Vampr: Empowering the Music Industry like Never Before

Posted by Sujitha Reddy
The music industry is harder than ever to enter, especially due to the growing menace of piracy. Vampr is a unique app that breaks these barriers, and has been developed around a groundbreaking concept. You will be amazed to find some of the biggest names in the music industry immediately upon downloading the app. It is a unique social networking app focused on musicians and music lovers.
This review is for you if you are a music lover, musician or a music industry executive.

What is Vampr Meant for?

Vampr is for both kinds of users – the established musicians and bands who want to search for new talent, and the talented musician who wants to get a breakthrough.

The app is integrated deeply with YouTube and SoundCloud, so you can quickly create a Vampr ‘audition’. These auditions make up part of your profile, and can be viewed by others to judge you on your talent and skills. 
You can connect with anyone, from any part of the world. Whether you seek opportunities in the industry or want to find new talent, Vampr helps break down these age old barriers. It is worth mentioning that this unique app was conceptualized and founded by a musician himself. Josh Simons is an Australian musician who founded the band Buchanan who have produced two studio albums. The co-founder is Baz Palmer, a famous guitarist with the band ‘Hunters & Collectors’. He also co-founded Kombie and SoundHalo.

Find Opportunities or Talent

Vampr can open pathways for talented music artists like never before. Irrespective of where you live in the world, you can now connect with industry executives, top bands, and different kinds of musicians. You can message them after connecting – this is when you can start to make plans to jam or trade email addresses so you can work remotely on new music. Imagine being able to catch the attention of your favorite local band who is looking to fill a spot in their lineup? Vampr brings this closer to reality for all musicians in ways not possible in the past.

On the other hand, the app enables industry executives and established acts on the hunt for the hottest new talent. Search for a singer, guitarist, producer or any other musical skill without having to leave the house.

Even music lovers have a place in this community, using Vampr to discover new acts or simply meet friends with similar taste in music.

You can chat within the app and collaborate. Vampr’s integration with YouTube and SoundCloud allows you to create your own music. This ‘audition’ makes up part of your profile which anyone swiping on you will be able to see.

Key Features

  • Elegant Looks: Once you download Vampr, you will find a lot of similarities with popular dating apps. Its bright-colored, elegant looks make it an attractive and appealing app to use. 
  • Responsive UI: This music app has a responsive UI – you will find it extremely easy to use and intuitive. It’s as simple as swiping right or left – to ‘connect’ or ‘pass’, respectively. You can also swipe up to see a profile again later, if you are on the fence. 
  • Discover Preferences: You can set your preferences as to whom you wish to discover within the app. This is a unique feature that sets Vampr apart from other similar apps. 
  • iOS & Android: Vampr is available for both iOS and Android devices. 
  • Customer Care Service: This app is backed by a professional and useful customer care service. 

As an example of who is using Vampr, Anthony Kilhoffer is one of its big fans. He is the engineer for all the 7 Kanye West studio albums. He is also a GRAMMY award winning producer. He acknowledges using this app to discover new producers and songwriters. It is the ease that this app provides that has taken the music industry by storm.


Not only are industry executives now able to discover and reach out to new talent in ways easier than before, even amateur and talented musicians from around the world including songwriters, guitarists, violinists, and others are able to create music and showcase on this platform. Vampr is only a young app, but it has already drawn massive attention from all corners of the industry.

There has already been a major offline event around this app, where Vampr ran a competition for singers on the platform to perform as the opening act for Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban. This is another thing that sets the app apart from its competition. If you love music and are at any stage in your career, Vampr is an app that gives you the opportunity to connect with people with similar interests and even with those who may be looking for your talents.
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Android 4.4.4 KitKat updates free download - Android Update

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Android 4.4.4 KitKat updates

Android 4.4.4 or kitkat 4.4.4 is a mobile operating system for android update os smartphones which is based on the Linux. Android kitkat is actually designed for the touch screen Smartphones, tablets, iPads etc, this os of android is now trending a lot. Android has also introduced Android T.V, Android smart watches or wrist watches. It is very popular with the technology implemented by it with low cost, ready made hitech improvements. Android os introduced the games with many features in it and this had begun with the versions as Android 1.0 as Alpha to Android 4.3 as Jellybean and now the new Android version 4.4.4 kitkat is updated.
As the versions of android keep on upgrading, we need to update them as per their concern, so for the latest version of 4.4.4 here we are providing the updates for its installation. The simple process a user need to do is to download the update and install to their smartphone, now for that process a simple guide is must because android kitkat versions cannot be easily updated, so follow this article completely for the kitkat update.


