How to download paid Android Apps for free

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Paid Android Apps Free Download

Android is one of the best platform apps designed for the smartphones. There are many top android apps which are very interesting and useful but some of the apps are meant for paid. Those paid apps are some times cheaper and some what costly you can see the appvn android apps for free download, from that you can get the paid apps for free. Depending on the app the cost changes, if we are interested to get such apps for free then you can follow the simple procedure for free download android apps. More over to download the simple app their is no way to pay huge bugs. In this article we are providing the simple tricks to download paid android apps for free.

This method shows you how to download android apps for free easily. Previously there were many ways to download a paid android app, in that most popular free android kitkat app is called Applanet which provides a paid app for free. But there was a major problem with this app, when we install applanet and get a paid app download like appvn apk, it shows that the file is either corrupt or bad. So because of this, it is not suggestable to download paid android apps for free. So here are some of the best methods to get the free paid android apps downloads.

Methods for free download android apps

File Sharing Sites

Many of the paid android apps which are available can be downloaded for free. Paid apps are uploaded by the android users who have downloaded by paying and they also share the apps to public. So when you pay an app you can also share it to the other who cannot afford. If you want to upload an app you can use some file sharing sites so that many users can get android apps free download.
The most popular file sharing sites are listed out here. In these many android users will upload the paid android apps.

Media fire
4 shared

Now if you visit one of those sites and you need a particular android app then type the app name followed by .apk which is android apps format. Once you type the name with .apk then the file appears there, now you can download the file and install on your smartphone. If you have downloaded the file on your pc then transfer it to your smartphone using Bluetooth or cable, that's it now you will get android apps free download apk file, install and enjoy the app.

Using Blackmart Alpha

Black Mart Alpha is an app which is used to download the paid android app for free. In this app it contains many of the paid android apps which can be downloaded for free. All the apps are working while using blackmart.
  • first step is to download the blackmart alpha app from here.
  • Once you download the app install it on your android device.
  • Now open the blackmart app and check for the search box.
  • Type the required name of paid app to download, and click on the download button. Thats it, your paid app will be on your android device for free.

Methods to Get iOS Apps For Free:

To download the iOS Apps you can use vshare. Same for the android apps, this ios apps will also charge, then to overcome this and get the paid apps for free many of the users are using the VShare app. This app has all the paid apps available for free. 
You can get the vshare apk download for ios devices and get all the paid apps without any penny. The thing you need to do is to download the app vshare and install it on your ios devices. Once you have installed it you can open the app and get all the apps for free.

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Hope that you have got the free paid android apps on your device. You will get every paid app for free in android. Best paid android apps can be downloaded using these. No need to pay lots of bugs for an app, when they are available for free. If you have any other easy methods just share with us, but according to us we hope these are the good and easy way to download a paid app without any risk. If you have any queries regarding these paid apps lets us know...
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Want To Increase Website Traffic

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Increase Website Traffic with These 4 Steps

If you ask any marketer about what they would like most, they will probably answer it asking for “more customers”. Bringing traffic to your website can be a tough task. There is a combination of market strategy and digital research involved in promoting any brand or a website. Here are a few tips for you if you are looking for ways to bring more traffic to your website. Most content writing services providers are reported to use these 4 steps, which helps in increasing their visibility that eventually brings more traffic on their website. 

Methods to Increase the Website Traffic

Here are some of the methods to increase the traffic of your website. Check out them.

1. Get Social

We live in a world, where the majority of population uses social media for more than 2 hours every day. You can use this information, and attract these viewers by promoting your website/blog on these social media platforms. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ etc, to attract your already existing users on your friend list to connect with your website. You will find a page for every content writing agency today online. So create your page today and start engaging with your viewers. Advertise your name and your content, wherever and whenever it is relevant.

2. Use SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a pure delight for every content writing company which has transformed the way people used to write content. This involves smart strategic moves, which can help in increasing the visibility of your website. You can insert keywords in your website to make it more search friendly on Google. Do a little study and research on the subject and try to implement features like Meta descriptions, on page SEO, and internal links on your website. 

3. Invite Guest Blogging

You can invite more established or some of your readers to take part in this session. You can also arrange a competition for this, if you are planning on selecting one of your audiences. This will bring more traffic as well as encourage more engagement with your users. You can also invite significant Ebook copywriters who relate to your niche and use their followers to come join your websites. Avoid inviting bloggers who don’t resonate with your brand, as it can tamper your image, or your old followers.

4. Engage With Your Audience

Always ensure to reply to every comment posted by your readers. Stay extra active on your social media accounts. Use hashtags and other techniques to reach out to bigger audiences. Ask for suggestions from your users, regarding your brand or your website. Users tend to trust content writing agency more if they give a friendly vibe, where they feel free to compliment or complain about your services or your blog.


