IIFT Cut Off List For Students

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IIFT Cut off

IIFT has come out with result list for admission of students of batch 2017-2019. The results is for students who want to take admission in MBS (IB) Programme. The admission is currently on going for IIFT – Delhi and Kolkata campus. They have announces the list of students in pdf format who have cleared the cut off for the course and now they will called for group discussions and interview. First of all I want to wish congratulations to all students who have cleared cut off. 
I know you must be excited to know the iift cut off the courses which will help you to crack the exam next time. On the basis of cut off only students are selected for further rounds of selection. The test was conducted on 27 November last year and now in the latter art of the article you will get to know about the cut off in detail. Let’s have a look at them. 

Knowing more about cut off

Cut off are the minimum marks which every student have to score in order to get selected. The cut off is maintained in every exam so as to filter out the selected students. After the filtering of students on the basis of cut off they are then called for interview and General discussion. Though cut off is not same for all students who took part in exam. Cut off also depends on reservation. For SC and OBC it is low as comparatively if you are general. If you want to pursue a career in MBA in international business then you must have given exam which was held last year. If you have cleared cut off and have good academic background then you will definitely get call from IIFT Delhi and Kolkata. I wish all the best to you for further rounds of selection. 

Factors affecting cut off

There are many factors which affect cut off of IIFT Delhi and Kolkata for course of MBA in International Business. It entirely depends on how many seats are available for the course and along with that the number of applications received for a particular course. Also in India the major factor while deciding cut off is the reservation criteria. Some seats have to be reserved for reserved candidates so this is also an important factor while deciding cut off. Now let us look at the cut-off revealed for the year 2017.

IIFT cut off 2017-19

About 37000 students have taken the exam and they fought for about 210 seats of IIFT campus Delhi and 140 in Kolkata. After the result has been publishes about 1500 students are shortlisted for further rounds of interview. The shortlisted students will be called for further rounds like GD, Personal Interview.

The cut off is about 48-49 in general category. While OBC candidate just need to score about 33-43 marks in order to clear cut off. Along with that SC/ST students need just 30 marks in order to clear cut off. Also, sectional cut off is also there which is 6.5 in Verbal Ability, 8 in Data Interpretation, 5 IN QA and 2.5 in GK.

How to check your result

You can check your result online on site of IIFT. IIFT is not going to send you a hard-copy admit card and you have to check your result online only. Yo7u can follow these steps in order to get your result.

1. You can go to IIFT official site and search for result section.

2. When you will click on that you will get first link as result of Internal Business in MBA.

3. Login window will appear and there you have to enter your Roll Number and date of birth.

4. You can then submit to check your result.


So I hope that you must have cleared cut off for the exam and in the next two years you will be studying in IOFT- Delhi and Kolkata. Just search for your result and if you are selected then prepare for further rounds along with celebrations. But unfortunately if you are not selected then don’t lose hope. Study hard and crack the exam next time and you will defnitely get fruitful result. All the best!!
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Different Gift Cards You Can Avail Online

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Different kind of Gift Cards You Can Avail Online

Are you in a conundrum situation and not able to decide that what to gift to your relatives and friends on their birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and on various festive occasions like Diwali or Christmas?
As this is a technical era then why don’t use technology for gifts also. How about if they choose their own gift? Yes, it is possible with e-gift cards. E-gift card is a card that can store money and can be used in place of cash. With e-gift card, one can purchase any good whose amount is equivalent to the gift card amount.

In this article, we are telling you what the various e-gift card options are and how you get them easily. 

1. Amazon Gift Cards 

Amazon, one of the most trusted sites for online shopping. Here you get everything whether it is a music, book, movies, electronic items or housewares products.

Amazon retailers has simplified the process of giving gifts. As now you don’t have to select an item for your loved ones. You can easily purchase and print personalized gift cards from their website.

These gift cards bear no expiration date and can be used to buy anything from the amazon store.

How to redeem Amazon Gift Card?

