Signs that tell you are in the Right Tattoo Studio

Posted by Sujitha Reddy
Tattooing has become one of the dominant art forms of modern days. More and more people are going for body tattoos to look cool. The tattoo artists are attracting thousands of customers in their region and charging a good price. It has become a good profession now. If you are looking for the right tattoo studio in your locality then make sure you are bang on the selection. No matter whether your girlfriend will be impressed by a new ringtone you created for her using the ringtone maker or not, a tattoo with her name on your body will definitely impress her.
Make sure you choose an attractive tattoo font before getting it imprinted on your body. But, how to find a good tattoo studio to get it printed on your body? Is there a way out? Here are some of the signs that tell you that you are in the right tattoo studio.

Tattoo Artist Provides you the Samples of Previous Work

You should always avoid getting tattooed from a studio which is unable to produce a portfolio. A good studio should have a photo album of the tattoos imprinted on the living skin that must be provided to you to have a look. The display of the stock tattoos on the wall is not just enough, you need to be careful and consider checking the portfolio of the artist.

Tattoo Artist Lives in the Disposable Universe

You should always look that the tattoo artist should not place the things back in a container after tattooing someone. These things include ink, water, needles, and ointments. These things can usually get in contact with your blood and can cause severe infections. The inks must be placed in the ink caps, which are the tiny cups used for holding just enough color that is needed for tattooing you. That ink must not be returned in the jar or a bottle.

Tattoo Artist Should Possess an Autoclave Certificate

Autoclave is an electric sterilization unit resembling a steel pressure cooker. It is basically used by the doctors to sterilize the medical equipment. In order to sterilize the equipment, it should sit inside the pressure cooker for at least 30 minutes at 246 degrees. You should ask the artist about the recent autoclave certificate that shows that the unit is regularly tested and is used by the operators of the business. If the tattoo artist seems to give you an excuse or uses the ultra sonic cleaner for sterilizing the equipment, immediately run away from the studio.

Tattoo Artist Uses Sterile Needles

The new sterile needles are usually removed from the pouch called ‘Autoclave Bag’. The needles must not be removed from this pouch till your tattoo work is in progress. Every autoclave bag has a small label called ‘Sterile Confirmation Label’ along with the manufacturer’s name. The new needles are bright solver in color. The brownish, stained or dull needles are the old ones and you should avoid getting tattooed from those needles.

Tattoo Artist Must Wear Latex Gloves

The fingers spread more germs to the freshly tattooed skin faster than your imagination. So, to avoid any infection, the tattoo artist must wear the standard latex gloves. The gloves must not have the holes or any tears, and should fit the artist properly. It just takes on a pinhole for increasing the cross contamination risk.

Tattoo Artist Must Dispose the Needles in Sharps Container

The Sharps Container is basically a plastic container which is usually red in color and has a biohazard symbol outside. You can also see these containers that are labeled as hazardous waste in doctor or dental clinics. The used needles or anything contaminated or not scheduled for the autoclave sterilization must be disposed off in these containers.

Tattoo Artist must have a License for Practice

The tattoo artist should have a valid license before he/she touches anyone with a needle. You should always check your state laws to ensure that you are dealing with a licensed tattoo practitioner. Sometimes, you might end up with a wrong practitioner and bring more risk to your health.

Tattoo Artist Must be Trained & Certified

The hard fact is that there is no official certification that is given to the tattoo artists which can complete their education. The tattooing is an old tradition which is usually passed from generation to generation through an apprenticeship. Most of the tattoo artists will still be able to produce the proofs that they are well known and trained them in hygienic and safe practices.

Tattoo Studio Must be Clean and Well Lit

Most of the tattoo studios are good looking and well lit having a loud stereo music, but this doesn’t mean that the place will be dirty. The surgical area must be clean and look spic and span. Moreover, it should e well lit with halogen lights.

You and the Tattoo Artist Must Click

You must give respect to the tattoo artist and he/she should also give you the respect back. Though you need not become the best friend with him/her, you should at least understand each other sharing a bond of good customer and a good seller. Moreover, the artist must not be humiliating, greedy, or drunk at time of work. He/she must understand your requirements and guide you with the best tattoo font or designs fulfilling your needs.