Here in this article we will completely describe about the process of how to update your mobile from android any version like android 4.1.2 or android 4.1.1 to android 4.4.4 updates. Its a upgrade version of android kitkat. Once you update your device it will makes changes as it appears like android 4.4.4 versions. All these are safe to use and upgrade your mobile to 4.4.4, now you can download many new apps and games which are not supported to 4.4.1 and 4.4.2 jellybean. You can upgrade to android newer version. This android version is supported to all the new games and apps. Once an update has been downloaded it has some simple steps which are needed to be done for perfect installation. Check some steps are to be necessarily done to upgrade to 4.4.4 version.

There will not be any problem to your smartphone even you can change to the previous version also, after updating you can also revert the changes to your previous operating system by selecting the revert option. Like if you have update your android 4.4.2 version to android 4.4.4 version and you are in case not interested then you can again regain to your previous android kitkat 4.4.2 version. Many of the users have tried it got succeeded, you will also get the update once you perform it correctly. But you need to follow each step carefully and do the installation update. Once a update has received it will simply increase the speed of your device also, so perform the installation correctly and update your mobile to 4.4.4 version.

Android Kitkat Version Features

There's a lot of change with the other versions of Android, like of the previous versions, for each and every version of android, its going to introduce many new features in it and the new update of kitkat 4.4.4 is too good, this android update has many new features, each feature of this android os makes us to feel good and more interesting. Each feature is designed to give a new update in android. So this android 4.4.4 is introduced with the best features in it. some of the features of it are listed below, you can have a glance on it and enjoy:
  • Many of the google applications are not supported to all the android versions, so this android  update increases the chance of usage of all the  apps. Upgraded to Android 4.4.4 has Updated to new versions of Google apps. Many of the new apps can be installed on it with out any issue, this kitkat 4.4.4 will support all the running apps and does good without any issues. 
  • Added Clear Image and gives new (colder) calibration for the screen, so that the appearance changes and the display look of the mobile appears good as the clarity of the phone will be best. What ever may be the phone its clarity is must, so the display is very important. In this 4.4.4 display will be good as its resolution is high.
  • Sensor prevents the activation of off-screen gestures while device is in your pocket, other wise if the screen is pressed or touched there may be a chance of outgoing call without permission. But the touch of sensor works good, and is a simple good touch, which makes the mobile nice and have a great look.  
  • Capacitive touch keys are supported in the recovery mode which are useful to update a new version. As when updating the new version the keypad does not work do the touch keys helps a lot in android update download. 
  • Increased capacitive button illumination with Improved overall stability for this android version 4.4.4. This version has the better stability to over come all those. So with this implementation, android 4.4.4 has ought to get more priority than android 4.4.2, and it has the better stability than the previous versions of android. 
  • Fixed lock screen exists so that there's no updating of the track information during music playback. This is the best to do with the android 4.4.4, as does not keep on updating any thing. 
  • Fixed microphone volume is there for all formats in the Voice Recorder application, which makes you easy to listen and hear all the things in this android version. In this versions of android, this kitkat 4.4.2 and 4.4.3 have this best microphone volume.
  • Fixed "OK, Google" not triggering voice search in Google now latest updated. Its the best feature to know about a particular thing on google. It can show all the maps, places, restaurants and many other things related to it. Almost all the things mentioned in google are presented in this OK Google. This is the top feature of android os download. 
  • Battery percent is not updating in custom lock screens so that battery discharging can be saved. So the mobile charging remains long. This is the major plus in the android kitkat versions.
  • Fixed Camera "O" gesture activating lock screen instead of triggering camera. Thats helps in improving the picture clarity. So the picture quality will be too good. Based on the camera clarity the picture or image quality is too high to be designed. This android kit kat os is designed with the best camera 'O' gesture.  