These four tips will change the way you handle your website earlier. We can guarantee that you will be able to obtain twice the amount of follower by just following these simple steps.
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Will Facetime Crush Skype Over Next Years

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Will Facetime Crush Skype

There was a time when we had to video call someone, we could only think of Skype. And, we could use Skype mostly on our computers. Times have definitely changed and smartphones have become much smarter. More video calling options have emerged and become exceedingly popular, such as FaceTime. Skype isn’t as popular as it used to be once and yet millions still use it. Wondering what lies in store for Skype and whether FaceTime will eclipse it in the time to come? Keep reading!
Not until it goes cross-platform! One of the biggest benefits of Skype is that it is available on almost all the mobile and computer platforms including iOS, Android, Windows mobile, Windows PC, Mac OS and more. FaceTime, on the other hand, is Apple’s baby and the company seems too protective about it. Of course, exclusivity is the part of Apple’s mainstream strategy – develop a great product, keep it restricted to your own devices and compel people to buy devices from you. It has worked very well for Apple and we see no reason why it should not in the future.

Facetime Over Skype

But, whether or not FaceTime will trump Skype in the coming 5 years is debatable. If Apple continues to keep FaceTime exclusive to its own devices, more than billion mobile users will remain deprived of it. Thus, they will have to look for the video calling alternatives in Skype, Duo, WhatsApp, or Messenger. FaceTime may probably outstrip Skype in terms of number of users it will never be able to make Skype totally obsolete – not in the next 5 years or so to say the least.
What if Apple devices become ubiquitous? You may ask, aren’t they already? To some extent, yes they are. But, we are talking about putting an iPhone in every hand. There are clearly more Android users than iOS. The reason is very simple. Android phones are available in a very wide range of prices. They have lots of budget phones for those who cannot afford the pricey, premium $1000 devices. You could get an Android device for a price as low as less than $100.

Apple has never been keen on introducing the budget phones. Even its cheapest devices are many times more expensive than Android’s. This is again one of their most successful business strategies. There is no denying that Apple products are great. They are far superior to the low-end or mid-range Android smartphones. Apple knows that its products are coveted. This is why it can afford to keep the prices high. Millions of people buy iPhone regardless of the price.

But, can Apple surpass the sale of Android devices? Seems unlikely, especially at the price tag they carry. More so because Android has more affordable devices and they also have high-end phones, like Samsung Galaxy S series, which rival iPhones in many ways.

Let’s assume that Apple devices start selling more than Android. Even if this happens, Android will still have a fair share of the mobile market. This means, millions of people will still have no access to FaceTime. This also means that they will have to rely on the services like Skype.
Now let’s look at the picture from Skype’s perspective. We know that Skype is the name synonymous to video calling, like Adobe’s Photoshop is to image editing. Skype has been the pioneer or VoIP and Video calling. It is used by millions of professionals and individuals all over the world. Skype started out as an independent company, but a few years ago was taken over by Microsoft. So, here’s the thing – will Microsoft let Apple crush Skype in the next 5 years. Well, Microsoft will definitely not take it lying down.

Skype has dramatically evolved as a communication tool over the years. It now offers more ease of use, better looking interface, and high quality voice and video calls and great performance. While Apple continues to make FaceTime better, Microsoft will keep working to make Skype up to date with latest technologies. Honestly, there wouldn’t be a lot to choose between the two in the coming time. So, when it comes to technology, quality, and performance, it will be hard to tell which one of the two will have an edge over the other in the time to come.

What we need to remember is that Skype is not the only competitor of FaceTime. 5 years is a pretty long time. 5 years ago, most people only knew Skype. Today, we have FaceTime, Duo, WhatsApp, Messenger, Kik and many other messaging applications. So, 5 years down the line, a new video calling app may enter the market and probably oust all the existing ones.

The mobile and tech industries are very volatile. It is almost impossible to tell if FaceTime will crush Skype over the next 5 years. If you want to know about facetime you check check the given link
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How to Convert Videos Using Movavi Video Converter

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Converting Videos Using Movavi Video Converter

While you may recognize most of the common video formats such as MP4, AVI or MKV and have little or no trouble playing them on all your devices – what about less popular formats such as MOD, VOB, or WTV. Although computers can be a bit flexible when it comes to these formats, most other platforms such as mobile devices, set-top boxes and DVD players are not.