1. First sign-in to your account.
2. Then click on Gift cards.
3. Now you can see two options. One is to reload your balance and other is to redeem a Gift Card.
4. Click on redeem a gift card.
5. Now you have to enter the claim code which you can easily locate on the back of your card. You may have to scratch off the coating to get the claim code.
6. After that, click on Apply to your balance.
7. With these simple steps, amazon gift card balance get added into your account and you can use this amount for your next purchase. 

The best part of amazon gift card is- Its balance will never expire.

How to get an Amazon Gift Card?

To purchase a gift card, first go to Amazon.com and then click on “Gift Cards”. There you can choose your delivery method, gift card design and can create a personalized message for your loved ones. Once you pay for the gift card by using your credit or debit card then you can print gift card from your computer system.

You can also use online Amazon Gift Card generator tool to get free amazon gift cards.

2. Google Play Gift Cards

As you are very aware that from google play store you get number of apps. Apart from apps, google play store can also be used to buy books, videos and music subscription service.
Google play gift cards can also be used to purchase any of these things from google play store.

How to redeem google play gift cards?

1. First, you must open Google Play on your phone or computer.
2. Then at the top left corner of the screen, you can see a three-line menu button. Tap on that.
3. There you can see Redeem option at the bottom-left corner. Tap on that.
4. There you should enter the 16-digit code. Which you can easily find on the back of the card after scratching off.
5. Now again tap on Redeem.
6. And then tap on Confirm.
7. After you have successfully followed all the above steps, then you can see that card’s amount get added into your balance as Google Play credit.

How to get a google play gift card?

You can easily purchase a google play gift card from various online stores like Amazon.
Or you can also use free google play credit generator tool to get free google play gift cards.

3. Redbox Gift Cards

Redbox gift card is a digital gift card which you can use for yourself or can send to others as a gift. So that they can use it for online Redbox rentals like to pay for the movies which are rented at Redbox.

How to use Redbox Cards?

1. First of all, you have to add a DVD or Blu-ray Disc in your cart.
2. Now when prompted, you should swipe your card if you have a physical card.
3. In case if you don’t have a physical one, only a digital card. Then you can use it only when you reserve a rental at redbox.com.

How to get a Redbox Card?

You can easily purchase Redbox card from various e-commerce websites like Amazon, Walmart or from IGN website etc.

Or if you want to save your pocket-money then you can use several Online Free Redbox Codes Generator tool.

4. Facebook Gift Card

With the help of Facebook gift card, you can easily buy your favorite games and apps which are available on Facebook like Candy Crush Saga, FarmVille2 and many more. Not only for you but you can also give them as a gift to your friends or family members.

How can one use these Facebook gift cards?

1. First click on the following link https://www.facebook.com/gamecards?sw_fnr_id=450696061&fnr_t=0
2. Then click on Redeem Code, there you have to enter the pin code which you can found on the back of your gift card.
3. Now click on Redeem.
4. Now select the currency that you would like to use for your card. After that click on Continue.
5. That’s it, you have successfully added the entire card value to your account balance. With this you can now purchase games and apps of your choice. 

How to get a Facebook Gift Card?

You can purchase a Facebook gift card from various online stores like Amazon, PayPal, Walmart etc.
Or if you want to save your money then you can use Facebook gift card generator tool.

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Where to get the Best Online Casino Experience?

Posted by Sujitha Reddy
Are you a gambler and now want to invest in online gambling? If yes then you are on the correct URL on this big network of web pages. We are a group of experienced gamblers who have invested in big casinos. It is been 15 years we are investing in gambling and fortunately earned a lot through gambling. We have invested in so many India Casinos that we started investing in online casinos. Believe me, Online casinos are far more fair and interesting than those monotonous real time casinos in India. This is a time when we think when we should help people to know about the top online casinos where they can earn a lot of bucks and it should be interesting too.
Where to get the Best Online Casino Experience?

So here in the latter part of the article, we will let you know about the top online casinos in which you can invest real time money and earn a lot of bucks. So, let’s see some of the top online casinos which add ice to your cake.