Steps to install or update Android kitkat 4.4.4:

Here is the step by step process to install or update the android operating system from android any version to android 4.4.4 versions. You can change your mobile operating system and upgrade it to the newer version of android, with the installation of this android updater does not make any defect changes to your device infact it makes the device perfect and makes you to upgrade for newer games. For that update here is the step by step process to install the android os 4.4.4 guide.
----->First you need to Download the Android kitkat v4.4.4 int0  your PC. For free download the zip file click here on the below button.

----->As the file size is long it may take several minutes to download. Check your internet connection once before you download. 
----->Connect your mobile to the PC. Please check whether you have installed the usb software to PC or not. If not install it and then proceed.
----->Place Android v4.4.4 kitkat zip file into the phone memory or SD card memory. Better to copy and paste the file into the card slot memory.
----->After copying turn off the device and disconnect the mobile from PC or computer. Wait until all the files get transferred don not  disconnect suddenly in mean while process. Now you need to do the process on your smartphone.
----->Select the RECOVERY MODE in your mobile by pressing 'volume up', 'home' and 'power' buttons. Check on your device and start the process, it will different for each smartphone. Check on your smartphone settings and do the process, don't do any mistakes over here.
----->After choosing the RECOVERY MODE, clear the phone memory by selecting Data/Factory reset.
----->Clear the memory by using volume and power buttons in recovery mode to navigate. Simply press your side volume buttons, it will navigate automatically and you can observe it on your screen.

----->Then go to the screen select SD card and install the Zip file. After the installation process is completed, just restart your mobile, to complete the process. The software update will start and it upgrades well.

It takes some some to complete the update then comes your phone with android kitkat 4.4.4 or android 4.4.4. If in any case you did not like the 4.4.4 update you can even revert your changes to your previous version of android like android  4.4.2 etc. With this version you can also downgrade from android lollipop to android kitkat for that just download the file move on to your pc and then follow the same procedure. As the lollipop update of android is not too good and is not supported by many of the games. More disadvantages are arising with the android lollipop 5.0, so if you want to use this android 4.4.4 version you can downgrade from here. This is applicable for all android smartphones of kitkat 4.4 or android 4.4.

Also Check: Android KitKat 

Hope that you have got this perfect android os upgrade zip file on how to update android. This file is of large MB so it takes some time to complete the download. Many of the users have already updated their smartphones using this apk kitkat file and its 100% working. So you can also try this upgrading your android kitkat mobile. This has updated many of the smartphones with the new android os download, this android os update has been given in this article. 

This android updater is the newer or former version of android 4.2.2 and android 4. But this android 4.2.2 does not support some apps, for that an update is required, so kitkat has released 4.4.4 update. Download and install android 4.4.4 on your device, once you download the update and install it on your mobile then its operating system changes and the apps will be supported to it, you can then check the newer games and apps that will be applicable on your devices. Obviously with the latest android os you will get the latest games and apps, this the android updater file which is applicable for the android 4, android 4.o, android 4.2.2 and other versions of android. From this android updater you can update you mobile os to newer version of android. 

Hope you have got how to update android with this android updater 4.4.4, once you complete the installation automatically your device with show the newer android version. If you like this post share it in social networking sites like facebook, youtube, orkut, twitter, reddit etc. Feel Free to comment on this post if you have any queries, this is the latest android 4.4.4 os update for android mobiles!!!!!.....

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How to download and install Android 4.4 kitkat on any android mobile

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Android 4.4 kitkat

Android 4.4 is an operating system of "android kitkat", which is commonly used by 10 million smartphones and tablets, and it can also be an update android version of 4.4 kitkat or android 4.4 download or any other. This kitkat android version is different and has many new features in it. There are many versions of the android which are named differently as Froyo, Cupcake, Honeycomb, Jellybean 4.2 and kitkat 4.4.4, kitkat 4.4.3 etc. In many Android mobile phones there exists a new version of Android games which can be downloaded from android market download. The newest android version is kitkat 4.4 which is very attractive with its new brand features in it. These android system update upgrades with each time as many brand new operating systems of android launches every time introducing new features in it. So every time we can't change for mobile rather than upgrading it. So we can free update android kitkat version. See some of the important features of kitkat android which has made this os more popular.