Because of that, it is always handy to be able to convert incompatible formats so that you can play them on any of your devices. For that it helps to have a video converter that makes switching the format of videos as easy as possible – and there is none that is more effective on that front than Movavi Video Converter

Honestly even if it is your first time using Movavi Video Converter it will be readily apparent what you need to do to convert videos due to its clean and intuitive interface. All it involves is adding the video and choosing a format from where they are neatly categorized into tabs. For example, if you want to convert MOD to MP4 you would just add the MOD video and select MP4 from the list of formats.

Arguably the biggest advantage of using Movavi Video Converter however is its extensive library of presets. Each preset is designed to automatically use the best possible video format and settings for a specific device or platform, so even if you aren’t sure which format is compatible you can just rely on them instead. Considering there are hundreds of presets available that cover mobile devices, online video sharing platforms and social media, you should easily find one that fits.

Aside from making it so easy to convert videos into precisely the right format, Movavi Video Converter can also convert other types of media files – such as images and audio files. That opens up a number of additional possibilities, such as being able to create animated GIFs out of video clips, extract audio tracks from videos, or grab screenshots.

In fact you could even edit your videos within Movavi Video Converter itself with the basic tools that it provides. That includes cutting and combining video segments, improving the video quality, fixing common issues, inserting customizable text, or cropping and rotating its frame.
All in all the scope of Movavi Video Converter is a big part of what makes it so useful. It can handle far more than your average video converter, and will give you a range of options that you can use to your advantage. On the other hand if you’re really only interested in converting videos, the simple yet effective approach it uses will still make it worth trying out.
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Why Hide ALL IP is Unique in its Segment?

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Why Hide ALL IP is Unique in its Segment?

There is a growing trend among online users to use an IP-hiding software to protect their identity. More users now realize the importance of keeping their personal and professional data safe while also hiding their online activities. Hide ALL IP is a proven software that provides many more features beyond just hiding your IP address. You can connect to the internet using a fake IP address or from another country, bypass any restrictions in your region, keep your identity protected, and do much more with this software.

This review of Hide ALL IP checks on the different features of this software to explore what it can do.

1. Change Your Country

There are many countries where Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or other websites are blocked by the government. These are the most popular websites in the world and everyone wants to visit them and access and share information. Whichever site is blocked in your country, Hide ALL IP can connect you through a server in another country and allow you to access all websites.

It will never let your government to identify your system’s IP or detect which websites you are visiting.

2. Watch All Internet TV

There are many internet TV services that block their content in certain countries due to commercial reasons. Why not simply bypass this restriction and watch your favorite TV shows, movies and live events? Whether its BBC iPlayer or Hulu or whether you are in the UK or the US or in any other country, Hide ALL IP lets you watch them all.

3. Data Encryption

In a scenario where people are spending more time online and conducting a wide range of financial transactions online, you cannot do without a data encryption system. Hide ALL IP can even do that for you.

It can encrypt all the data transferred to and from your system using proven encryption standards:
RSA 2048

No matter whether your ISP or government or snoopers are monitoring your data transfers, they will never be able to get access to the data. Leave along the hackers, no snoopers will be able to decode what data you are sending and receiving.

4. Torrent Safely

In a post-torrent-crackdown world, Hide ALL IP is one software that lets you torrent safely without any worries. You can torrent worry-free without any risk of giving away your identity.

These are the basic functions that Hide ALL IP can do for you. There are many more advanced features too. It also prevents any DNS tracking/faking. The software also supports all games and applications.

How Does Hide ALL IP Work?

Hide ALL IP works using the following steps. Even when it uses this complex process using secure servers it has located in different countries, all you have to do is to click the connect button and not worry about the underlying processes. 

  • It will connect to its secure servers using HTTP/TCP tunnel 
  • It catches network transfer data based on your system settings. The data is then redirected through remote server access Internet 
  • You will be browsing the web using a fake IP address. Your real IP address is never revealed, to anybody. 
  • It enables safe-browse mode and you will not have to worry that anyone can learn about your online activities in any way – not even through browser history or cookies. 

Advanced Features

Preventing WebRTC IP Leaks

Do you know that the sophisticated technology that WebRTC is, it can be used for identifying your IP even if you are already using a VPN. But Hide ALL IP is much more powerful than your VPN, as it provides a safe WebRTC work mode.

It will hide all your public Internet IPs and prevent leakage.

Supports UDP-based Applications

Hide ALL IP is different from other similar software programs in that it also supports UDP-based applications. Others are restricted to supporting only TCP. You can play all your favorite games and also select video player applications. It also supports HTTP tunnel. In fact, Hide ALL IP also has a portable version so that you can run it even on removable storage media.

Hide ALL IP is simply the best software out there that does everything for you from hiding your IP address to encrypting your data to keeping you safe online all the time. Don't worry about anyone tracking your online activities. And you can access all websites and applications without any restrictions you can free download this software from here.

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