How to Secure Your iPhone in 5 Simple Steps

How to Secure Your iPhone

Cybersecurity is nothing to be taken for granted, especially today when everyone’s dependent on their phones and stores a lot of their sensitive information on them.

Unfortunately, the convenience that iPhone’s created comes with higher risks as anyone with some skill can rather easily breach into the phone and steal all the valuable personal information.

How to Secure Your iPhone

As with anything, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Ensuring better security before a problem arises can save everyone a lot of time and money and can prevent any unnecessary stress.

Keeping the iOS up to date using a VPN for iPhone and more are some of the easiest steps to take to stay safe, so let’s take a closer look.

Updating the iOS

As a general rule of thumb, it’s always best to keep all programs and apps up to date, regardless of the smartphone used. The same is true for all computers and tablets as well.

Program updates don’t just add new features or change the design, they serve as a way to improve cybersecurity.

Updates often become available once certain bugs have been reported, but more importantly, they’re available when vulnerabilities are found.

Phones running an older iOS version have known vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. Cybercriminals will find it much easier to breach into a phone that’s running an older version, and if they succeed, they can steal any information they need, from social media accounts to emails and credit card information

Using a VPN for iPhone

Virtual Private Networks enable users to have a private and hidden connection to a network. A VPN works by routing all internet traffic through remote servers.

Chiefly, this serves to hide the device’s IP address. No one can pinpoint the exact location of the device, and this can serve to bypass internet censorship or geographical restrictions. Users can access content that was blocked by their internet provider and use a VPN for iPhone to browse the internet freely.

But more than this, a VPN ensures that the device’s connection to a network is hidden and encrypted. This means that no one can monitor the device and see what it’s being used for.

Find My iPhone

Among the more useful features on all iPhones is the “Find My iPhone” one. It might be a bit extreme to some, as its point is to delete all data from the phone, but it can be exceptionally useful if needed.

Identity theft is a growing concern for a lot of people, and in case a phone is stolen or hacked, the criminal would have enough information to commit this crime.

Whether iPhone users are concerned about identity theft, or would like to protect their personal information, music, pictures and more enabling the “Find My iPhone” feature can prove to be extremely helpful in case of phone theft.

When the feature is enabled, the user can track the lost iPhone from another iOS device. Primarily this can help when the phone is misplaced as the device can be seen on the map and the feature can play a sound on the phone and assist in locating it.

If the phone’s stolen users can remotely erase all data from the phone rendering it useless to cybercriminals.

Ensuring a Strong Passcode

When it comes to increasing the overall cybersecurity, a strong password is the first step toward achieving just that.

An easily guessable passcode serves next to no purpose, as most hackers breach into a device by guessing some of the more common passwords.

Long and complicated passcodes are often seen as an inconvenience, however without them anyone could break into the phone and have access to all the information that it stores.

The best passcodes will be random and impossible to guess. They should have nothing to do with a person’s name, birth month or other information that can be gathered by checking out someone’s social media profile.

Securing the Lock Screen

Lastly, even with the strongest passcode, updated iOS, and reliable VPN, if the user’s lock screen contains important information it can be easy getting into it.

Siri could display the user’s personal information that can be helpful to the person trying to break into the phone. The hacker could enable the Airplane Mode rendering the “Find My iPhone” feature useless.

When the lock screen contains too much information, many things could go wrong. It’s usually best to disable Siri and Control Center from the lock screen to prevent intruders from messing with the device.

Ensuring better cybersecurity will give everyone peace of mind. Securing the lock screen, using strong passwords, and a VPN will offer both privacy and safety.

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