Kikat android is the newly running best os now a days. In that 4.4 kitkat is on top. See some of the  features of kitkat 4.4 android, with these features it has become very popular operating system. Some features like ok google, messaging, memory management are too good and are working perfectly without any issues. You can convert your android device to 4.4 kitkat with this article without any issuses. This android 4.4 download is available for free you simply need to complete the survey, thats it and download the apk file for free. Once you download the file apk you can move it to your device and start the process. Other wise you can directly download 4.4 on your mobile. Follow each step perfectly so that there will be 4.4 android on your device with out any issues.

From this you can update your jelly bean to kitkat android, if you think you are not interested to continue with android 4.4, you can change again to our oldest android version, there will not be any effect to your android device if you install properly, it will not effect anything like memory, speed etc. But rather than using the older version of android its better to use the newer android versions, because many of the apps and games in android are not supportable to older android versions. To differentiate with the other android operating systems you can check its features also. Some of the features of the newest android versions makes a lot of changes. A single feature may be of high version and is very useful so just check the android versions features. Here are some of the features of 4.4 android check out.  

Features of  Kitkat 4.4 Android:

  • Ok Google: Its the most attractive feature, in this you are having voice search, send a text, play a song, search internet easily. It will show all the results based on your voice search. Once you open this feature you need talk or say about the required search then it shows based on your voice frequency.
  • Multi tasking: Responds faster, touch is more accurate so that multiple things can also be done at a time like browsing the web, listening to music, downloading app etc. When you are doing one task you can also use multiple screens. Like if you are on the messaging app, then you can simply run another video song or music without closing the message app. Parallely you can implement multiple things on it. This is the best feature of android kitkat. This feature has made the 4.4 kitkat very popular. Among all the other version of android this has made it more popular. 
  • Messaging: All the messages can be obtained in a single stream and no message will be lost. If you use hangouts, you can share anything. This messaging feature is really awesome, all the messages of a particular person are listed out in a sequence. Android kitkat messaging feature is good. So in this the message of a particular person appears at one sequence, there's is no collision of messages and its easy to identify the user's messages easily, its the best feature of 4.4 kitkat.
  • Every where: A picture or a document can be printed anywhere from your phone or tablet using cloud print. You can download it for free from the android apps download. You can also choose many other kitkat apps.  But with this "every where" a simple click will make your work easy either for mobile or tablet. This kitkat feature has got out to be the most furious one.
  • Hangouts app Upgraded: Hangouts app on android was used to send sms, mms, and calling. Now this app has been upgraded with the new video calling and support of hd apps. This hangout app is really useful in video calling, as the best quality has been upgraded on it. With a single click on the app will show the best video call and audio call feature. This has provided in this android operating system download which has made it more popular.
  • Memory management: KitKat has been designed to run on the android devices of 512MB of RAM. This Android operating system of kitkat 4.4 has the better memory management than the other operating systems of android. Apps and memory is perfectly designed to occupy only a small phase, so the better memory management is done in this android versions.
  • Streamlined File Management: This is a new storage access frame work, grabbing files can be done from one location. Rather than opening a single app each time for images, videos and files, you directly collect at a time in the browser-like menu, which helps you to access all at a time.
  • Advanced Photo Editor: This advanced photo editor makes the gallery to add some more tools like filters and adjustments for accurate effects of a picture or an image. This editor makes the image a perfect without destroying its quality, so every time you can simply have the effects and make your pic the best of it. In fact this editor has been chosen best for your selfies and the kitkat os has maintained a stability for photo editor.
  • Process stats: Android versions include an option for checking the apps data storage and memory consumption. This option helps the users a lot to find the most memory consuming app on RAM. To enable this  Option, go to Settings >About Phone > and find Build Number. To save the memory you simply check the most memory consuming app and delete that app to save the memory. Some apps occupy a lot of space and creates a hell of ads in it, this process helps us to determine such things and we can tke advantage by removing them.
  • Immersive Mode: Watching movies while contending with navigation bar and other panels can sometimes be distracting. Google resolves this issue with Immersive Mode, allowing for full-screen viewing. Many Apps that support Immersive Mode take over the whole screen and look in a great way. Immersive mode is one of the main feature of android kitkat. 
  • Other features: This android 4.4 version includes HDR photography, Bluetooth MAP support, Downloads app redesign, email app refresh, Infrared blasting, secure app sandboxes, touch screen improvements. There are other features which are annoying and are excellent in this android kitkat version. All these new features has made this kitkat android very popular among all the versions of android. 
Android versions are more popular because each version can be upgraded using "Android updater" which is possible by the XDA developers as they have extracted the kitkat launcher from Nexus google with Android and converted it to a APK file. This APK file installation is a very easy process and for the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 mobiles have an official Android kitkat 4.4 update for the mobile. For other devices update Android phone 4.4 using step by step process given below. Now it becomes easy on how to update android version, this includes every update of android like android 4.4.4, android 5.0 an android 6.0 with the newer os android 7.0 nougat. Here we are showing the steps on how to update android 4.4. Follow the steps carefully and get the android kit kat 4.4 updates.

