What to do if Gmail Account is Blocked?


GMAIL is a free advertising email which can be blocked by most of the people. 

This article talks concerning the steps to require once your Google account has been blocked and the way to pass through the losses arising from the episode.
There might not be any comprehensive methodology to grasp if your Google account has been blocked. There are some ways however a blocker will use your Google account, the foremost common of all is to send messages on your behalf.

what to do if gmail account is hacked

If you see emails within the sent folder of your Gmail account, you ought to recognize that the account has been blocked. In straightforward words, keep reviewing the account settings for few weeks other wise create a new gmail account. This gmail new account will help you. If you discover any abnormality, contemplate the steps mentioned given in this article.

Can U Access Your Account

In most of the cases that are blocked, if the account details are not changed during more than 3 months then if that account may lead to suspicious transactions. In rare cases, however, the other person will modify the login credentials of Google and also changes the phone and alternate e-mail address related to the account.
what happens if gmail account is hacked
 In this case, it becomes terribly tough to regain the control of the account, as Google can raise the exact date of creation of the existing account, this info is difficult to recollect unless the e-mail is shipped copy to a different address e-mail to that you’ve got access.

In straight forward that if the other person has modified the word case, you’ll be able to give notice to the Google about the blocked account . you’ll be prompted for alternate email ID you provided to Google and if it matches your records, the new word/password are going to be sent to the present ID.
In the case wherever the blocker has removed the alternate email ID related to the account, it’s virtually not possible to regain management of the account. If you’ve got tried the link higher than and haven’t  received the new word (after making an attempt 2 or 3 times), you’ll be able to take care that the alternate email ID has been deleted by the blocker.
account hacked what to do

In such case visit the Google Help center and tell them that you have problems while accessing the personal account. The screen will also ask some more few questions after that try to provide the login credentials. In case if the information existing in the mobile phone is still with the google, then you will be on safe side. However the person who has blocked may not leave the mobile information also.

Your final and last resort is to go to the recovery page of Google and begin a wizard that may guide you through the numerous inquiries to assist you recover your account credentials.

Keep in mind that it may not be attainable to recover the account once the blocked has withdrawn his email ID and your account data in the alternative mail in the Google and don’t bear in mind the alphanumerical code sent you after you created the Google account in question .  

If You Can Access the Account

hacked my account
Create a NEW PASSWORD that has been ever used by you include numbers also while creating password.
In case if you are using the same password for the other accounts also like social media sites like facebook, twitter then immediately change the password.

  •   Check the Sent things folder to check if the blocker has contacted anyone. Doing therefore contact these individuals and tell them that the Google account was blocked which was the message that was sent by the hacker.
  •  Check the settings of the Google account to check the changes. Very often, blockers additional forwarding email messages to a different Gmail account.
  • Check the CHAT space to search out out if the blocker had used the chat feature below their identity.

Turn ON Step-2 Verification

The  2-Step Verification code adds the additional layer of security to the Google account, which drastically reduces the chances of having your personal information blocked by another user account.
my account is hacked
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