Sudy App: A Dating App with a Difference!

Are you a rich sugar daddy looking for a great hookup? Are you a sugar baby who what’s the right guy pampering you with everything you desire? It’s easy to get bored of the existing dating apps – even those that claim to bring together the sugar daddies and sugar babies. The Sudy App takes things a little further by providing a Tinder-like experience plus good amount of privacy. After all you don’t want your acquaintances to know that you are on an exotic dating app!

So What Makes Sudy App Special?

In its simplest from, the Sudy App is a community of sugar daddies and sugar babies looking for the perfect arrangement. It’s a high-class community where typical users are high-net-worth individuals and professionals. So sugar babies can expect to be pampered well!

If you are attractive and know how to present your photographs and profile, you could start dating for free. This is where this app becomes interesting. It has a vote-in system, and you are not an all-access member until the existing members vote and approve your membership.

So once you are voted-in, you can start your private chats with beautiful people from the opposite gender.

Subscription Options:

There are many who wouldn’t want to go through the process of getting voted-in. Why be visitors until your account is approved? There are 3 subscription options to choose from. You could spend a few bucks and get full access and start chatting and dating. The VIP membership plans for sugar daddies are as following:
1-month: $59.99/mo.
3 months: $39.99/mo.
6 months: $29.99/mo.

The options for sugar babies are quite favorable:
1-month: $9.99/mo.
3 months: $7.99/mo.
6 months: $4.99/mo.

The Sudy App’s developer description tells a lot about what user-base it has. Thus, it makes all the sense for such sugar daddies and sugar babes to join it.

Who’s there on Sudy App?
Most of its members include the rich and the beautiful. And this list also includes celebrities. So if you are a businessperson, CEO, entrepreneur, doctor, investor or attorney, you know where you can find the perfect arrangement for yourself. Then there are the supermodels, beauty queens, gorgeous college students, and even Hollywood celebrities.

The sugar daddies can include anyone from the young and successful to the rich and mature men who are here to pamper gorgeous and interested young women who seek their attention. In other words, everyone gets what they desire for.

Other Dating Sites:

As the dating-app marketplace gets overcrowded, dating and finding great sugar daddies and babies is no longer and easy or thrilling engagement. The Sudy App keeps things still exclusive by allowing those with great class and value to go dating on it.

If you are still struggling with finding a sugar daddy or sugar babe, the Sudy App is for you. It works similar to Tinder, making dating much easier and exciting. You could meet the rich, beautiful and generous singles from the US, Canada, UK, EU, Australia and other nations. 

Addressing Your Privacy Concerns:

Whether as a sugar daddy or sugar babe, you don’t want your peers to learn about your profile on Sudy App or any dating app. This is where this app makes and exception.

You pay them for the company of the rich and the beautiful. And the app protects your identity. As a sugar daddy, no member can view another sugar daddy’s profile. So that keeps out jealous peepers out of your member card. They can’t even know that you are there. It could be a colleague, a friend, someone from the family or anyone else.

But how do you know that a sugar daddy is actually a male and a sugar baby is a Venus in this app? It’s an assurance from the app itself. It claims that all its members are verified. Anyone who’s a member here cannot be the one having fake profile info.

The Sudy App has a ranking system. It’s called the “Sudy Ranking” and there are many advantages of a higher rank. Sugar daddies and sugar babies can rank each other on the basis of a number of factors they like about the opposite gender, such as:

Weekly Star

So you want to rank as high as possible to get more eyeballs and start dating. However, there are some special privileges for VIP members! The app can be used by both iOS and Android users. You can download it from here: Sudy App .

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