Which hosting is the best – VPS or Dedicated

VPS or Dedicated? Which hosting is the best?

Those considering a (Virtual Private Server) VPS or dedicated hosting plan are usually the ones looking for an upgrade. They already have experience with web hosting solutions and need more ‘dedicated’ and assured resources. Making a choice between VPS and dedicated can be confusing for even an advanced user. A VPS plan can offer almost similar resources as a dedicated plan without the extra cost. When it comes to choosing the best plan between the two, it is important to understand how the ‘best’ hosting solution will vary from one service to another.


What is a Dedicated Server?

As its name suggests, a dedicated server will have a server that is specifically meant for your use. You will not be sharing the server and its resources with anyone else. You can install any software of your choice on the server. Even if you tax all its resources and the server slows down, there are no complaints because you are not affecting any other account.

What Does Dedicated Hosting Offer?

Dedicated hosting provides you the most powerful hosting solution. However, you can come across high-end VPS solutions that can match lower-end dedicated hosting too. There are many advantages to dedicated servers.

With a dedicated hosting solution, you have the freedom to create and configure the environment. This doesn’t mean there are no limitations on dedicated servers too. The hosting provider will have limitations on the bandwidth because you will be sharing it with other accounts. Besides, there will be some sort of conditions on what software and content you can install on the server. However, the processor, storage and memory are all ‘dedicated’ to your use.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

There are two general kinds of VPS hosting solutions. The true VPS allows you access to the root and lets you run almost anything on it. Then there is the VPS solution where the core server is shared with other users.

Generally, a VPS service is also a shared service where the server’s resources are shared with other accounts. However, it doesn’t mean that it is a shared hosting solution. The performance levels are far better and you enjoy the kind of freedom and resource reliability that is not possible with shared hosting.

Usually, VPS plans involve its own server management. If you are on a budget but want to have total control over the environment, VPS hosting is the better solution over dedicated hosting. However, that means that you should have advanced server management expertise.

Why Dedicated Hosting is better than VPS?

There are many reasons why dedicated hosting is considered better than VPS hosting solutions. Some of the most important reasons include the following:

Dedicated Servers: A VPS hosting solution is ample for a personal or small business website that doesn’t need to send large volume of data. If you want a hosting solution for a medium or big enterprise where hundreds of emails or other forms of data need to be sent or received every day, you should choose dedicated hosting. If you need to run applications that require lots of resources, you will again need a dedicated server, as they are more powerful

VPS: No matter how resource-rich your VPS plan is, it will still have certain limitations which a dedicated server will not. You are still using a server which has multiple VPS servers running at the same time. So if any one or more accounts start consuming excess RAM or CPU, it means the server performance is going to get affected. No matter that the software configuration can help prevent this, but there will still be some performance variation.

If you are not running resource-hungry applications, a VPS hosting solution can be the best option for you. However, if you are running an enterprise level portal or applications that require lots of resources, a dedicated hosting plan is the right choice for you. So the choice of the best hosting service comes down to your requirements.

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