Slow Computer Killing Your Productivity? Here Are 5 ways

Computer Killing Your Productivity? Fix it or upgrade for Cheap

 Computers are essential machines that can make the operation of different tasks much easier. Your lifestyle could demand that you have a computer for convenience or you could be having it as a home improvement. Unfortunately, there are quite a number of reasons that could make your computer hence your productivity slower.

Should you face this situation, whether at home or in your business, there are different effective ways that you can apply to fix the problem or to upgrade at an affordable price. Please read on to know more about these ways.

Computer Killing Your Productivity

Look for Resource Hungry Programs

There are programs that could be using up the better part of your CPU resources hence slowing up your machine as well as your productivity. In some instances, some applications might experience memory leaks and end up using large amounts of memory that could force your machine to swap to disk. This will also slow down the machine. You’ll need to check your Task Manager and find these applications then stop them.

Defragment Your Hard Disk

Your computer could be slow because it contains a lot of files on the drive larger PC game files and huge databases. Defragmenting your hard disk can be a convenient way to fix a slow computer to enjoy its normal potential. Modern versions of Windows are able to automatically defragment mechanical hard drives in the background. You can look for laptops for rent with mechanical hard drives and which can support modern Windows for convenience.

Free Up Your Disk Space

Your computer requires a significant amount of space to work efficiently. You may notice that your computer has become slower when the hard disk is almost completely full. If this is the case, you should free up some space in the disk. You can run the Disk Cleanup tool included in your operating system or you may decide to use another software. You can get mobiles on rent with good storage space to store some of the important data to avoid losing it.

Uninstall Programs Not in Use

When several programs are running, your computer will no doubt run much slower than expected. However, there are programs – which you don’t use – that could be constantly running, causing the machine to run slowly. These could include context menu entries, auto-start entries, background processes, and system services. You need to uninstall such programs to speed your machine and at the same time improving system security. You can also find laptops for rent with large processing speeds and RAM that can handle significantly more programs at a go.

computer killing productivity

Check for Adware and Malware

Malicious software can be a threat to the smooth operation of your computer. This software could be running in the background hence slowing down the machine. You’ll need to scan your computer using an efficient antivirus program. You can also use any other program that can catch the Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) that could’ve found their way into your machine when installing other software hence slowing down your productivity. Here you may need to back-up confidential data before taking any action. You can get good mobiles on rent to use for the backup process.


Your computer could be running slower than usual due to quite a number of reasons – malware, low space, several programs, and resource-hungry programs among other reasons. These could negatively affect your productivity. Fortunately, most of these problems can be fixed as it has been explained above. Apply these methods and rest assured of a significant increase in your machine’s speed and productivity in this era where computer usage has become popular. You can also look out for rentals themed Indian blogs for more information. Good luck!

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