How to upgrade Android Lollipop to Marshmallow 6.0

Update to Android 6.0 marshmallow

Android 6.0 marshmallow is the fast operating system in the versions of android. So far in comparison with android lollipop versions, this marshmallow is receiving the big brand opens with its features and its options. Is your device having the 6.0 update available and are you particular to shift to marshmallow then we are here to show you how to upgrade to marshmallow os. The new devices of samsung,  HTC,  LG,  Nexus, Sony are preferring to this latest version of android 6.0 marshmallow.  But accordingly the users are reporting that problem of losing contacts,  photos,  messages and other multimedia files when upgraded from lollipop to marshmallow. So to prevent these issues its better to back up android before going to update. In this article we are going to describe the detailed steps on how to update a lollipop to marshmallow operating system. Follow the procedure completely and get the newer version of android on your device.
Now here are the Updates of Android lollipop to upgrade to android Marshmallow. So now download the 6.0 Marshmallow apk file and move the file to your smartphone and start the process. Before Upgrading android 6.0 you need to back up your device for safety, as the back up makes your storage safety, actually by updating any device, there’s no problem with the storage but some time the device asks for the reboot and makes the storage empty so for the best of updating without any issues its better to backup. See how to back up android and update to marshmallow.

Backup Android Device

Rather than losing the data its better to have a backup of any files. For 100% protection of your android device or any other device irrespective of the operating system you are using or the brand mobile you are using, its better to say that the backup is the best process, this is best for the samsung, nexus, htc, windows etc. So from being lose the data you can backup android to pc. For this backup its not a time taking process if you use the recovery tool. There are many tools to recovery. Select any one of recovery tool and download it. Here we are providing the simple steps to backup data.

  • Download the tool on your device.
  • Connect android mobile to your windows PC.
  • Run the tool and scan all the data
  • After scan, save the data to computer.
  • Once the data is saved on your pc, check all the folders and its files, check the apk files because if a file is not moved then because of virus or memory then the remaining files sharing will be stopped, in most of the cases it is showed in the dialogue box, but in any case if it is not showing then its better to check again, and move the file another time.

Upgrade android lollipop to 6.0 Marshmallow

After the backup,  you can simply start your upgrade process from lollipop to marshmallow without any issue. Here we are providing effective ways to upgrade to latest operating system. First download this version of marshmallow update 6.0 and move to your device. Complete the survey and download the link to protect from being spammy.  Dont share this file.

Android update process is a bit difficult because if the mobile operating system is not updated perfectly then there might be a chance to loose the newer os and your mobile shows the previous version of operating system. To get rid of all those and update your mobile operating system as the new version then the upgrade process should be done perfectly. Download the link and get the android marshmallow on place of android lollipop. You can also use the OTA process to update the android lollipop to marshmallow 6.0. This is only about the update of 6.0 marshmallow.

Android marshmallow upgrading from lollipop via OTA

OTA over the air update is the highly suggested way for updating android os, as it is fast and easy to use. There are many other preferable methods to update to the newer os of android, but the best suggested way is to use the OTA method, as this method does not violate the rules of android and is not going to hack the device. So the best chosen method is this process to update to marshmallow. Here are the simple steps for how to update to marshmallow.

  • Open the “settings” on android. 
  • Search for “About phone” and tap on “software update” to check the latest version of android.
  • Now the version should be atleast 5.0 or 5.1 lollipop to update.
  • Download the software update and install it, reset the device for better use.
  • That’s it the marshmallow will launch on your device.

Android Marshmallow Update Via Factory Image

This is for the nexus devices and other high advanced smartphones. This process includes the android factory image. Here are the steps to install 6.0 on android mobiles.

  • Download and install the Android SDK on your PC.



  • Now Add the SDK folder to path

My Computer >> Properties >> Advanced System settings >> System properties >> Advanced >> Environment variables.

  • Now here Enable the USB debugging. Download the factory image of your device and connect to pc.
  • Boot the device to fastboot by holding Up and Down volume buttons and use power button when turning device on.
  • Open command terminal on pc and execute “flash-all.bat” to install the files and OS to your phone.
  • Once done, lock your phone’s bootloader for security which can be done by rebooting into fastboot mode which is done while connected via USB and then execute “fastboot oem lock” from command.

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Hope that you have got how to upgrade android lollipop to android 6.0 marshmallow, check each step by step process carefully and start the installation, complete the process if it supports, you can even abort the process if there’s any wrong  in that situation, then the previous version of android remains on your device, before going into process first check whether your device supports 6.0 or not, if your device is not supported to this newer operating system then your device previous os remains same. So the upgrading android lollipop does not makes any issue in fact it supports to the newer os, this is the best way to upgrade to marshmallow and the android simply supports it with the best way. If you have any queries regarding this article feel free to comment.

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