Technology of Retaining Players in The Casino

Technology of Retaining Players

From Canada to Gibraltar, the online gaming market has grown into a new state of meteoric flux. With several gambling companies entering the market each day, there is just one more question that everyone seems to be asking: how do they acquire and retain their customers. A number of these online gambling sites apply a full-on marketing strategy whose main focus is customer reactivation’s, retention’s, as well as acquisition, and a good example is the Vivo Live European Roulette.

Here are some of the technologies that are used by owners of casino sites to ensure that their customers keep on coming back to play.

technology of retaining players

Optimove Software

Optimove is a special retention automation technology that assists online casinos to implement some of the most effective customer retention software. 888 Casino, for instance, is one of the top online gaming companies that use the optimove technology to ensure that their customer remains.

Optimove is basically a web-based software that assists in enhancing both customized and interactive experience for online casino players. It is strongly anchored on a special technology of customer modeling, and this includes predictive analysis, strong customer segmentation, as well as automated campaign management.

In return, the technology assists both retention professionals and marketers to maximize customer engagement in a more effective manner and also prevent churn, as well as increasing the customer spend. This is one of the technologies that are used by established online casinos.

Personalization of the Entire Experience

Customizing the entire gaming experience works great for online casino customers. Personalization capabilities are always carried out in two ways: the player demands and the client requirements.

Both regulators and operators always look forward to putting money in products and services that can be customized to their business needs and personal standards. First and foremost, the gaming operations added value is a personalized and unique gaming experience that helps in building the relationship with the player.

The gCore Remote Game Server

This technology has been designed with a flexible game engine that has other additional features. It also comes with game kit or third-party inclusion that has Direct control over the design of the game, as well as its development. Since it has open integration to any kind of platform, the operators using this technology will be able to manage their online brand and even come up with their own gaming contents.

The Personalized Retention Automation Systems

Online gambling sites all over the world are in a better position of maintaining their continuous growth. This is due to the fact that they have a broad appeal to both genders men and women. In addition to that, they also appeal to a wide range of different ages.

Special customer micro-segmentation and customized retention automaton technologies have just confirmed that they are the best compliment to a host of other marketing strategies used by other online casinos. They are used to enhance the interactive and personalized experiences that, in the end, draw a number of casino players.

The Time-Bound In-Game Activities

This is another common technology that online gambling sites use to retain their customers. These events provide the gamblers with rewards once they have completed certain events. This gives them an opportunity to play for long. Ticket-based tournaments, for example, last for a period that is not below 24 hours and goes for more than 48 hours.

Here, the players would be required to buy tickets before they are allowed to take part in these tournaments. In return, they will be approximately rewarded for hitting particular levels. Regardless of their sizes, online casinos effectively use promotions and other technologies to attract new players to their gambling sites. Once they have played on the sites, they are then hooked never to leave again.

The Use of Push Notifications

This is another technology that casino operators use to retain their customers. They are not meant to be spammy but fun as they remind the players of the games they played in the past. This clever iGaming technology works so much better due to the introduction of various casino apps.

There are also a number of online casino applications that send their customers reminders notifying them of the upcoming casino games. In addition to that, they also encourage the customers to place a fast bet, basing all that on the gambling history of the player in question. Based on research that was carried out recently, online casino customer engagement can go up to 40% as a result of the use of push notifications. On the other hand, customer retention is driven up by 116%.

The CRM Systems

The Customer Relationship Management, or CRM as they are commonly referred to by casino players enable the casino operators to retain some of their best players as they maximize returns on their marketing investments. This technology also allows the companies to create a strong relationship with their customers and even treat customers based on the information that they have.

The online casino market has a great future, as it is expected to grow much in the coming years. As such, how they engage their clients and retain them presents a huge opportunity looking at it from the revenue generation perspective.

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