5 Tips For Playing Ark Survival Evolved on Xbox On

Playing Ark Survival Evolved on Xbox On

Ark Survival Evolved is one of the best action-adventure survival video game released in August 2017 by Studio Wildcard. It is developed in collaboration with Instinct Games, Virtual Basement, and Efecto Studios. This adventure is designed to be experienced on PlayStation, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux. It is one of the most popular games played and it is among the top ten games played on Steam. The game begins on an island where the player arrives naked and shivering surrounded by prehistoric creatures.

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1. Let The Punching Begin

As soon as you wake up on the bare land, you’ll be blessed only with your two arms and the fists. Once you are conscious, you will receive clear instructions of operations to follow. First of all, you got to walk over to the coastline and kill the E button until you gather some rocks. Then reach the closest tree and smash it down to make it kiss the earth. With the resources you have triumphed, build a pickaxe. Now you need to hit some larger rocks to get some flint. Now replace that rock on your pickaxe by the flint you just mined. You can also use ark console commands to fasten your gameplay.

You’ll need five materials the most in this adventure viz. wood, flint, fiber, stone, and thatch. The trees you cut are a boon that will hand you over the wood and thatch along with the ax to dig some stones and flint. You can acquire the fiber from the bushes.

2. The Dodos Ain’t Your Companion

You are alone helpless, starving and thirsty and you need food to live and there ain’t any supermarket to supply you with fresh veggies. The only thing your breath stands on is the meat of those birds. The Ark wants to squeeze you till your last breath but to conquer you need to stay alive and take a hide to improve your living conditions.

The Dodos are the only source for your food with some cool fish on the land filled with prehistoric life. They are defenceless and easy to kill. They give a good amount of nutrition and strength the body requires for surviving. The raw meat will heal you better and quick than the berries and herbs you will be hunting for in the bushes.

Since you have discovered the food and water source, now you need shelter which will help you in two ways. Firstly, it is your hide-out and a place to get your body some rest. It will help stay warm during the cold nights. Secondly, it will protect you from the dangerous creatures out there on the land.

3. Do Some Taming

To keep moving forward in the game and avail more equipment and unlock more skills, you need Engram points. The Engram points will unlock you more Engrams (skills to survive on the island). You’ll need to tame some of the beasts on the island. It isn’t a cakewalk, but it is essential at the same time. This will earn you more Engrams and level you up in the game.

You can begin with small carnivores and herbivores and then to the dinosaurs. The animal first needs to be knocked down and requires special weapons. But be careful when are after the beast or else you will take away their life instead of knocking them out and taming them. Once you have your control, you’ll have to feed them to keep them alive and to be of your use.

Feed them with Narcoberries when they are unconscious and give the carnivores some raw meat or spoiled meat and the herbivores will need Mejoberries. When they are fit and fine and gain their strength, they will be at your service.

4. Where Are The Objectives?

Whenever you hold a joystick to surf a new environment in the game, you are well aware of your objectives and targets. You know what you have to conquer while you are experiencing the adventure. But the tricky part of the Ark is that you got no idea about your objectives on the land.

While you’re on the Ark, your biggest struggle will be to identify your goals and objectives I the game. Most of the games are designed by stories, and the story along with the game proceeds according to the decisions taken by the player. But Ark has no storyline; you’re on your own to decide your objectives and tasks. Sounds very interesting, right? But since you have no objective to achieve, you’ll have to keep taming the dinosaurs, feed them and the most difficult part is to decide the end point of the game. You have no idea about when the game will end. Still sounds interesting? Well, you are the one to decide.

5. Its Good To Have Triceratops

It’ll be better if you get yourself the Triceratops. They are the best breed to tame because they are the perfect dinosaurs to hold a lot of materials. They can also bring down trees and bushes with their horns. This will allow you to collect thatches, berries, fiber, and seeds easily. The horns of the triceratops act as good defense equipment against small predators, i.e., small dinosaurs. The triceratops can easily be tamed with the help of few tranquilizing hits of arrows.


The game is very enticing and adventurous because you’ll die several times with no clue of the goals, food, and shelter. You’re completely on your own on the barred land. It’s bizarre and escalates the adventure.

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