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How to download and install Android 4.4 kitkat on any android mobile

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Android 4.4 kitkat

Android 4.4 is an operating system of "android kitkat", which is commonly used by 10 million smartphones and tablets, and it can also be an update android version 4.4 kitkat or any other. This kitkat android version is different and has many new features in it. There are many versions of the android which are named differently as Froyo, Cupcake, Honeycomb, Jellybean 4.2 and kitkat 4.4.4, kitkat 4.4.3 etc. In many Android mobile phones there exists a new version of Android games which can be downloaded from android market download. The newest android version is kitkat 4.4 which is very attractive with its new brand features in it. These android system update upgrades with each time as many brand new operating systems of android launches every time introducing new features in it. So every time we can't change for mobile rather than upgrading it. So we can free update android kitkat version. See some of the important features of kitkat android which has made this os more popular.

Kikat android is the newly running best os now a days. In that 4.4 kitkat is on top. See some of the  features of kitkat 4.4 android, with these features it has become very popular operating system. Some features like ok google, messaging, memory management are too good and are working perfectly without any issues. You can convert your android device to 4.4 kitkat with this article without any issuses. This android 4.4 download is available for free you simply need to complete the survey, thats it and download the apk file for free. Once you download the file apk you can move it to your device and start the process. Other wise you can directly download 4.4 on your mobile. Follow each step perfectly so that there will be 4.4 android on your device with out any issues.

From this you can update your jelly bean to kitkat android, if you think you are not interested to continue with android 4.4, you can change again to our oldest android version, there will not be any effect to your android device if you install properly, it will not effect anything like memory, speed etc. But rather than using the older version of android its better to use the newer android versions, because many of the apps and games in android are not supportable to older android versions. Here are some of the features of 4.4 android check out.  

Features of  Kitkat 4.4 Android:

  • Ok Google: Its the most attractive feature, in this you are having voice search, send a text, play a song, search internet easily. It will show all the results based on your voice search. Once you open this feature you need talk or say about the required search then it shows based on your voice frequency.
  • Multi tasking: Responds faster, touch is more accurate so that multiple things can also be done at a time like browsing the web, listening to music, downloading app etc. When you are doing one task you can also use multiple screens. This is the best feature of android kitkat. This feature has made the 4.4 kitkat very popular.
  • Messaging: All the messages can be obtained in a single stream and no message will be lost. If you use hangouts, you can share anything. This messaging feature is really awesome, all the messages of a particular person are listed out in a sequence. Android kitkat messaging feature is good.
  • Every where: A picture or a document can be printed anywhere from your phone or tablet using cloud print. You can download it for free from the android apps download. You can also choose many other kitkat apps. 
  • Hangouts app Upgraded: Hangouts app on android was used to send sms, mms, and calling. Now this app has been upgraded with the new video calling and support of hd apps. This hangout app is really useful in video calling, as the best quality has been upgraded on it.
  • Memory management: KitKat has been designed to run on the android devices of 512MB of RAM. This Android operating system of kitkat 4.4 has the better memory management than the other operating systems of android. Apps and memory is perfectly designed to occupy only a small phase, so the better memory management is done in this android versions.
  • Streamlined File Management: This is a new storage access frame work, grabbing files can be done from one location. Rather than opening a single app each time for images, videos and files, you directly collect at a time in the browser-like menu, which helps you to access all at a time.
  • Advanced Photo Editor: This advanced photo editor makes the gallery to add some more tools like filters and adjustments for accurate effects of a picture or an image. This editor makes the image a perfect without destroying its quality, so every time you can simply have the effects and make your pic the best of it.
  • Process stats: Android versions include an option for checking the apps data storage and memory consumption. This option helps the users a lot to find the most memory consuming app on RAM. To enable this  Option, go to Settings >About Phone > and find Build Number.
  • Immersive Mode: Watching movies while contending with navigation bar and other panels can sometimes be distracting. Google resolves this issue with Immersive Mode, allowing for full-screen viewing. Many Apps that support Immersive Mode take over the whole screen and look in a great way.
  • Other features: This android 4.4 version includes HDR photography, Bluetooth MAP support, Downloads app redesign, email app refresh, Infrared blasting, secure app sandboxes, touch screen improvements. There are other features which are annoying and are excellent in this android kitkat version. All these new features has made this kitkat android very popular among all the versions of android. 
Android versions are more popular because each version can be upgraded using "Android update" which is possible by the XDA developers as they have extracted the kitkat launcher from Nexus google with Android and converted it to a APK file. This APK file installation is a very easy process and for the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 mobiles have an official Android kitkat 4.4 update for the mobile. For other devices update Android phone 4.4 using step by step process given below.