Top 5 Online Casinos :

  • The first one which I would refer you is Royal Panda. When you will sign up for Royal Panda you will 100 Rs as a bonus. When you will earn bucks you will be paid in every 2 days. Win rate is declared as 95% as per customer’s experience. If you have any doubt or query you will get sufficient support from their team. It has almost 2000 casino games and in fact, live dealer games are also available in Royal Panda.
  • The second one is Best Way casino. You will get 250 Rs as a bonus when you will sign up for this site to play casino games. The bonus is decent enough. You will get a large collection of casino games which are quite captivating. You can also unlock many welcome bonuses which will add to your overall earning. Isn’t it so arousing? They have a good interface of the site and also phone users can enjoy perfect and secure banking experience. You can even play it n your Android phone. What else one needs.
  • The third one is none other than YETI Casino in which you can get almost Rs 3333 as bonus amount and the payout speed is same 2 days. Win rate is also very high in YETI. You can enjoy over 100+ slots and dealer games are also available. Customer support is really incredible whenever you encounter some problem. This game is powered by New Ent. Believe me, this game is very interesting and you will really earn a lot of bucks with it.
  • The fourth one is Bet365 in which you can gamble online and can earn a lot of bucks. You can enjoy 150 Rs as sign up bonus which you can invest in your first game. Here win rate is highest amongst the first four. Average payout time is same as other online gambling sites. The time is about 2 days. You can even download the app for this on your android phone. You are really going to enjoy this. This site has a unique UI and the interface of transferring money is quite secure. I am really crazy about this game.
  • The last one is 777 slot machine with Slotozilla. If you are good at gaining at slots you can seriously earn a lot of bucks with the help of 777 slot machine. You will get both 3 reels and 1 reel pay line slot. You will get many bonus hours. 777 Slot machine is surely the best casino game which people like to play. You should visit Slotozilla in which you will ample games which are really played in Casinos. The UI is amazing and is not going to make your phone hang. Win rate is quite decent in Slotozilla. You can play any game on Slotozilla but to play 777 Slot machines online with Slotozilla is the best thing to gain a lot of money online. You should definitely play it once online to put all your eggs in one basket.


So, now we have looked at the sites which will definitely give you best online Casino experience. You should definitely go for the above sites in order to gain the maximum profit. Especially you should play 777 slot machines online with Slotzilla. It is definitely going to give you best online gambling experience. So start playing and earning a lot of bucks with online gambling sites.
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How to get the most out of CMMS Software

Posted by Sujitha Reddy

How to get the most out of CMMS Software

Maintaining your equipment is one of the most important aspects you need to take care of. Today’s digital world has made the task simple. The point in question is the CMMS Software. It has been one of the best options to manage your maintenance requirements using the computers and the Internet. We will find out how you can make the most of the CMMS Tools.

What is CMMS Software?

Well, as can be easily seen, CMMS stands for Computerised Maintenance Management System. It is also referred to as EAM – Enterprise Asset management.

The tool lets you plan, manage, schedule and track the maintenance requirements you may have. It covers a wide range of functional areas like facilities, assets, equipment or vehicles. A CMMS software serves you as the central location wherein you can access all the information related to your assets. You should be able to monitor and record all the major maintenance activities at a central location.

How can you get the most out of CMMS?

You can take care of several factors so that the CMMS tool you have chosen will work to its level best. You may need to follow a few guidelines –
  • The importance of Data – CMMS works the best only if it has enough data. Ensuring proper performance will need you to get data properly fed into the system. 
  • Training – CMMS is a little complex technology. Providing a proper education about the technology can be a great option. On the dot, training can help improve the efficiency of the program. 
  • Better Planning and Scheduling – Just by having the software installed and keeping it running may not yield the desired results. You will need to establish a proper plan and schedule. The software can only guide you on the proper maintenance practices, but actually doing it would need you have a proper planning.
  • Proper audits – Conduct regular audits to ensure that software is being adhered to. Do not forget that CMMS is one of the most important assets you have and taking care of its proper up keeping is the need of the hour. 
  • Track the parameters – Your CMMS data will give you an idea and an insight into the condition of your assets. But, getting the data alone would not suffice. Measure the indices provided by the software and check for the scope for improvements if any. 
  • Compare the budget and costs – You can also use your CMMS tool to track the costs. That would be the perfect way to make wiser budgetary decisions. 

