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Url shortener sites: Many of the top social networking sites has introduced the URl shortening services to protect their urls, in this twitter has played a major role to do. I have been using these url shortner sites to present my content to different sites. Mainly for the bloggers, if they in a wish to share their content like download freedom apk and to protect their site they can usually use the short url generator. All these services are free link shortner. So here’s a list of the best link shortner services.



Tinyurl is one the best url shortening services, here a long url can be made shorter without any cost. Its a no break url concept. It makes a billion of users to short their services. In this you need to enter a long url in the box and click on Make tiny, now it will show your short url. You can use it for life time.


This is a great site with lot of features, you can easily shorten the url to get that click on visit link. Visit link



Bitly is Url shortening services which was the oldest shortening services that has been running since so many days, it keeps the details of your links very safely and does not abort at all. This service encourages with an individual account for security purpose. You can check bitly.


In this you need to copy and paste the link in the tool box which is at the top right corner and click on shorten, it will show you the link. Nice site, Visit link

best-url-shortener makes your link manageable and shrinks the url to the max of its service, this is one of the free url shortner where you can directly share your link to the social networking site twitter, it has a direct login to twitter. 


In this you need to paste your url and click on shrink url now you are with your short url, you can share these short urls. Visit link

google-url-shotner is the largest url shortening service which was under the top search engine google. In this you can directly get the shortening of a url but if you are with a huge amount of links, then you just login with your google account and if you shorten a url you can check out that from the history, even the complete details of a url will be showed in this.


Simply paste your long url here in the tool box and then click on the shorten button. Now you will be with your short link. You can do it here, visit link

top-url-shortening-sites is another top url shortner free, which is the worlds shortest service, it give the three letter url which will be unique. This url will be having strong link and this never gets expired. You can even get the url of your own wish by giving with a custom name or a letter. This The url shortener service is used widely now a days.


In this you need to paste your own link and click on Go to start the service, with in seconds it will show you the short url, in this you can give any custom id to have your own letters, visit link.

This is one the url shortner that will turn your links in earning ones by adding an ad layer. The visitors coming to your site will see an ad before reaching to the destination website. And this will make you to earn money for your site. Many of the website and blog owners will have the income. 
The links which you have added will be safe and secure with this url short. It earns money for you and also ensures the safety. Click here to visit link.

With these url shortening sites you can shorten any lengthy url to short and apply on many sites, so that the link does not gets spam and moreover you will get the complete authority of that site for your link. 
Hope that you have got some top url shortening sites for your blog links, if you have any other top sites which are working with top features, lets us know about them by commenting in the below box. Feel free to comment!!!!!…..

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