Play Game and Get Free 100rs Recharge

    Play Game on Android and Get Free Recharge

Android games are the most popular games which we are playing, in fact these games are becoming more addictive now a days, rather than playing a game and crossing the levels and sharing, you can play the game which gives you a top up free money for your mobile recharge. With this you can get a maximum of 100rs recharge and a minimum of 25rs recharge. The more levels you play will give you more amount of money. The thing you need to do is to cross the levels. 

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This game is meant for android devices it is called as Windrop. Windrop earns you money for recharge. This app is available for free download. 

How to get Free Recharge

—–>First Download the game. For android smart phones free download windrop app from here. 

—–>Now install the game and start playing. 
—–>Try to Get the best score on the game so that you may get 100rs recharge.
—–>This game is designed with three levels.
—–>For each level a different mobile recharge is given, which you can see below.
—–>Once you complete the levels, turn ON your mobile data and type in your phone number.
—–>Now select your mobile subscriber or operator and select the recharge top up. 
—–>Now get your mobile recharge which is successfully done.

Recharges for Levels:

  • If You Select Easy level, Then You Get Rs.25 For Scoring 100 Points.
  • If You Select Medium level, Then You Get Rs.50 For Scoring 100 Points.
  • If You Select Hard level, Then You Get Rs.100 For Scoring 100 Points.

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Note: This service is available in India only and this game a bit typical to play.
Hope that you have got an app which on playing gives you recharge. If you have any queries regarding this windrop app feel free to comment!!!!!….. 

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