The Bottom Line

Tattooing has become one of the best art forms of modern days. Most of the people around the world, even the celebrities are setting trends with a number of tattoo designs they engrave on their body. The people have started following their favorite celebs and most of them even go for the same tattoo which their favorite celebrity has engraved. There are a lot of tattoo lovers around every corner of the world that are providing good opportunities to the tattoo artists to make their livings. If you are getting tattooed, make sure you choose the best tattoo studio for getting the job done.
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Best Computer chairs for Office

Posted by Sujitha Reddy

Best Computer chairs for Office

What exactly is a computer chair? Different people that use computers in different ways will give you varying answers. For a gamer, it might be a chair with car steering controls, built in joysticks on the armrests, or some of the new chairs that even provide haptic feedback. None of which help you much in the office environment. Since computers have taken over the office space what we see today as a “computer chair” and an office chair has become basically the same thing.

In the U.S. alone a staggering 77 million people make use of computers at work, that’s 55% of the total workforce and it’s growing every year. The only sectors with relatively few computer dependent workers are construction, maintenance, and other industries that have a lot of field work. Work that requires you to use a computer will more often than not force you to sit still for hours on end completing your tasks. It is very important that whatever chair you use it should be:
  • Comfortable for long periods of sitting
  • Stable and safe, like these ones from Jasonl
  • Firm and supportive to relieve strain on your body
  • Promote good posture
  • Flexible and allow easy movement

To achieve some, or all, of these ideals there are a few features that should be present in any decent computer chair:
  • It should be adjustable
  • It should have armrests and headrests
  • It should have wheels
  • It should be able to rotate and swivel
A great bonus feature for a computer chair would be for it to consist of mesh fabric. Mesh fabric is breathable and prevents excessive sweat, is more durable than sponge and fabric, and is easier to clean and maintain.

Looking for ergonomically designed computer chairs is a must. Ergonomics is the study of how to make items more comfortable, safe, and productive. In the long run, making use of ergonomic furniture has significant productivity and health benefits.

Computer desks

All that we said above for computer chairs go for computer desks too. The wide use of computers in workplaces means that almost all desks will be able to support a computer, or at least a laptop. It’s true that desktop usage is falling year by year, among consumers and in the workplace but that drop is being caused by taking on thin-clients and laptops.

Thin-clients are much like the normal desktop computers we know but are usually much smaller or built as an all-in-one, which means the monitor and hardware are built into the same unit. Laptops have the obvious benefit of being portable. This means employees can simply unplug their computer and move into a boardroom for a presentation or take it home with them. Apple computers are a popular choice for all-in-ones or as laptops.

The adoption of laptops means that traditional computer desks that have a dedicated stand or rack for the processing unit are becoming rarer and rarer. The same goes for dedicated computer desks that have no shelves and are just large enough for a computer monitor, usually with a sliding keyboard and mouse stand. However, this doesn’t mean a desk meant to be used mostly in conjunction with a computer shouldn’t have some special considerations.

Although very few computer desks have them, it is still advisable that your monitor should be at eye level to dissuade the user from slouching or squinting. Ideally, the desk should be able to adjust in height so that elbows can rest comfortably on the surface when working with a keyboard or mouse. If the desk is too high the corners will press the forearms, cutting off blood supply. A desk should also be large enough to accommodate the laptop or monitor and have enough leg space in case a processing unit needs to be housed underneath and to avoid entangling wires.

Computer desk and chair accessories

You might be scratching your head at the idea that there could be accessories for something like a chair. However, there are many items you can buy to improve your chair, make it easier to use, and make your workday more comfortable. Let’s look at some:
  • Protective mat: Whether your floor is made of wood, tiles, or carpet none of them are indestructible and the constant traffic of chairs moving over them will start to scratch, crack, or indent them at some point. Protective mats are meant to be placed either right underneath the chair's wheels or in places chairs will move a lot. These mats serve a dual purpose: To keep the floor from being damaged by the chairs and to make it easier for the chair to move on carpets.
  • Headrests: Some chair models have the ability to fit separately bought headrests. Of course, it is preferable to buy a chair with a headrest but sometimes these are expensive for something that isn’t used that often. You can also buy headrests that fit any chair through an elastic band or similar mechanism.
  • Armrests: Just like with headrests above some chairs allow you to swap the armrests for more comfortable options.
  • Seat cushion: If you feel that your chair’s seat doesn’t offer enough cushioning or becomes uncomfortable you can buy a seat cushion. These cushions are made to dissipate pressure and conform to your body. Some even make sure your bottom doesn’t get too hot!
  • Lumbar cushion/support: Sometimes, even if you buy an ergonomic chair, you still lack enough lumbar support. There are many lumbar support cushions available that suit any type of chair. Just like seat cushions, look for products that conform to your body shape and prevent heat build up.

