How to Trace lost IPhone using icloud

How to locate iphone:

IPhone is one of the most trending phone in the world today. Rather than IPhone many smartphones have been released with these features and specifications but Iphone has never lost its priority. These IPhones are a bit costly but they represents it. If you have got an iPhone and have lost some where you need to find your mobile for that Icloud technology is the best one from which you can find your lost mobile with out much efforts. This is only possible to extent in IOS devices. ICloud searches the IOS devices in a quicker way. This article gives the exact idea of how to locate iPhone using ICloud simply follow step by step process of “Locate IPhone” 


Locate IPhone using icloud:

Here is the way to locate iPhone, you need to follow step by step procedure which is simple. But you can locate your iPhone using icloud if the device is “Turned ON” only. In case if the mobile is Turned off then its not possible to find the IPhone in this technology. 


Steps to locate IPhone:

If you own a iPhone then definitely you will be having a Apple ID. Note your Apple ID first because it’s required to trace IPhone.

  • First sign in to the icloud and enter the Apple ID. To sign in visit icloud.
  • You will be redirected to icloud panel after signing in, in the panel select “Devices”.
  • After clicking on the devices you will have the “Device list”, these devices have been linked to your account like iPhone or IPad.



  • Check for the green and grey dots. Green dot represents that your iPhone is Turned on and if grey dot is enabled it means iPhone is Turned off.
  • In case if green dot is enabled you can locate your device for that simply move the cursor to the Green dot, it will show the location of mobile.
  • To know the exact location, scroll the cursor and zoom on it. It will guide to find IPhone with place, area and distance specifications.

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This is the way to locate my iPhone. To check this you can even hide your phone and follow the steps to find out exact place. If you have any queries with this tutorial don’t hesitate simply comment me I will respond to you faster.
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