Step by step process to download android update:

----->The first step you have to do is download the Android kitkat 4.4 launcher here. Click on the below download button and the download starts.
----->This is the apk of 4.4 kitkat. To download it you need to complete the survey.
----->Check your device is with Android operating system Jellybean 4.1 or not. Check once just to conform, in order to proceed for further update.
----->From your phone updates, extract the download file using winrar from which you have downloaded. You can download on your pc and send it to mobile or else you may directly download on your mobile. 
----->After extraction, you can see 3 apk files Google Home.apk, velvet.apk, prebuiltGms core.apk. Move all these files to your phone memory by selecting move option. You can use either shareit or else you can move it using the USB.
----->Install these Apk files on your device. First install 
      prebuiltGms core.apk
      Google Home.apk

----->After installation of these 3 files press and hold the "Home" button then you will get Android 4.4 version as like below. This is the update of android. With this update all the new features will be applicable on your device.


Many Android applications can be downloaded it means upgrade Android mobile with the newest versions of android using "Android Software Download" and download apps for android in the market for free, this is the licensed version of 4.4 android kitkat. Even the cheap android phones can also be upgraded to this newer version of android. Simply download and follow the process. Dont miss a step it may lead to the previous os on your device, it means if the installation is not done properly then your device will accept the previous android version.
If you like this post of android 4.4 apk share it in social  networking sites like facebook, twitter, reddit, orkut and many more. You can easily share and easily download this newer operating system of android. This android apk os download is working perfectly as it has also been tested. Feel free to comment!!!!!!!!
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Android 6.0 Marshmallow Features and Updates

Posted by Sujitha Reddy

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Features

Android marshmallow is the latest version of android,  after android lollipop google launched the new update of android and named it as marshmallow it is android 6.0.  This android 6.0 marshmallow has a brand new features in it like 4.4.4 and android 4.4. This update of android for a smartphone includes the best features.


Android 6.0 marshmallow features are listed below. As you all know android marshmallow is the update of android lollipop 5.0 rather than this kitkat 4.4 and 4.4.4 lollipop has more features now with this design and architecture this android marshmallow is having more features check out them here.

USB Type C:
This represents the holy grail of connections. Its simply fast and can be used a way up, more over this is going to be most commonly used connection. This allows for faster charging than other cables it means it can charge from 1% to 100% with in 1 to 2 hours. As expected marshmallow is built in USB Type-C support. 
Google Now ON Tap:
Now on tap is simply a standout feature in marshmallow. As it looks similar to before what we used but it is a pre baked to every area of os. This is done more cleverly than before and focuses mainly on the context.

Adopted storage:
Most of the android devices allows you to insert some of the form of memory card,  as far as the previous version of android has treated it as a seperate entity. Its obviously great if you want to swap memory cards around you as a permanent storage solution. So rather than treating this memory card as a seperate storage space,  marshmallow considers it as a memory on your phone. 

Permission System:
If you are installing tons of apps on your smartphone then the app permission is the important thing. Here the marshmallows new app permissions are simply same as the iOS. In this toggle ON and OFF of the app's functionality is existing. So in this if a new app is asking for the permission without reason, you can deny that using settings. 

Also check: How to update android deviceLock Screen Message:
Lock screen message is one of the best feature in the marshmallow where each user uses it. This feature allows you to get rid every time using the press to unlock screen. To set a lock screen message you need to go to settings >> security >> lock screen message. There type the message in place of none and you will have message on screen.
Hope that you have enjoyed with these features on android 6.0 marshmallow. This 6.0 has got the awesome features in it. Each and every feature is awesome some features are more than iOS devices, a lot of new updates have been introduced in this marshmallow. This will be the best os in android till now. A simple feature but makes a lot of changes in android smartphones.
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Attracting Visitors to Your Site with More than the Usual Blog Post

Posted by Sujitha Reddy


Nowadays it is common for websites to have their separate blogs too. Having a blog gives your company lots of marketing benefits like driving website traffic, creating customer leads, solidifying client engagement, etc. Though gaining revenues are also equally important for this you might be interested in conversion rate optimization guide. This will surely help you make the most out from your blog.
There are always some posts which for sure get the major traffic to the respective website. So, how to get traffic from other than these usual posts? Any site needs more than a strong blog to keep its readers glued to it. Websites need to strategize such that the readers are interested with the new flow of updated contents. 