Step by step process to download android update:

Android 4.4 update is described in this article, to get the update downloaded on your device without any issue then you need to follow some of the steps while installing 4.4 android. Here we are providing the step by step process to download and install the android update i.e. android 4.4. kitkat on your device. Follow each step and get the update to be downloaded perfectly. 
----->The first step you have to do is download the Android kitkat 4.4 launcher here. Click on the below download button and the download starts.
----->This is the apk of 4.4 kitkat. To download it you need to complete the survey. A simple questions will be asked in order to prevent the spam, as many of the softwares downloads instantly we are providing some security to filter it. But once the questions are answered the apk file of android 4.4 kit kat  will be downloaded directly.
----->Check your device is with Android operating system Jellybean 4.1 or not. Check once just to conform, in order to proceed for further update.
----->From your phone updates, extract the download file using winrar from which you have downloaded. You can download on your pc and send it to mobile or else you may directly download on your mobile. 
----->After extraction, you can see 3 apk files Google Home.apk, velvet.apk, prebuiltGms core.apk. Move all these files to your phone memory by selecting move option. You can use either shareit or else you can move it using the USB.
----->Install these Apk files on your device. First install 
      prebuiltGms core.apk
      Google Home.apk

----->After installation of these 3 files press and hold the "Home" button then you will get Android 4.4 version as like below. This is the update of android. With this update all the new features will be applicable on your device.


Many Android applications can be downloaded it means upgrade Android mobile with the newest versions of android using "Android Software Download" and download apps for android in the market for free, this is the licensed version of 4.4 android kitkat. Even the cheap android phones can also be upgraded to this newer version of android. Simply download and follow the process. Don't miss a step it may lead to the previous os on your device, it means if the installation is not done properly then your device will accept the previous android version until the process of installation is fairly done you cannot expect the newer android version on your device. So check the process repeatedly and get 4.4 and higher os on your device. 
If you like this post of android 4.4 apk share it in social  networking sites like facebook, twitter, reddit, orkut and many more. You can easily share and easily download this newer operating system of android, once you share this article the downloading will be easy, this has been upgraded. This android apk os download is working perfectly as it has also been tested. Feel free to comment!!!!!!!!

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Track activity of staff at work with spy phone app

Posted by Sujitha Reddy

Track the activity of your staff at work with spy phone app

The head of every company sooner or later asks what their employees are busy with at work. With the development of online shopping and social networking sites, the majority of their time is spent there. However, you go to work, not for shopping or chatting with friends. It’s ok when they do it during lunch or spend few minutes to answer an urgent message. What if these people spend hours not working? You lose money because of them.


How to monitor the staff?

The company loses a lot of money, actually paying for personal time, and not for work. Of course, you can continuously monitor the work of the person by yourself or hire another employee, but it's a waste of time and money. Instead, you can control them through software. For example, a tracking program that allows you to remotely monitor the computers of your employees.

Not knowing what you are watching them, your employees will do what they usually do. And you will receive full information about their activities. The spy phone application allows you to keep track of all actions performed on a mobile device of any worker - keystrokes, web browsing history, email correspondence, and more.

But the software does not only gives you the opportunity to carry out control over the rational expenditure of staff’s time but also allows you to monitor the performance of work. Perhaps, your employees perform their tasks more quickly, which makes it’s possible to give additional jobs. Or on the contrary, they do not have time and do everything very superficially. 


