About Phone >> Software Update.
android nougat download
  • Now select the software update option, here you can see the android 7 update.
  • Click on the Android 7 download, thats it your android 7 will be downloaded on your device and you will see like this.
android n download

  • Once your software is updated click on ok.
Your android n download will be completed and will be installed on your devices.

Android 7 Download and Install Manually

In case if your device wont show the update of android you can manually download and install android nougat on your device. Follow the steps and get the android 7.0 update.

  • First step is to download Gapp For your device. You can download Gapps zip file from here. 
  • Now you need to download android 7.0 update, for that click here.
android 7.0 nougat
  • Now boot your android phone in recovery mode. For this press volume and power button continuously for 10 sec.
android 7.0 update
  • Go to home screen, TWRP recovery and tap on wipe option.
  • Click on Advanced Wipe and select system, boot, data, cache, Dalvik cache.
download android 7.0
  • Ensure that you have not selected the internal storage option.
  • Click on install option and navigate to ROM file in your internal storage. Start the Flashing process for that swipe right.
  • Once installed, select Gapps from the location and flash it same on your device.
  • Now the update is installed on your device. you can wipe Dalvik cache or just select reboot option.
how to get android nougat
Now your android update download has been completed and is successfully installed on your device.


Finally you have got android 7.0 nougat download manually and automatically using software update. With this you can get the android nougat update for any device and also you can use the latest version of android on your older devices. If you have any queries regarding this android 7.0 download you can contact us we will respond soon. 
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How to use Avatars & Fancy Texts in eLearning

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Using Avatars & Fancy Texts in eLearning

eLearning has become a common way of learning in modern days. The busy schedule and tiring days had left us with no option rather than going for the digital form of learning. Instead of going to regular classes at some institute or coaching center, people often prefer to join a digital session at comfort of home. eLearning has become the need of modern day. To make eLearning more interesting, the course makers often make use of the avatars and fancy letters to attract the eyes of the audience.

Tips to Use Fancy Letters and Avatars in eLearning

If you are an owner of an eLearning website and wish to create interesting presentations, videos, notes, or study material for your students, creating avatars and using the fancy texts can really come handy. It will add an extra crisp to learning. The students will be able to visualize more and grasp the concepts easily. There are a number of websites from where you can create your own avatar either for free or paying few pennies.

Creating the eLearning content with use of avatars and fancy texts helps the learners to enhance their learning ability and one-dimensional courses are a bit modified. It makes learning interactive and easy. Follow these tips to use avatars and fancy letters in eLearning effectively.

Research Beforehand to Design a Great Avatar and Use Fancy Text for your Audience

It is always a wise choice to research about the type of your audience. This will give you a brief idea about the taste of your audience and what things they might like. Also check out some handmade avatars for the type of course you are offering to the audience. Take the surveys and find out some interviews from the great avatar artists.

You should remember that an avatar can be used as a virtual instructor. Focus on something that will interest the audience rather than going for a 1-D old-fashioned character which even not appeal to your audience. The use of text must not be overlooked. You should be bang on the use of text in your eLearning module.

Use Avatars and Text to Guide Audience throughout the Module

The avatars can be used for guiding your audience with the fancy text through the eLearning course. This will help them out in acquiring all the necessary information with attentiveness. An avatar can be placed on the beginning of just every chapter with the fancy text depicting the name of the chapter and guiding the reader through some instances in the chapter.

Highlight Important Aspects of eLearning Course with Fancy Letters & Words

The eLearning course might have a variety of chapters and concepts to be unveiled. You can try using fancy numbers instead of bullets. The chapter names must be indicated with fancy text. Not only this, subheadings inside the chapters can be highlighted with fancy text. Do not forget adding an avatar at the place wherever it is needed to highlight some important information in the chapter. You can encircle the avatar and open up the bubble from the mouth of the avatar to highlight something really important.

Asks Questions to Test the Learner’s Knowledge
You can even use same avatars in different ways throughout the eLearning module asking different questions from the learners and testing their knowledge. Though you can answer the questions later own by yourself, but asking the questions in between the paragraphs with alert the learner and a rush will run throughout the brain. This will even help the learner to grasp things in an easier way. You can then answer your question by yourself. You can even create brain storming quizzes for the learners.

The Avatars Must be a Blend of Creativity and should be Realistic

When using avatars for ELearning, you must keep creativity and realism in mind. Your avatar design must be creative and should look realistic at the same time. You can always add a comical twist to your avatar design and match it with some realistic personality. Just make sure that the avatar you are using should appeal the eyes of your audience. The fancy letters you use in your text should always contrast with the images and avatar used in the module.

The Avatars can be used to Give Advice and Helpful Tips in the Module

The avatars can be handy when you have to give some helpful tips or an advice to the learner within the module. It will enhance the overall eLearning experience of the learner. For example- if you want to explain some complex task to the reader, you can make use of different visualizations modifying the design of your avatar according to the visualization that the text depicts. This will enhance the learning experience and help him/her memorize the things for long.

Use More than One Avatar and Text Designs

If you use more than one avatar, it might come handy. Depicting different situations and different context using different avatars is always a great idea. The text design and color can be changed accordingly to contrast with the module.

Design the Avatars that are Relatable and the Text must not be Over-Contrasting

The avatars must be relatable to text in your module so that the learners can relate to the description. The non-relatable avatars can be clumsy at times and might not be able to develop the interest of the learners. There is no point of using an avatar that is not able to relate to the things which you want to convey to the learners. Also, the text that is too contrasting for the readers must be avoided. The text must be a little fancy, but at the same time should be able to derive the attention of readers rather than distracting them.
The Last Words

Using an avatar along with the fancy text inside the eLearning module is always a great idea to help the learners learn things in a better way and memorize the learnt things for a long time. You can try it out in your new eLearning module.