  •    Info graphics
To build up your company’s brand name you can create educational info graphics to present valuable information with eye catching designs and interesting data or tips. It helps attract visitors to your site through social media, etc.
  • Interviewing experts In your Respective Industry
Interviews with famous people, celebrities or experts in some filed are often not neglected and people read or watch them quite seriously. You can conduct interviews few times a year with people expert in your site’s industry and keep publishing so that readers keep coming back to update themselves.
  • Hosting Webinars
You can select topics for webinars focusing on your site’s product or ideas and provide educational benefits to the visitors to keep them tuned in to your website. The topics must be chosen such that they have a high search potential.
  •    Insight to Industry Study
Visitors to your site may not know much about your industry and would be curious to know what ways your industry or field is changing and growing. Conduct and publish industry research and analysis; let them know what trends are setting in and show them specially if any growth in recent months such that people will associate your brand as a leading company in the respective industry.
  •    User Generated Content
Give your visitors the feeling of personalization by putting the spotlight on the visitors themselves.  Highlighting user generated contents like user photos, testimonials, videos, custom reviews, etc. provides your site the element of personalization as well as sense of trust between customers and your brand.
  •    Giveaways
Who doesn’t like things to be given for free? Give your visitors website relevant products or tees or little customized gifts to promote your company’s brand name. The gifts would cost little to you but would provide huge value for your website.
  •    Quizzes
Blog posts can often steer readers away with lengthy blocks of text whereas quizzes attract attention by evoking curiosity which likely keeps visitors on your site. Having great content is not the only element of attracting traffic. You must keep experimenting with different ways to present information to your readers; for e.g. let the users share their answers on social media which in turn encourages their friends to take the quiz too.


At the end the thing that’s utmost important is your content. All the promotion in the world would be of no use if your content is not up to the mark.
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MilesWeb Reseller Hosting Review

Posted by Sujitha Reddy

MilesWeb Reseller Hosting Review: Start Your Web Hosting Company with MilesWeb

You may want to setup your own web hosting business. Else you may be looking for a larger website capable of handling all your needs. MilesWeb Reseller Hosting can help address these specific needs in an efficient and affordable way. 
The reseller plan makes managing your website or hosting business a breeze. It is just like having your very own dedicated server without having to worry about any server concerns and issues. MilesWeb has a reputation for providing one of the most reliable technical support services.
MilesWeb Reseller Hosting:
MilesWeb’s reseller hosting allows you to set up your own hosting business without worrying about infrastructure management and investments.

The reseller hosting solution from the company offers great value for money plans. Some of the main features and benefits include custom branding, free migrations, and white label reselling.

In fact, you are allowed to create your own plans at your own prices.
Benefits of MilesWeb Reseller Hosting:
The main benefits of choosing MilesWeb’s Reseller Hosting solution are as following:
  • Build Your Brand – Create your own reseller hosting brand. From welcome emails to control panels and everything with your own brand.
  • Fully Managed – Focus on growing your business, not on the technical aspects.
  • Daily Backup – All your client data remains secure with daily backups. You will not have to worry about anything as backups are made automatically. Daily automatic backups are taken on MilesWeb’s offshore servers.
  • Highly-Efficient Control Panel – Manage your reseller hosting business from an easy-to-use control panel. Remain on top of your client accounts, all websites, emails, and other features.
  • White Labeled Packages – The MilesWeb Reseller Hosting system is completely white labeled, allowing you to add your brand across site images and control panel.
  • Migration Help – MilesWeb offers free site migration from other hosts. You don't have to worry about migration. The tech support will take care of it.
You can also sell add-ons to your clients. MilesWeb offers a lot of freedom as to the type of plans you want to create and sell.

Why MilesWeb?

There are endless reasons to choose MilesWeb for your reseller hosting needs:

1. Host Unlimited Sites & Domains

MilesWeb Reseller Hosting allows you to host any number of websites and domains. Create as many hosting accounts as you want. Many other competitors require you to pay extra for accounts beyond a certain limit.

2. End-user Support

MilesWeb offers total support solutions for its Windows and Linux reseller plans. Your customers can reach their support teams via phone, live chat, email or raise a ticket. The web host offers professional and proven support service through its highly knowledgeable staff.

3. Configure Billing Software

You can install and configure WHMCS software with MilesWeb Reseller Hosting. The web hosting provider allows you to configure it even when you have your own license.

4. Easy & Quick Upgrades

Once you sign up for a reseller package, you can upgrade anytime. As your reseller hosting business grows, your requirements for resources will grow. The company offers easy upgrades without costing anything extra for the upgrade itself. You can also upgrade from reseller to VPS hosting or Dedicated Server.