The success of a CMMS tool depends upon the way it is used to cut unneeded costs, at the same time improving the productivity. However, it has been observed that in most of the cases, the CMMS software is not found to give you 100 percent results. Paying attention to the above key areas can be helpful in getting an optimum performance from your CMMS tool.

The Concluding Thoughts

CMMS is indeed the new age tool that would go a long way in helping you streamline your maintenance management. However, how you take care of the software is what would help you in getting better performance in return. Do follow the tips we outlined in the above paragraphs and reap the benefits of the high-end tool.

If you think we have missed any important aspect in terms of making the most of the CMMS software, we would welcome your inputs and we are sure that your feedback will help us improve the horizons of our knowledge.
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Make your Kid a Marketing Professional with these Traits

Posted by Sujitha Reddy

Make Your Kid a Marketing Professional

Today’s job market has been a risky affair. Gone are the days when you used to acquire a university degree, then land into a secure job and climb the ladder of career growth. There have been a lot of issues affecting a career. Some of them can be summed up as a reduction in earnings, economic breakdowns, and technological innovation. That makes it important for your kids to inculcate business tactics well in advance. We present the top five traits that would make your kid's marketing oriented young businessmen.


Top Five Traits to make your kids marketing geniuses

You can definitely teach these lessons to your kids and make them great marketers. How can you teach your kids to be successful in their lives? Maybe the following can be a few guiding principles that can take your kids ahead in the competitive world they may be forced to lead in the years ahead. 

Recognising Opportunities

Most of us adults know that we failed to make it big because we failed to recognize opportunities. Let your children be saved from this roadblock. Teach them to pin point the problems they are facing. Conduct simple brainstorming sessions to make them understand their issues and how can these be solved. Let them understand that every problem has a solution. Rather than taking their life as it comes, let them look for opportunities in what they can achieve. 

Making them Financially literate

Let your kids learn the value of money. If they tend to gain a proper financial knowledge ( at a level that suits their age) at a proper age, it will help them in a positive way to groom themselves to be money-wise. Let them earn their own money by doing some chores, or helping you out in your business. Let them make smaller investments so that they can understand how their money grows if invested in a proper way. Get your kids have their bank accounts so that they can learn how to manage their income right from their tender age.

Power of Selling

Selling is the most important part of doing a business. How can one manage to sell forms part of one’s individual skill set? If you can excel in selling in a proper way, you would be the best businessman. Let them kids begin your journey into the art of selling. They can make a start by selling their old toys and other belongings. You can also teach them to sell their services – like pet sitting or helping out in the homework. Also, make sure that they would list out the transactions in a proper manner.

Be Marketing wizards

Making them expert businessmen can only be possible if you make them experts in marketing techniques. Let them learn about attracting customers. Let them analyze the banners, billboards, and hoardings to get a better understanding of the marketing techniques. Why can't we teach our kids to create their own marketing material?

Best in class communication

Face to face communication is one of the biggest ways to grow your business. In today’s world of virtual communication, kids have lost touch with the technique of face to face communication. Let your kids have an effective communication skill. Either in personal relationships or business, communication is what assumes an important role. Speaking clearly and legibly is what we need to inculcate in our kids. You can also let your kids improve their written communication. 


You can definitely be a great businessman if you learn the techniques in the initial days of your life. In fact, it would be a great idea to teach your children right from the childhood so that they would become learned businessmen when they grow up.

Schools fail to bring it up in kids. It would be indeed your responsibility to let them learn the basics of marketing. You would definitely feel great one day for having imparted the right education at the right age.
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