These are the best laptops for students in 2022

The laptop market has seen almost unprecedented growth in the last couple of years. Circumstances such as the coronavirus pandemic prompted millions of people in the world to seek a fast, reliable and durable tool for both sessions of study like job. This led to a never-before-seen offer of models manufactured by different brands. Now … Read more

How to prevent notifications from appearing while screen sharing on your PC?

In the era of remote work, sharing our computer screen has become an increasingly common practice, especially because it facilitates the presentation of projects, reports, graphics, documents, videos and more. However, a fairly common inconvenience when doing this is the unexpected appearance of notifications. Fortunately, there is a effective method to temporarily hide such pop-ups … Read more

Windows 10 Won’t Sleep Properly After Updates Fix

Have you getting the issue of windows 10 won’t sleep after updating it, many of the windows 10 users have these problems that computer won’t sleep windows 10 or windows 8. Some times with out updating also windows 10 computer won’t sleep. So we are providing the guide for Microsoft Windows 10 won’t go into sleep mode. … Read more