Reasons for Implementing Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

It is easy to setup a business but its maintenance is not easy. It requires a lot of effort and investment to optimize the maintenance in an establishment. This is the reason a maintenance management department is established in every organization to tackle with all the issues related to maintenance. Neglecting maintenance management can result in problems like increased cost, increased downtime, delivery deadlines, reduced life of equipments, poor performance and ultimately less productivity and returns. CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) is a robust solution to this challenge of maintenance.

CMMS is a computer software that is used to simplify and optimize the maintenance operations in a organization. It is basically a database that records, track and schedule all the maintenance activities of an organization. It maintains coordination among the various departments of the organization and facilitates smooth functioning resulting in greater profitability.

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Business Entities and their maintenance management systems nowadays are depended on different types CCMS software available in market. If an organization wants to remain in market it has to implement a Cloud CMMS system in order to provide assistance to its existing maintenance management system to earn high returns.

Reasons Behind implementing a CMMS solution

There are number of reasons behind implementing a CMMS solution in an organization. Some of the reasons are


The primary reason behind the implementation of CMMS system. Before the introduction of CMMS solutions all the maintenance activities were performed manually which was time consuming, more man-power and effort was required. But now with CMMS systems entities can achieve high accuracy and reliability in data, better performance and increased lifespan of equipments, reduced downtime, low cost on maintenance, reduced paperwork, reduced double data entry problems, better forecasting and reduced manual workload.

Real- time operation

CMMS provides the facility to operate in real-time. With the feature of real-time reporting organization can achieve easy access to all the data required for effective decision making.

Increased work performance of employees

CMMS system helps to record and track the work performance of the employees. It maintains the complete record of total number of employees in a maintenance department of an organization and compares their existing performance with the expected performance. If any gap is found then training and other measures are taken to increase the work performance of the employee.

Simplification of Maintenance management system

With a reliability centered maintenance system it becomes easy to simplify the complex maintenance management system. Maintenance work is scheduled in advance before the breakdown of equipment to avoid wastage of cost and time.

Reduced machinery breakdown and accidents

CMMS keeps the record of all the machinery and their maintenance issues. With the effective diagnosing techniques it identifies the damage in machinery which gets repaired timely and thus reduces the unplanned breakdown, shutdowns and accidents.

Effective Inventory control

It keeps the regular track of all the stocks. It maintains the supply of stock as per the requirement. Supply orders are adjusted as per the pattern of material consumption. It facilitates optimization of inventory,

Improved Quality control

It tracks all the maintenance practices of a firm. Out of these practices the best practice can be set as standard for obtaining future workflow. In this way an organization increases its efficiency and returns by improving quality control.

Improved Communication

CMMS system acts as link between all the members of maintenance team and also with other departments of the organization as all the messages related to work priorities, due dates, work orders, etc are communicated quickly.

Improved Response Time

CMMS facilitates improved response time through notifications, alerts, pictures on work order, reports etc.

Improved Accountability

As all the activities are recorded in real-time in a CMMS system it becomes easy to track all the activities of each worker.

Reduced Cost

A CMMS system reduces the maintenance cost by increased lifespan of equipments, low repair cost and by increased efficiency of the maintenance system.

Recording and Tracking

In a CMMS system you can record and track a big amount of data which is not possible in a manual tracking system. This data plays a key role in forecasting and making effective decision for the growth of the organization.

So, these were some important reasons to implement CMMS system in a business facility. Finally it can be concluded that for the improvement and development of a business it is important to implement a CMMS system.

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