Tricks to recover deleted files on Android


      How to recover deleted files on Android

Have you ever deleted some files on your smartphones unexpectedly, if you think your files are much more important then dont worry, here’s a trick to recover deleted files on android or android kitkat. With this trick you can get back your deleted data like messages, contacts, audio files, video files, notes, pictures, graphics, wall papers, themes etc and many more which have lost while accessing. Here we will guide you with some apps and softwares that can give back your lost data. Now you can recover deleted files android with a simple process. 


There are many methods and apps to recover the deleted files, but the best probable methods are android data recovery and potato recover share. Using these you can get back your files without any charges or without any harm to your device.
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Method I: Android data recovery software

Many of the top most companies helps in android recovery deleted files and provides the rooting techniques to get the backup of the device. Using many applications the android data recovery app was emerged and frequently its being called as the Data Recovery Machine for Android, its the top and best app for recovering deleted files from android smartphones and tablets. Android Data recover machine mainly recovers the following:
Android videos, sms, images, contacts, pdf files, word files.

Step by Step process for how to recover deleted files on android 

—–>First step you need to do is to download android data recovery software for free. To download the recovery software click on the below link.


—–>After downloading the software to recover deleted files, you need to install the file in PC.
—–>Later on connect your device to PC and Enable Debugging Mode in your Android device. Go to settings and select Applications and click on Development. Now USB debugging enables.
—–>Connect your device to PC and open the installed file in PC, wait until the software recognizes the device.
—–>Once the device is detected, click on the Start Button to start the scanning. In the process of scanning your device will ask you for permissions, click on Allow in your phone.
—–>Once the software has completed the process, it will show many files on the screen, in those some files are marked with red colour, those are the deleted files inorder to recover those files select them you can select multiple files and click on RECOVER button
Now the recovered files will arise and this process will take some time based on the memory. 

Method II: Potatoshare-Recover Deleted files Android

Potatoshare is a software which is used to retrieve deleted files, this emerging company has provided the professional softwares for Android, Windows, iOS to recover the deleted files. Using this software we can even recover deleted photos from android with in a second. 

Step by Step process for how to recover deleted files

—–>First step is to download android data recovery software by potatoshare, to download the recovery software potatoshare click on the below link.


—–>Now Enable the USB debugging mode as same in the above steps in your android phone.
—–>Simply connect the mobile to PC and now you will see the options 
Scan contacts, call history and messages
Scan photos, videos and other files
—–>If you want to restore contacts or call log or sms click on the first option or else to restore pics, videos select secong option, in case if you require the whole select two options in the check box and then click on the START button.
—–>After the process has started based on the memory, it will take time and later on it will display the deleted files in tabs which are different. Now select the files which you want to restore and then click on the Recover button, after some time the deleted files will be recovered on your Android device.

Hope that now you have got the answers to the questions “how to recover a deleted file”,”how to restore deleted files” and “how to retrieve deleted files”. With this you can do the process by your own and if you have any queries regarding this post, feel free to comment!!!!!…..

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