SEO for Beginners


SEO is the Search Engine Optimization, its the business or the trade that you are making an attempt to do it and its a package of Jargon. Have you ever use this word in real life? I mean its really full that this name is not heard by any one of us, but now it is making a lump of techniques to survive. Why not simply say “improve your search results (ISE)”? I mean, isn’t that what you’re doing? I can tell you the SEO process in the language that you can understand.


  We’ll begin with the fundamentals, then tackle individual subject areas a lot and more depth. In a site Google looks about the Authority and Relevance which are more important even to get the adsense.

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Google defines your website’s authority as the amount of links your website attracts. Social links that the individuals are sharing one among your pages on Facebook, Google+ or similar, and it is additionally an element, as it is primarily a similar thing. Simply put the best in your content then a lot of individuals will reveal through it and links to it.

You can learn a lot in placing the content with the google, in this you need to put lots of efforts and place fantastic new content in the site which can also include the video, text and graphics. In the graphics or images choose a less kb image so that the site will load faster. What ever you like you can place but make sure that the content is not a copied ones.

What is page Authority?

Page authority means ranking a webpage through calculated metrics it is simply rank in Google search results. It depends on the off data from web index and also includes the link counts from others sites. It uses a new technology learning model to find an algorithm that simply rank’s all the websites across the world. Many websites gives the ranking like Google page rank, Alexa rank, Moz rank. 

Where can you find the page Authority:

Page authority links are incorporated into SEO metrics and online platforms across the web. To find your page Authority go to open site explorer or MOZ SEO tool bar or Alexa tool bar. Page authority indicates the rank or strength of a single page and domain authority indicates the rank or strength of entire domain or subdomain.


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