Vampr: Empowering the Music Industry like Never Before

The music industry is harder than ever to enter, especially due to the growing menace of piracy. Vampr is a unique app that breaks these barriers, and has been developed around a groundbreaking concept. You will be amazed to find some of the biggest names in the music industry immediately upon downloading the app. It is a unique social networking app focused on musicians and music lovers.



This review is for you if you are a music lover, musician or a music industry executive.

What is Vampr Meant for?

Vampr is for both kinds of users – the established musicians and bands who want to search for new talent, and the talented musician who wants to get a breakthrough.


The app is integrated deeply with YouTube and SoundCloud, so you can quickly create a Vampr ‘audition’. These auditions make up part of your profile, and can be viewed by others to judge you on your talent and skills. 

You can connect with anyone, from any part of the world. Whether you seek opportunities in the industry or want to find new talent, Vampr helps break down these age old barriers. It is worth mentioning that this unique app was conceptualized and founded by a musician himself. Josh Simons is an Australian musician who founded the band Buchanan who have produced two studio albums. The co-founder is Baz Palmer, a famous guitarist with the band ‘Hunters & Collectors’. He also co-founded Kombie and SoundHalo.

Find Opportunities or Talent

Vampr can open pathways for talented music artists like never before. Irrespective of where you live in the world, you can now connect with industry executives, top bands, and different kinds of musicians. You can message them after connecting – this is when you can start to make plans to jam or trade email addresses so you can work remotely on new music. Imagine being able to catch the attention of your favorite local band who is looking to fill a spot in their lineup? Vampr brings this closer to reality for all musicians in ways not possible in the past.

On the other hand, the app enables industry executives and established acts on the hunt for the hottest new talent. Search for a singer, guitarist, producer or any other musical skill without having to leave the house.


Even music lovers have a place in this community, using Vampr to discover new acts or simply meet friends with similar taste in music.

You can chat within the app and collaborate. Vampr’s integration with YouTube and SoundCloud allows you to create your own music. This ‘audition’ makes up part of your profile which anyone swiping on you will be able to see.

Key Features


  • Elegant Looks: Once you download Vampr, you will find a lot of similarities with popular dating apps. Its bright-colored, elegant looks make it an attractive and appealing app to use.
  • Responsive UI: This music app has a responsive UI – you will find it extremely easy to use and intuitive. It’s as simple as swiping right or left – to ‘connect’ or ‘pass’, respectively. You can also swipe up to see a profile again later, if you are on the fence.
  • Discover Preferences: You can set your preferences as to whom you wish to discover within the app. This is a unique feature that sets Vampr apart from other similar apps.
  • iOS & Android: Vampr is available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Customer Care Service: This app is backed by a professional and useful customer care service.

As an example of who is using Vampr, Anthony Kilhoffer is one of its big fans. He is the engineer for all the 7 Kanye West studio albums. He is also a GRAMMY award winning producer. He acknowledges using this app to discover new producers and songwriters. It is the ease that this app provides that has taken the music industry by storm.


Not only are industry executives now able to discover and reach out to new talent in ways easier than before, even amateur and talented musicians from around the world including songwriters, guitarists, violinists, and others are able to create music and showcase on this platform. Vampr is only a young app, but it has already drawn massive attention from all corners of the industry.

There has already been a major offline event around this app, where Vampr ran a competition for singers on the platform to perform as the opening act for Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban. This is another thing that sets the app apart from its competition. If you love music and are at any stage in your career, Vampr is an app that gives you the opportunity to connect with people with similar interests and even with those who may be looking for your talents.

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