Check your staff during the probation period

When you hire a person, you can test the effectiveness of work by installing a special software for monitoring. What you can check with this type of software:

● Make screenshots five or six times a day.

● Record all the calls from the phone that you gave to that person.

● Read all the messages this person sends via email, Viber, Whatsapp and so on.

● If you come to a new staff member and start watching him or her standing somewhere near, you may scare or confuse him or her. Therefore, you won’t be able to assess real abilities and knowledge of the person. But if you do it remotely, you will get a more precise and definite picture of the actual process. 


The bottom line

Is it so good to be truth? Well, if you use it only for good purposes and you do not track any personal information of the employees, you can use this method of monitoring. If you try to find out any personal data, be ready to talk to the police. Stay aware of what your workers are busy with during the day and make your business prosperous.

Features of Spy Phone App

  • Track the GPS location.
  • Check the history of calls with time, name, duration and check the deleted records to.
  • You can monitor the internet activity by blocking some websites.
  • Track the social networking apps like Whatsapp, Viber, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, Skype.
  • Record the incoming and outgoing calls and send to a website or you can download the audio files.
You can get more information of this android spy app from this site This app can be downloaded for android and ios devices for free. 
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How to Fix LG G4 Wont Turn ON

Posted by Sujitha Reddy

My lg g4 phone wont turn on

lg g4 not turning on: LG smartphones are emerging faster nowadays as these are one of the best products which are running in the market. Like the other smartphones Samsung, karbonn, motorola and Nexus these LG phones are also facing some issues like lg g4 wont turn on and some other lg g4 problems while messaging. Unfortunately if a device is not working properly then we will simply say that it is worthless. Many offers are also experiencing the problem like this the phone does not turn on or else it starts and strucks or else it starts and then shut downs automatically. 
If you are one among them who are facing the issues with your LG G4 phone, we are providing the solution to fix the issue my lg g4 phone wont turn on. Here in this case we are providing the error fix issues but in case if your phone is physically damaged or broken then you need to contact the seller. We are providing the software issues for LG G4 that lg g4 not turning on. You can follow the article carefully and make your device without any error fixes.

Fix: lg phone wont turn on

If Your lg g4 phone wont turn on or creates any issues then follow the below steps carefully to fix my lg phone wont turn on. Check the below mentioned steps.
  • First connect the charger to your device and wait for some time to make it stable. Use the original charger of LG G4. Then switch on your phone.
  • If your phone does not work then double check your charger and its internal pin. Make sure that the phone is not over heated. If your device is facing overheating issues then remove the battery and insert it again and switch on your device. 
  • Also check that there is nothing like dirt or liquid in the battery which can also cause some issues with the phone.
  • Now if your lgg4 wont turn on by itself then select a forced restart option. For that present hold the power button till the phone turns on and then release the key.
  • Check that your device is running with the most recent software for that you can check it by using the software updates from the settings menu. 

Settings Menu >> Software Updates

  • You can also manually install the updates using this.
  • Even if you have the trouble then you can choose the hardware factory reset from an LG dealer. But hardware factory reset will erase everything on your phone and data will be lost completely.

lg phone wont turn on

If your lg g4 will not turn on then follow the below steps: 

Switch off your device, remove the battery and then insert it again. 
  • Press and hold the volume button and power key for a while. 
  • Wait until the device turns on and then release the key. 
  • Check for the android system recovery screen. 
  • Press the volume down key to wipe data/factory reset
  • Use the power key to select. 
  • Scroll down again by pressing the volume down key. 
  • Select yes and press the power button. 
  • Data will be wiped. 
  • Press the power key to reboot.
Ensure that your phone has showing all the data perfectly if not once again do the manual process and check for the data. Before going to this process ensure that the device is not damaged. In case if you have a damaged piece then the lg dealers wont accept for the replacement of device and your issue of  my lg g4 wont turn on will not be solved by them. Also see the issue regarding unfortunately touchwiz home has stopped.

By Following the above process of lg phone wont turn on most of your device issues would be solved in case even if there is any error fix issues, feel free to contact us using the comment box below.
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