The 10 reasons why every student must check papers with plagiarism checking software

Reasons why every student must check papers with plagiarism

Plagiarism is among the biggest concerns on the minds of students throughout their academic life. Using a quality plagiarism checker like Plagramme can address this concern. Here are 10 reasons why every student should check their paper using such a software.

1. Prevent Plagiarism

A plagiarism checking program like Plagramme is an invaluable tool for students. You can instantly check your paper for plagiarism and ensure that the copy is original. It can prevent you from submitting a copy that may have been unintentionally plagiarized. If you have made your best efforts to avoid plagiarism, you can never be certain about your work unless you have checked it using a software that can run deep search.

2. Convenience

Using Plagramme is a breeze. Just upload the paper in .doc or .docx format and the software will start searching for any instances of plagiarism. It is easy to use for both students and educators.

Detailed reports are provided so that you can check and correct the errors. And there is also a sharing feature that allows you to share the paper with educators.

3. Social Aspect

Thus, there is a social aspect to Plagramme that allows students to reach out to educators and the latter to respond with their feedbacks on the papers. Educators can instantly review the papers and provide their feedbacks. Thus, such a software is not only easy to use, it also has a social aspect to it.

4. Fast

Another reason for choosing a software like Plagramme is that it works fast. It is one of the rare few plagiarism checking programs that can run a search of the entire web in seconds. It will compare the text in your paper with text on the web and highlight any plagiarized sections along with a detailed report. This saves your valuable time.

5. Free to Use

Plagramme offers basic document checking services for free. You can avail additional services for a tiny fee. It works on a credit-based system and there are other ways than loading your account through a payment. You can earn credits using a number of methods, including:

  • Sharing on Facebook
  • Sharing on Twitter
  • Sharing on email with friends
  • Sharing on Sitejabber
  • Sharing on Trustpilot



The credits thus earned can be used towards availing the in-depth services.

6. Generate Detailed Reports

A good plagiarism checking software can generate detailed reports that provide you information about improper phrases and citations. Plagramme is among the rare few software that can create highly detailed reports which can be used to rectify not just any instances of plagiarism but also of any mistakes in your copy.

Besides, the original sources are also provided so that you can compare and rectify. You can easily match and compare with the source and correct any duplicate content.


7. Protect Your Academic Career

Detection of plagiarism in your papers can have dire consequences. It could put your academic career at risk. So when you use Plagramme, you are also protecting your career. It will help you in staying within ethical and regulatory limits. If you want to excel in your field, you cannot allow plagiarism to creep into any of your work. And only a quality software with in-depth search capabilities can help ensure this.


As a student who is well aware of the consequences of plagiarism, you are more likely to achieve success in your academic and professional career by ensuring that your work is original. When you use a plagiarism checking program, it shows that you understand the importance of ethics. The originality of your work is also a sign of the hard work you put in your papers.


8. Comprehensive Web Search & Multi-Language Detection

Another reason you should use a quality plagiarism checker like Plagramme is that it can run comprehensive web search. It can search the entire web to detect any instance of plagiarism. It has multilingual detection system that tries to match your content with content in different languages all over the web. This further helps you in improving the uniqueness and quality of your content. The ordinary programs don’t have such sophisticated and comprehensive algorithms.

9. Security & Confidentiality

Plagramme doesn’t store any of the user papers into its database. As part of its policy, each user retains control and access to their uploaded papers and can delete it after checking for plagiarism. This software doesn’t save the papers or use it in any other way for its own purpose.


Many other software save user documents without their consent or knowledge. This results in 100% plagiarism if you check your document using some other plagiarism checking program.


10. Google Search is not a Reliable Plagiarism Check

Some students think that a Google search is all that is required to check if their work has any instances of plagiarism. The truth is that checking your text in search engine makes it impossible to spot the mistakes. Plagramme can highlight exactly the type of content that has been copied from any source on the web. If you are not using such a software, you are taking a big risk.


Thus, there are many reasons for students to check their papers using a plagiarism checking software like Plagramme.


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