A good computer chair checklist

So let’s wrap that all up and put it into an easy checklist that you can use when looking for a new computer chair or when you want to add some accessories. We gave you a quick definition of ergonomics in the first section and you will make sure to include all ergonomic aspects in this list.
  • Wheels: When you want the printer but don’t want to stand up. It is also not good for the back or body to shimmy a chair. 
  • Headrests: Add a way to support the neck by cradling the head when wanted.
  • Armrests: Allow shoulders and neck to be relaxed yet supported. Keeps arms from resting too heavily on the desk.
  • Swivel action: This is especially handy if you work at an L-shaped desk. As bad as sitting is, turning your upper body while seated is even worse. A swivel chair eliminates the need for this.
  • Height adjustable: If you are buying an office chair for the home you can just buy a chair that suits your length. However, in the office there is no telling who will use a chair next. It is crucial that a chair is adjustable so that anyone can use it in the most ergonomic fashion. Your knees should be 90° with your feet on the ground, elbows should rest at 90°, and your lumbar should feel supported.
  • Lumbar support: A crucial factor that plays a huge role in preventing a whole host of back injuries. Without lumbar support, you could suffer squeezed disks, a deformed spine, and disabling back pain.
  • Sweat resistant fabric: Mesh is the most common choice but not always suited for executive chairs. Make sure whatever material the chair is made of is meant to be heat resistant and allow the skin to breathe.
  • Lockable lean: For safety as much as for comfort. Allowing the chair to lock at a maximum recline angle keeps the occupant from falling over as well as reclining to an uncomfortable angle.
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A Quick Review on Hostinger

Posted by Sujitha Reddy

Review on Hostinger

When a hosting service is available at a price of about $2 each month an also with reliable services, of course, there is no particular reason to go for some other option. If by now you are getting anxious about what makes Hostinger so much reliable, then here is the Hostinger Review that can actually make your decision change from your most reliable hosting service to Hostinger.

Though there are a number of amazing features that makes the hosting option worth trustable, but here are some of the most common features that you can have a look at in this below-mentioned list. 

Get the Free Domain

The best part of the service is that if you get the plan of annual package, you can get your first domain for free. If you have decided to create a second website, then you can get the second domain also at a much reasonable price. 

Website Is Ready In Just Minutes

After you have got the domain, you can easily install and build up your website in just few minutes of dedication. Hostinger offers you with step by step installation guide that makes it easier for you to build up the website soon. Even if you are not fluent in IT and coding, with the help of the Hostinger tutorial, you will be able get through the web building method quite conveniently.

Regular Backups

Almost all the hosting service offers the feature of daily backups, but the feature comes at an expensive cost. Hostinger offers you to have the facility of regular backing up of the data at a much affordable cost in comparison to others. If you are taking up the business plan, you should have get the backup feature at a price that is lesser than $8 for each month. 

High Performance in Processing

Hostinger maintains its server performance and hence this results in an increased performance of the loading and the processing of the web pages. When you have a much faster loading pages, of course, one of the most common benefit is that you will lose upon your visitors. The visitors coming on your website will not get irritated of the loading speed and hence will spend more time exploring your contents. This means that the chances of getting potential customers do increase.

High Security Provided

SSL certification is the security feature that secures not only your website but also your visitors. Many other hosting services provide you with the feature at a high price, but Hostinger comes with this feature at a much reasonable cost in comparison to other hosting options.

Easy To Use, Great Support

After you have got the domain, installed the required template and elements, you can immediately start adding up pages and contents t the website. For any type of issue, you can always get help from the customer support of the hosting service. The experts are there available for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so that you can get help whenever you face any trouble.

So, here are some of the most amazing features that the hosting service option comes up with. Going through these features, you may surely give Hostinger a try for your new website assignment.
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Things You Should Know When Choosing a Domain Name for Your Blog or Website

Posted by Sujitha Reddy

Four Things You Should Know When Choosing a Domain Name for Your Blog or Website

There are many considerations when choosing a domain name for your blog or website. There are also considerations for a name that is going to be for an eCommerce site. Some of these things overlap between a blog and an eCommerce site, but there are a few that a distinctively different. The following are a few of the most important things you need to think about. Whether it applies to a blog, eCommerce site or both. 

Choosing a name for your blog

If you are registering a domain name for a blog, some of the factors involved are a bit different that a business site. People will be coming to your blog for news and information, so they are not shopping for anything. For this reason, you want to have a blog name that is easy to remember. If your blog is well liked, your visitor may bookmark your blog, but the thing to remember is that a user's bookmarks can disappear. 