Plans & Pricing

The different plans offered by MilesWeb Reseller Hosting are as following:

1. Economy Plan – 10GB SSD storage, unlimited domains, 100GB bandwidth, cPanel/Plesk, and free private SSL.
2. Starter Plan – 25GB SSD storage, 250GB bandwidth, unlimited domains, cPanel/Plesk, and free private SSL.
3. Webmaster Plan – 50GB SSD storage, unlimited domains, free private SSL, cPanel/Plesk, and 500GB bandwidth.
4. Enterprise Plan – 100GB SSD storage, 1TB bandwidth, free private SSL, cPanel/Plesk, and unlimited domains.
All the reseller hosting plans are offered with the following common features:
  • Free private SSL
  • Linux/Windows
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Unlimited SQL databases
All plans except the economy package are offered with free billing software. Raise your invoices and send out to you customers on a periodic basis for renewal.

Money Back Guarantee

MilesWeb also offers a money-back guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with the reseller hosting solution at any time, you can ask for cancellation and refund. The money-back guarantee offer is valid for the first 30 days from buying the service.
Users who have purchased an annual package and paid in advance are refunded the amount for the unused duration. Any fees paid towards registration of domain names and SSL certificate cannot be refunded and will be deducted. This is because domain names cannot be unregistered once you have registered them.

Customer Support

MilesWeb Reseller Hosting comes with professional customer support service with any-time reach. The support service is available to your customers round the clock and through a number of contact modes including phone, live chat, email and ticket raising. At the same time you can also reach the MilesWeb support team to address your concerns and issues.
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How to update Android Smartphone or Tablet

Posted by Sujitha Reddy

Update Android Smartphone or Tablet

Updates for android smartphones are keep on releasing in order to update android kitkat version with new features and new apps,  games to the users.  Android upgrade is the one common thing which every one searches and tries to get the latest version of android to their mobiles. The best performance and features from your android mobile should have the latest software available for it,  not simply in terms of an app but also the operating system of android should be updated. If android latest version is available and you need to do the android version update, you must require a guide,  so here we are providing the guide on how to update your android smartphone/tablet. 

Using this you can update your smartphone from jellybean to kitkat and further from android kitkat to lollipop. Even if the higher android versions exists and in case if your mobile os supports then you may upgrade your device using this process. Now a days many of the users are even upgrading android kitkat to lollipop and lollipop to 6.0 android. If you did not like the update after the installation then don't worry you can also revert your changes from the higher version of android to your original version. So check out how to update android smartphone and tablets. 
Follow all the steps and install it properly, if the installation is not done perfectly then the older android version will remain and the it shows the existing version as its os. So even if the older version is not installed properly then it might not effect in mobile, simply it will not show the newer vesion.

How to update android

Actually to upgrade android,  you can force your android smartphone or tablet to search for an update from the settings menu on that device,  but before that you should now whether that newer version of android exists or supports to your device.  So we are providing the tutorial for how to update your android phone. This is applicable for the android kitkat devices and other higher an lower versions of android.  You can also download the apk file and update android manually. For the apk file click here.
Once you download the file install it on your mobile and follow the instructions carefully. This apk is to update your android mobile manually, it will not effect your mobile if do this process, in fact you can also revert the changes if you dont need. 

Update my android

First step is to check which android version is running on your device. You may be on the latest version but to check goto settings and software information to find.
Actually the latest version is android 6 which will be available for the coming mobiles but now android 5.0 i.e. Android lollipop and android kitkat 4.4, android 4.4.4 are running. The other version jellybean with 4.3, 4.2 and 4.1 can be updated to higher versions.

Step 2:
Now backup all your data such as contacts,  photos,  videos,  music etc.  As the upgrade android should not effect your personal data but there is not guarantee which can ensure about the data,  so its safe to backup.
Step 3:
Now go to the settings menu and check for "About phone" or "About tablet".  This will be in the general settings or in the phone storage for some devices.

Step 4:
Im the "About phone" now click on the "software update" or "update software".  Once you click on it,  it will also show you in detail which version of android you are running.
Step 5:
Now click on the software update check button.  If a update is available it will be asked to install or not. If select yes then system will download and install the new software and reboots. If you are not interested you can simply close and leave the option.
Hope that you have got how to update android version, this is in fact makes you to update my android in the 4.4.4 android kitkat version or higher version. You need to update your android smartphone and tablet in order to get new apps and games on your phone, as the android versions should need to be updated for better performance and speed. Install the new update of android and enjoy. Once an update has been installed you can even revert it to your previous versions of android. More over some apps and games are supported only to the newer versions. So just check this procedure on how to update android tablet and mobile for free.
This update even works for the android marshmallow that is even if you have a supportable device of android then you can update your device from android lollipop to marshmallow and for some devices this update is available for the android kitkat devices also. So you can freely update your device to the newer version of android, share this post if you like it. 
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