Review of the Thirsty Affiliates WordPress Plugin

Thirsty Affiliates is a one spectacular WordPress plugin if you are managing an affiliate website filled with affiliate links. It costs $0 to use it, otherwise you can pay for it if you want to have the pro features like Autolinker, Stats, Google Click Tracking, CSV Importer etc., but the plugin is completely useful even without the pro features. This plugin’s average rating at is 4.4, which is excellent rating.
So, this plugin is obviously fitted for people with websites with a WordPress theme. It’s a great plugin for those whose revenue relies on affiliate links. It is easy to use and is one of the few affiliate link management plugins. I know many people that didn’t bother to use such plugins, but those that tried out Thirsty Affiliates have never regretted. A site that lists things like mobile casino bonuses is a perfect example of where this plugin is needed the most.
Basically it’s a plugin that you can use to have all of your affiliate links in one place so that you can use them more easily without browsing your pages for them. For example, if you manage an international site and you need to localize your links according to the countries, you can use Thirsty Affiliates to do that. But, the most common use of the plugin is keeping track of all the links and being able to easily insert them in reviews, articles etc.
The interface of the plugin is also very easy to use. You create all the affiliate links that you want to reference on your site and give them a name, and this name will be the last part of the original affiliate link and the generated one. Furthermore, you can categorize the links, you can choose your own settings, for example, you can set for the link to open in a new tab etc. You can even add images to the links or embed the links in posts by highlighting the words in which you want to insert your affiliate link.
A nice thing about this plugin is that it’s free. You can download it directly from WordPress, via the official website or through your website dashboard in the Plugin section. As mentioned before, you can choose to buy it in order to get the additional features, but in case you can’t afford it you can do without the pro version pretty good too.

If you do choose to purchase the pro version in order to get the add-ons, you will get geo-locations, which automatically gives you affiliate links based on the location of the website visitor; you get the Autolinker, which automatically inserts the links based on keywords; Stats, an add-on which tracks the clicks; an add-on for tracking your affiliate links in Google Analytics etc. This last add-on is maybe the most useful one because that way you can estimate which affiliate links generate the most visitors. All in all, it’s a plugin that is very much recommended.

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