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What is a Monthly Giving Program?

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Monthly giving programs help you increase your cash flow by setting up a monthly giving program for donors. The cost of hosting a monthly giving program is not much but the ROI is something to look forward to because it can give you a big return on investment.

A monthly giving program is not only beneficial for the organization, but the donor as well. This is why many donors look for such programs. 


First, monthly donors tend to stay with an organization for much longer compared to annual donors. Plus, they also give more money than other donors. For instance, a donor that gives on yearly basis will more likely donate $200 per year but a monthly donor will at least donate $30 to $40 per month and will continue to do so for many years.

For donors, it is beneficial because they have to donate in small amounts, which means there’s no burden on them.

If you are planning a monthly giving program, or if you wish to know more about it, continue to read this article.

Why Do You Need A Monthly Giving Program?

Monthly giving programs help you get a fixed amount of income on a monthly basis.

Arranging monthly giving programs make it convenient for you to manage your budget on a monthly basis. You don’t have to bear large costs and you have the luxury of planning according to a monthly budget.

Such forms of donations strengthen the bond between both the parties (the non-profit organization and the monthly donor). A yearly donor may not even know the organization personally as he or she donates just once a year, and doesn’t come much into direct contact with the organization. However, monthly donors usually get to meet the organization and see what they’re up to and engage with them.

How To Throw A Monthly Giving Program

To make your monthly giving program effective, you need to convey a strong message to the donors about what you organizational aims are and what you hope to achieve.

Donors are more attracted towards nonprofits who are working for the welfare of the society, such as spreading education and eradicating diseases. So before you invite donors, make sure that your message is on point and has weight.

It is better to let the donors know how their monthly income is used by you. Getting to know that their money is being used in the right places will most likely make them increase the amount they pay next month and they will stay with your for a long period of time.

A smart move would be to look into the organizations that have been running successful monthly programs for many years now. You can turn to Greenpeace, Oxfam and World Vision and get to know how they operate. These organizations have around a million donors helping them out in their cause to serve the society.

There’s no doubt about the fact that getting donors for a monthly program takes time. You need to be patient and more importantly, you need to be committed and dedicated towards the cause you’re aiming for.

Where To Find Donors

It is not very easy to find donors, especially donors who will stay with you for a long period of time. When it comes to large organizations, it’s not much of a problem to find donors, they can even get some people to sign up for monthly programs in the streets because of their reputation and social message. However, it can be daunting for smaller organizations to find donors for monthly programs.

A good and effective approach is to seek help from your existing donors to find more suitable donors for monthly giving, or even better if you can convince your most loyal donors to switch to a monthly giving program rather than following a yearly giving program.


Monthly donations are far better than yearly donations because you can have peace of mind that you’d be receiving a fixed amount of money. This results in better planning and management.
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5 Reasons To Use Automated Timesheet Software

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Making timesheets is one of the most annoying, drawn-out processes most business owners or managers face. Ensuring every shift has enough workers, that every worker gets enough hours, and that there are no conflicts can really sap the joy out of running a business. That’s why more and more people are shifting from putting together time sheets themselves to using automated timesheet software. Using this is a way to take the timesheet burden off your shoulders and really enjoy your business again!

It's Quicker

As anyone who has ever had to sit down and type up a timesheet knows, putting it together and getting it ready can seem to take forever. Most business owners or scheduling managers have spent quite a few late nights in the business, typing away on computers and double-checking with calendars. But, if you're using automated timesheet software, you can let those memories stay in the past. The software does most of the work, meaning you’ll have less.

Errors Are Less Likely

“To err is human.” That statement is very true, and can go double for those in charge of making the timesheets. All the tiny details that go into it, combined with how long the process takes, means that errors are more likely here. You might not realize you've missed a shift or haven't given someone enough hours or you've given someone too much. With automated timesheet software, this is a thing of the past; errors can be corrected automatically.

It's Intuitive

This feeds off the fact that automated timesheet software can help stop errors. If you've got a conflict in scheduling, such as having someone scheduled to come in for a shift twice in a 24-hour period, or if you have a minor working well beyond the hours legally allowed, the software will pick them out immediately and make sure that you're aware of it. This is done so that these instances can be corrected quickly and easily, saving you the trouble of weeding them out yourself.

It Offers In-Depth Analysis

in depth analysis

You can learn a lot about a business by looking at its timesheets. However, if you're still putting the timesheets together yourself, there's a good chance you'll miss most if not all of it. Even if you manage to catch some of the information, figuring out how to piece it together and make it beneficial to your business might be beyond what you can manage. With timesheet software, that's done for you and comes in neat graphics that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand.

Automatizing is Easy

There are many reasons why you might want some automation in your timesheet preparations. Maybe you have some employees working the same shift for a while and don't want to type it out every time a new timesheet is prepared. Or, perhaps, you don’t want to worry so much about the timesheet being prepared in general.

Whatever the case, automated timesheet software is a big plus for business owners. By using automated timesheet software and using a company like Dharma Merchant Services for credit card processing, you can get you valuable time back as a business owner. It can help take the burden off you, allowing you to focus on more important things.

Running A Better Business

Timesheets are a necessary part of running a business. Without it, scheduling would dissolve into chaos, and your business would take a hit. But, putting timesheets together is tedious work. However, with automated timesheet software, you can cut your workload and focus on your business all while having perfect timesheets.

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