People will upgrade a computer or even lose data because their computer crashes. Even when they have their files backed up, they may not have made a backup copy of their bookmarks. At this point, it becomes critical to have a domain name that is easy to remember, so they can find your blog again. Keep in mind that the shorter your domain name is, the easier it will be to remember.


Use a keyword in the domain name of your blog

This is critical because people are likely to remember your blog by its most popular keyword. Blogs have a variety of names, and even those blog readers that are fond of a particular blog, may have trouble remembering the name of the blog. They are, however, likely to remember the main keyword associated with the blog.

Consider purchasing an existing name

If you can't find what you want, there may be a domain name available that someone else owns that is for sale. You can buy domain name and get exactly what you want. This is critical for an eCommerce site where the competition can be intense. It will often pay dividends to have a URL that helps brand your company's name and the products that you sell. Building your brand is fundamental to success, and with an online business, your domain name is critical to your brand.

Try to use the most popular extension

There are many extensions available today for domains, but it is the dot com extension that is the most popular. Therefore, go out of your way to find a domain that is available with this extension. This is true whether you are registering a domain name for a blog or an eCommerce site. People always assume a website URL they are looking for has the extension of dot com, at least for those websites in the United States. 


A final word of advice is to purchase your domain name from a top rated domain registration site. This doesn't mean you have to buy your domain name from one of the more expensive domain registrars. There are many low cost registrars to choose from, so you should shop around. If you want to purchase an existing site name, then you should go to the owner directly and inquire about the selling price. These sites, although owned by someone, are not in use for blogging or eCommerce.
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Tips to Pick the Right Seattle Web Design Company

Posted by Sujitha Reddy

Use These Four Tips to Pick the Right Seattle Web Design Company

With ranking and usability factors, such as site speed, responsiveness, and user experience, there is every reason you need to invest time in selecting the right web design company. Plus, it’s a big investment you shouldn’t treat like buying your regular office supplies.

You want a website that looks good and serves its intended purpose. Also, the design should be SEO-ready to help you facilitate your online marketing campaigns with much ease. In this case, the project will be handled by different professionals, including a programmer, a graphic designer and an SEO professional.

In this post, we’re going to share some simple tips for hiring the right company for your website project. Read on to learn more.

1. Team Experience and Composition

Different web designs and applications require different skills and expertise. For example, in web development, there are diverse programing languages that are commonly used, including javascript, java, python, CSS, PHP, Ruby, C++ and C. You want a team that has adequate experience to execute the project using the languages you want.

Also, depending on your specific needs, the team should be composed of all the essential professionals, such as designers, programmers, and quality assurance specialists. Ensure these professionals have the relevant web design and industry experience to take on your project. You’ll need to have a meeting with the entire team to learn more about them.

2. Website Portfolio

A reputable web design company will always have a web design portfolio to showcase some of their past projects. For example, you can check the recent work section here: for some sample designs. If a company doesn’t display the portfolio on their website, be sure to inquire about it. It will help you establish the quality of work you should anticipate to get from them. Also, it’s one of the factors for making your decision.

However, do not expect to see a website that is exactly what you wanted. If you have a heavy project that costs, say something over $5,000, you can request a sample design. You might want a website that supports cart functionality. In this case, make sure the company has experience designing e-commerce websites.

3. Pricing Is Important

Today, different companies use different pricing models. For example, others can quote a ballpark figure for the project while others with charge you on an hourly rate. Pricing might also be determined by the number and type of professionals your project will need.

Whatever the case, a good company should give a cost breakdown for the entire project. Generally, if you want a website that works for your business, you really need to invest. Also, you need to be cautious as some companies can charge you $2,000 for web design only to buy $100 WordPress theme and set up the site. Be sure you get a custom theme for your project.

4. Quality Customer Service

This is one of the essential factors you shouldn’t overlook. The last thing you want is working with a company that does not return calls or fails to make follow-ups. Other companies can take days to reply your email. A good customer service transcends everything about the company.

When picking a web design company, make sure they give you multiple channels you can use to reach them. In most cases, if you have a big project, you’ll get a dedicated contact person to update you on the progress of the web project and take your requests.

Choose the Right Service

Taking the time to review and interview different companies will help to pick the best firm for your project. Depending on the purpose of your website, you need to get a company that ensures every specification and requirement is met. Also, don’t be enticed by cheap web design packages out there. Get a company that can work with your in-house team to get the job done within your budget.
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