Tips to Pick the Right Seattle Web Design Company

Use These Four Tips to Pick the Right Seattle Web Design Company

With ranking and usability factors, such as site speed, responsiveness, and user experience, there is every reason you need to invest time in selecting the right web design company. Plus, it’s a big investment you shouldn’t treat like buying your regular office supplies.

You want a website that looks good and serves its intended purpose. Also, the design should be SEO-ready to help you facilitate your online marketing campaigns with much ease. In this case, the project will be handled by different professionals, including a programmer, a graphic designer and an SEO professional.

In this post, we’re going to share some simple tips for hiring the right company for your website project. Read on to learn more.

1. Team Experience and Composition

Different web designs and applications require different skills and expertise. For example, in web development, there are diverse programing languages that are commonly used, including javascript, java, python, CSS, PHP, Ruby, C++ and C. You want a team that has adequate experience to execute the project using the languages you want.

Also, depending on your specific needs, the team should be composed of all the essential professionals, such as designers, programmers, and quality assurance specialists. Ensure these professionals have the relevant web design and industry experience to take on your project. You’ll need to have a meeting with the entire team to learn more about them.

2. Website Portfolio

A reputable web design company will always have a web design portfolio to showcase some of their past projects. For example, you can check the recent work section here: for some sample designs. If a company doesn’t display the portfolio on their website, be sure to inquire about it. It will help you establish the quality of work you should anticipate to get from them. Also, it’s one of the factors for making your decision.

However, do not expect to see a website that is exactly what you wanted. If you have a heavy project that costs, say something over $5,000, you can request a sample design. You might want a website that supports cart functionality. In this case, make sure the company has experience designing e-commerce websites.

3. Pricing Is Important

Today, different companies use different pricing models. For example, others can quote a ballpark figure for the project while others with charge you on an hourly rate. Pricing might also be determined by the number and type of professionals your project will need.

Whatever the case, a good company should give a cost breakdown for the entire project. Generally, if you want a website that works for your business, you really need to invest. Also, you need to be cautious as some companies can charge you $2,000 for web design only to buy $100 WordPress theme and set up the site. Be sure you get a custom theme for your project.

4. Quality Customer Service

This is one of the essential factors you shouldn’t overlook. The last thing you want is working with a company that does not return calls or fails to make follow-ups. Other companies can take days to reply your email. A good customer service transcends everything about the company.

When picking a web design company, make sure they give you multiple channels you can use to reach them. In most cases, if you have a big project, you’ll get a dedicated contact person to update you on the progress of the web project and take your requests.

Choose the Right Service

Taking the time to review and interview different companies will help to pick the best firm for your project. Depending on the purpose of your website, you need to get a company that ensures every specification and requirement is met. Also, don’t be enticed by cheap web design packages out there. Get a company that can work with your in-house team to get the job done within your budget.

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